Nerf N-Strike Elite

Nerf: N-Strike Elite - HyperFire Blaster
(4.8) 5

Take aim with the HyperFire blaster and challenge opponents with ultimate speed! It's the fastest motorized Nerf dart blaster, unleashing five darts per second to rain down a deluge of darts onto targets! With its 25-dart drum, this Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster brings impressive firepower to the bat...

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Nerf N-Strike Elite - Rapidstrike CS-18
(4.0) 5

Stay mobile with this streamlined, lightweight Rapidstrike CS-18 blaster! The Rapidstrike CS-18 gives you serious rapid-strike firepower. Spray a blanket of cover fire or go on the move with an all-out blitz! The blaster's Acce­leration Trigger powers up the motor for super-speed firing. The clip ho...

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Nerf: N-Strike Elite - Surgefire Blaster
(5.0) 2

Slam the competition with a surge of 15 darts from the Nerf SurgeFire blaster! This N-Strike Elite blaster has a rotating drum that holds 15 darts. Choose a target and blast 1 dart a time, or slam-fire all 15 darts rapidly to pour on the firepower. This pump-action blaster launches darts up to 90 f...

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Nerf: N-Strike Elite - Accustrike 12 Dart Refill
(4.5) 12

Kids can strike with confidence as they blast darts designed for accuracy! Part of the AccuStrike Series, this refill pack includes 12 Elite foam darts that are designed for greater accuracy. The darts are compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters (each sold separately). Features Part of the...

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Nerf: N-Strike Elite - Titan CS-50 Blaster
(5.0) 1

Take on targets with the power and size of a giant with Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 toy blaster! This colossal blaster is fully motorised for rapid-fire dart-blasting and boasts a huge 50-dart drum to unleash a massive, 50-dart storm. It includes 50 Official Nerf Elite darts, enough to fully load the dr...

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Nerf: N-Strike Elite - Trilogy DS-15 Blaster
(4.0) 1

The Trilogy DS-15 toy blaster has ejecting shells to heat up your Nerf dart-blasting action! Unleash a triple-dart blast with this Nerf blaster that shoots 3 darts at once from each shell. When you prime to fire again, the spent shell automatically ejects from the blaster. This N-Strike Elite blast...

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