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Flight Volume 4

A full-color graphic anthology of short stories by some of the hottest creators in the field, "FLIGHT, Volume Four" is the newest addition to a great success story in graphic novel publishing. Since 2004, when the first Volume of "Flight" burst on the scene, the publication of subsequent volumes ha...

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Pinky and Stinky by James Kochalka

Pinky and Stinky are fat little piglets, but because they're cuties that doesn't mean they're not brave astronauts. Packed with action, adventure, and little cuties.

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Ladykiller by Tony Phibbs

Judd has a lot to prove. He needs to deliver a result and solve the murders quickly but the longer this takes and the deeper he digs the more complex the case becomes. Investigations lead from a family haulage firm in Manchester to the South of France. Dubious alibis are tangled with smuggling and m...

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The Tin-pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman by Raymond Briggs

Bang! Bang! Bang! went the guns of the Tin-Pot Foreign General Bang! Bang! Bang! went the guns of the Old Iron Woman Raymond Briggs' visceral take on the Falklands War is uncompromising in its dark and moving satire of the build-up and aftermath of the conflict. This controversial book's infamous st...

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The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs by James J Rybacki

Now in its 20th year, with more than two million copies sold, this nationally recognized guide provides detailed information on 300 of the most important drugs in use. A 16-page color insert illustrates many of the drugs profiled.

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