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Dhingra Hans Raj

Salt Tolerance of Guar and Its Improvement by 'in Vitro' Mutagenesis
by Gulati Deepika ~ Paperback

Present investigation was conducted on clusterbean to study the effect of chloride dominated salinity on growth and to explore the possibility of induction of salinity tolerance through deployment of EMS. Accumulation of soluble sugars and free proline in leaves with salinity is indicative of osmoti...

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Effect of Chloride and Sulphate Dominated Salinity on German Chamomile
by Gulati Deepika ~ Paperback

German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla Linn.), an annual herb of varied medicinal value belonging to the family Asteraceae Results of the present experimental study revealed that the establishment, growth and yield of German chamomile are adversely affected by the build up of salinity in the growin...

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