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Lovely guy!! Very helpful.

- Jana from VIC, Australia (May 17)

Mighty Ape is awesome

- Geun Mo from NSW, Australia (May 17)

I didn't know about this site until I searched for the product I bought. Fantastic site and service, it will be the first place I go to look for products

- Anna from NSW, Australia (May 17)

You are fantastic - would highly recommend.

- Rhonda from Australia (May 17)

Very happy with all aspects of shopping with mightyape. Well done mightyape!

- Kim from QLD, AU (May 17)

Great products in stock and very quick delivery. One very happy little boy. Thanks!!

- Adrianne from NSW, Australia (Apr 17)

Best service I have ever received from on on-line retailer. Highly recommend this company to others and adore my gorgeous Mason Cash cake tins that I purchased. Will not hesitate to do purchase further products from Mighty Ape.

- Pam from WA, Australia (Apr 17)

Mighty ape employees are always so quick and friendly, I really love dealing with you guys!! Cheers again for all the assistance, you guys really are the best! I doubt I'll ever take my business elsewhere.

- Gabe from NSW (Apr 17)

Oh wow, OK - thanks for that, I won't complain about that level of service! ...happy custo here and will keep buying from your excellent site. Respect to the Ape!

- Joel from QLD, Australia (Apr 17)

Only recently discovered this site and have ordered happily a few times already. Great delivery turnaround, range and prices.

- Joel from QLD, Australia (Apr 17)

Happy with the support Mighty Ape gave me. Very reassuring indeed. Thank you.

- Kam from WA, Australia (Apr 17)

Thanks for the quick replies.

- Billy from VIC, Australia (Apr 17)

The response time was prompt and the manner of language was very polite and respectful.

- Patricia from QLD, Australia (Apr 17)

Very helpful thank you.

- Nerin from NSW, Australia (Mar 17)

The refund was processed very promptly. Very satisfied with the communication.

- Trish from NSW, Australia (Mar 17)

Great service. Quick to help out with my problem and resolve it.

- Jenny from VIC, Australia (Mar 17)

I have always received excellent support and been grateful for it!

- Michele from NSW, Australia (Mar 17)

Prompt reply, able to give update on status of my order & offer to follow up if needed.

- Penelope from SA, Australia (Mar 17)

Absolutely fantastic! Mighty Ape was so incredibly helpful.

- Morgwyn from NSW, Australia (Mar 17)

Prompt, polite and easy.

- Saarah from QLD, Australia (Mar 17)

Incredibly helpful and friendly.

- Che from NSW, Australia (Mar 17)

Very happy with the support I received, thanks.

- Tariq from QLD, Australia (Mar 17)

I just purchased my first order from Mighty Ape and I am very pleased with the service. The site is very easy to use even on mobile, the delivery was extremely quick & the packaging is very thorough. 10/10, would shop again

- Pheobe from QLD, AU (Mar 17)

Very professional and prompt. I was pleased with the outcome.

- Dani from WA, Australia (Mar 17)

Thank you for your prompt and exceptional service.

- Helen from NSW, Australia (Mar 17)

Always happy with you guys.

- Scott from QLD, Australia (Mar 17)

Just received my second order! Great service.

- Pip from Australia (Mar 17)

Thank you so much for your help. You have been so great in your responses.

- Lee from NT, Australia (Mar 17)

I think I've found a new store to do my game shopping at, very impressed. Once again, thanks.

- Arin from WA, Australia (Mar 17)

Very quick delivery and great service. Fantastic product, thank you :D

- Samuel from NT, AU (Mar 17)

I appreciate your prompt responses and the way Mighty Ape deals with my requests. I will certainly recommend your business as efficient and easy to deal with.

- Elizabeth from QLD, Australia (Mar 17)

I have recently become a shopper at Mighty Ape and I would just like to thank you all for fantastic service and rapid delivery of my order. Really impressed!!!!

- Ian from VIC, Australia (Mar 17)

Support was great and prompt, just like everything else at Mighty Ape - we love your site.

- Nimbin Bush Theatre from NSW, Australia (Mar 17)

The person replying was nice, polite and very helpful. One of the best customer experiences I have had. Thank you!

- Samantha from NSW, Australia (Mar 17)

I appreciated the quick response and overall attitude to my contribution.

- Laurie from SA, Australia (Mar 17)

The support that I got was fast and met my needs.

- Romana from VIC, Australia (Feb 17)

Thanks for your speedy response and service!

- Nancy from ACT, Australia (Feb 17)

Good communication and problem resolved quickly. With thanks!

- Terry from ACT, Australia (Feb 17)

Great customer support! Thanks again Mighty Ape.

- Matthew from NSW, Australia (Feb 17)

Just wanted to say that your shipping efficiency is superb, everything arrived on time safe and sound, great job ^_^

- Jonah from NSW, Australia (Feb 17)

Mighty Ape answered my questions in good time.

- Edwyn from Australia (Feb 17)

Thanks guys, every time I order from you guys my packages arrive on time! :)

- Christopher, from QLD, Australia (Feb 17)

Wow, thanks so much :D you are amazing. Because you guys are so nice, I decided to buy a bunch more stuff :P Thanks again

- Elliot from New South Whales (Feb 17)

The quality of customer support I received was much more professional and a lot clearer than other online shops. The response was fast and clear. Thank you Mighty Ape.

- Matthew from Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia (Feb 17)

Overly pleased with Mighty Ape service. Will be recommending the site to friends. My order has been shipped, thankyou for everything.

- Naomi from NSW (Feb 17)

My first experience using Mighty Ape was excellent. My order was processed and dispatched quickly and I was kept informed throughout. My CD arrived packaged well. I had a minor issue with the product which was rectified quickly and in a friendly and helpful manner. Highly recommend!

- Monique K from Sydney, Australia (Nov 16)

I was very impressed, the packaging is cute and great and the delivery time was good, not to mention the price was excellent for a new game! Thanks so much, Mighty Ape!!

- Stefan P from Blakehurt, Australia (Nov 16)

All good. You had a book in stock that no other supplier seemed to have world wide! Love that you're local (not being sent from the U.K. but actually Aust/NZ!! Yay! You should market that you're Asia Pacific specialists.

- Jenny from Brisbane, Australia (Nov 16)

I would like to thank Kai,Stacy and Spencer for the help in finding the missing piece from the jigsaw puzzle(Savannah Masai.)I have been sent a complete puzzle so if there is any cost involved i wold be happy to pay.I appologise for putting you to so much trouble. I rate your service as excellent.

- Ross from Queensland, Australia (Oct 16)

My package arrived this morning, well packaged and in good condition. A happy transaction for this purchase, made on behalf of my elderly Dad (for his great grandson.)

- Faye from Victoria, Australia (Oct 16)