Meet the Mighty Ape team

Emily Adeane
Service Monkey

Studying film production and psychology at UoA, Emily spends most of her free time watching films and… over analyzing social situations? Her eyes will light up with joy at any mention of bears!

Mark Barrett
Warehouse Monkey

Mark is into studying animation. He also likes video games and music.

Nick Barrett
Marketing Monkey

As an amateur cook, Nick enjoys a good BBQ and reckons his grilled salmon is a total winner. Nick always has a project on the go, and his Imagistory App, which allows kids to create and narrate their very own picture books, has been an incredible success.

Simon Barton
Chief Gorilla

Founder of Mighty Ape and four other monkeys. Lover of cricket, coffee, excel, and hunting & fishing expeditions. Follow @simon_barton on Twitter.

Vicki Barton
Directors' Monkey

Famous for her super-human powers, Vicki takes care of countless tasks throughout the business while being Mum to four boys without raising a sweat!

Cushla Benseman
Health & Beauty Gorilla

First and foremost Cushla craves chocolate and never says no to a rosé with her fellow monkey Stacey. Cushla loves staying active and often finds herself boxing, hiking, mountain biking and eating, which she really does consider a sport in itself!

Dylan Bland
General Manager

Internet geek. BMW enthusiast. Mighty Ape by day. nzflatmates by night. Read Dylan's blog and follow @dylanbland on Twitter.

Duane Burger
Business Development Gorilla

Between work, play and daddy-daycare duties at home, Duane can be found buried beneath a ton of old tomes on lore and legend.

Kate Burgess
Clothing Gorilla

Kate is a huge fan of video games and loves The Witcher and Overwatch. She was born and raised in Auckland and studied Psychology at University. At any given moment you will most likely find Kate drinking coffee and looking at cats.

Alastair Burns
Web Monkey

Alastair is packing everything he has into 2013 managing both the warehouse and studying a computer science degree at Auckland University!

Amelia Burns
Category Assistant

Amelia is one of our category assistants and like many at Mighty Ape she's a gamer but also loves a great crime novel or quality TV drama; as well as kick boxing – so evil doers beware! Also has a passion for travel

Siobhan Burns
Trained Service Monkey

Part monkey, part country music superstar, Siobhan loves her 6am starts at work, and playing hockey and softball. Her favourite tv series is Pretty Little Liars, and if she had to choose she’d call herself a Hannah.

Ben Campi
Returns Monkey

Ben is a massive fan of JRPG's and has recently become addicted to Gunpla. When not bent over his desk building epic Japanese robots, Ben likes to catch up on the latest Anime or kick back with a good book.

Stacey Collins
Book Gorilla

Stacey loves Harry Potter, dragons, angry girl music and thinks she's the cat whisperer. If you ever need to find her, just follow the White Rabbit.

Karena Copestake
Toys Gorilla

Karena works tirelessly to look after our Toys department! Karena is also an avid toy collector, with a stunning collection of Kidrobot, Tokidoki and all things strawberry.

Sam Corbeau
Accounts Gorilla

Sam is passionate about crunching the numbers. She spends most of her free time working on her accounting degree, playing taxi to her teenage daughter and walking her spoiled little pug dog.

Brendan Craigie
Product Adding Monkey

A keen existentialist contemplating the universe. Brendan is a stealthy man who loves applying 5 stacks of deadly poison to his enemies, leaping through Portal puzzles and is a Wipeout Racing Purist.

Kai Crawford
Warehouse Monkey

Returns monkey by day, Night Elf Mage in WoW by, well, night. If he’s not playing games though, Kai is partial to sot of indoor football where he plays as a goal keeper, or playing the guitar as part of his band.

Samantha Darby
Product Assistant

Sam has an ever shifting kaleidoscope of hair. She occupies herself with handcrafts and baking. You can catch her singing (and probably dancing) at shows around Auckland. She will be the one with the red hair or mauve or whatever.

Ffion Davis
Trained Service Monkey

When not gaming or catching up on current tv shows (why do there have to be so many?!), Ffion can be found baking cookies or writing (unless she was dragged out to socialize). Quick to a smile, a good friend can be made by simply mentioning Doctor Who, Harry Potter or Pokemon.

Shirl Deans
DVD & Blu-ray Gorilla

Shirl is often indulging in TV marathon sessions in the weekend. Her favourite TV shows are The Wire and Breaking Bad. She's a horror fanatic as well as a fan of Studio Ghibli films.

Philip Dickson
Customer Services Manager

As the holder of a Major in English Literature, naturally Philip’s favourite show is Steven Universe, and has watched the entire series about 5 times. As he always arrives early, Philip enjoys spending a quiet moment in the morning planning his day.

Aaron Dixon
Inwards & Stock Control Gorilla

Aaron likes to come home after a long shift at the warehouse and play Dark Souls or Warcraft on his PC and PS4. His skills include acrobatics, which he practices weekly, and award winning Diablo 3 cosplay.

Holly Dombroski
Trained Service Monkey

As a mum of two kids, Holly doesn’t have a lot of time for herself, but when she does, she treats herself to an RPG like Fable, or a quick dip into Assassin’s Creed. One of her major loves are slasher films, especially IT, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Sue Ellwood
Admin Monkey

Always willing to step up, lend a hand and do what it takes – Sue makes sure jobs get done and keeps the Mighty Ape office running smoothly. When she’s not working (very rare) Sue loves travelling and spending time with her family and grandchildren.

Savannah Ericson
Trained Service Monkey

When Savannah is not working or studying, she enjoys immersing herself in beauty and clothing products, always looking for the best deals online. After hours she likes to catch up with one of her favourite TV shows, Walking Dead (Daryl Dixon) always trumping the rest. Also an avid pop vinyl collector… Pop Vinyls > Necessities.

Simon Garner
Web Monkey


Andi Garnett
Email Monkey

When he’s not furiously typing up content for Mighty Ape, Andi can be found shooting aliens in Destiny, binge watching anything from HBO, or taking cute photos of his two dogs, Loki and Nova.

Hayley Garnett
Category Monkey

I love everything dragons and fantasy and read far too much manga. I enjoy relaxing with a good game or book or taking silly pictures of my dog.

Oliver Grainger
Category Assistant

Loves indie, cult and foreign films. Spends to much money on graphic novels and LEGO.

Dan Grayson
Chief Category Editor

Secretly wishes he was Batman. When not preparing for the imminent Zombie apocalyse you will find him nodding his head to Deathcore with his nose buried in graphic novels.

Leon Greeff
Web Monkey

Affectionately dubbed ‘Jedi’ by his friends, this man can shred on the guitar, rebuild your computer with his eyes closed and is an all round awesome dude!

David Greig
Hobbies Gorilla

Our resident mixologist can typically be found buried under a stack of plastic & resin models, surrounded by an array of paint & glue or plotting the demise of the heroes who dared to enter his dungeon.

Kashun Hara
Warehouse Monkey
Matt Harman
Rigs Team

When I'm not building computers or studying software development you'll usually find me playing games (both on stream and off) or going on cruises with the Tezza club. I listen to Heavy Metal music and you'll often find me trying to get to concerts.

Ruth Higgison
Trained Service Monkey

We're based in Auckland, but Ruth gets things done from her home in Oamaru. Ruth loves books, Otago winters & finding cool gift ideas.

Allan Hishon
Product Adding Monkey

A super proud father of one and friend to many, Allan is a keen collector of glorious hard cover art books and is an avid Hellboy fan. When not dreaming of giant robot and kaiju battles, you'l find Allan gleefully unpacking our latest goodies from Japan.

Graeme Howard
Web Monkey

Graeme is a fully qualified and experienced graphic designer and web developer. In his spare time he likes to play his Wii U and hopes some day to beat Dylan at Mario Kart (in his dreams).

Suzannah Howard
Web Monkey

When she's not in front of her computer designing or writing code, you'll find Suzannah in front of the TV playing games or watching sci-fi.

Che Kamariera
Social Marketing Gorilla

After hours Che manages award-winning Kiwi hip-hop artist David Dallas.

Alex King
Category Assistant

Alex is an avid rock climber and is the closest we have to a real life monkey at Mighty Ape! If he’s not hanging precariously off of vertical surfaces, he will be playing Far Cry, drinking coffee or sleeping in. Check out his Instagram for some epic action shots.

Ronald Ko
Inwards Monkey

Ron is an enigma wrapped up in a riddle. A man of few words and many smiles. Ron is our resident collector of niche import games and is amassing a rather large collection of fine statues and action figures.

Vicki Ko
Customer Service Monkey

Animals. Vicki loves animals. Dogs, cats, giraffes, otters. All of them. This addiction is fed by funny animal videos on youtube and visiting the zoo. On the odd occasion that animals aren’t at the front of her mind, Vicki plays Counter Strike, watches Grey’s Anatomy and eats her weight in food. Follow her Guinea Pigs on IG!: @spud_tatoe

Chris Kolston
Customer Service Monkey

Too much of Chris' spare time is spent playing Minecraft to the early hours of the morning. ‘What a cool guy’ you must be thinking! Somehow, Chris manages to balance this crazy lifestyle with studying commerce at UoA and waiting for YuGiOh to make a comeback.

Shani Lawrence
Trained Service Monkey
Andy Lee
Computers & Electronics Gorilla

Casual gamer, sports fan, into fast cars, jack of all trades :P Plays hockey and bowls competitively. Will give everything a go once :)

Daniel Leibbrandt
Category Buyer

A Star Wars fiend with an insatiable hunger for all things Sith and Superman. Loves getting lost in huge open RPG worlds and has a soft spot for FPS games ( mainly Halo). KILLTACULAR!

Stacey Leibbrandt
Home & Living Gorilla

Stacey tirelessly runs our Home & Living department and is constantly hunting for the latest trends and colorful home wares. When not browsing Pintrest, Stacey likes to curl up on the couch with her cats, watching the latest TV shows or reading comics by Robert Kirkman.

Kevin Liao
Marketing Monkey

Kevin is vegetarian grown up with Utada, dodge ball and Goku. He spent years learning Beethoven’s so­natas. His favourite game is: Bravely Default, because FFXV has been delayed for too many years. His room is full of LEGO and foreign novels. Currently bingeing on Penny Dreadful and the Last Airbender.

Tsai Lim
Art Gorilla
Matthew Londrigan
Rig Monkey
Olivia MacDonell
Category Assistant
Gracie MacKinlay
Chief Marketing Gorilla

Besides number crunching, Gracie also enjoys the outdoors gardening, dirt biking, diving ....... She is also prepping for her very first triathlon.

Alex McGill
Social Media Sales

Recent law graduate who loves games, movies, music and anything else he can enjoy from the comfort of his couch. Active contributor to Mighty Ape's quarterly Game Guide and social media.

Rose Miller
Purchasing Gorilla

Rose is a busy mother to three boys and enjoys an occasional glass of red in front of a good book or DVD.

Roopa Patel
Category Buyer

Food !!!! I like food

Chad Pemberton
Rigs Team

Blizzard fan, Comic book geek and computer god! Chad heads up our computers buying team while studying eSports part time. His favourite colour is black.

Ben Read
Social Media Monkey

Ben is a self-described Vegan cat worshipping nerd who yells at people for fun in his spare time – Check out his band Bridge Burner!

Rhiannon Ries
Product Adding Monkey

When she's not working, our resident Crazy Cat Lady spends her time immersed in Dragon Age and other fantasy RPG's, flirting with danger – and her companions! Loves vegan food, coffee, her 4 cats & collecting statues of pretty ladies.

Scott Ries
Inwards Gorilla

Spends too much time in MMOs and sandbox games not completing objectives. Webcomic aficionado. Collects cats, blames partner.

Kelsey Schroder
Warehouse Monkey

In her free time Kelsey takes photos, paints and looks after her many carnivorous plants. Loves Xbox gaming, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and is a Marvel movie and comic fanatic.

Mata Stevens
Warehouse Monkey

Having recently joined the apparent cult that is PC gaming, Mata spends most of his time in Tamriel or hunting dinosaurs on ARK. His greatest accomplishment to date is having made Imgur front page twice in one week.

Craig Stevenson
Web Monkey

Craig hopes to one day end his quest to find somewhere to write a small description of himself. In the meantime, he is still the reigning Battleship champ in his house and would one day like to speak Russian. Большое спасибо

Charlotte Stone
Service Monkey
Joses Tan
Marketing Monkey

Hailing from Singapore, Joses spends his time away from the office engaging in the thrilling sport of airsoft, playing racing games on his Playstation and catching up on Netflix. His most recent watch is Jessica Jones which he is thoroughly enjoying.

Kirsty Walters

A stationery geek – I used have a Pen collection when I was little. When Im not busy being entertained by my 2 little girls I love getting out on the Paddle board, enjoy photography & arty crafty stuff.

Jordan Whyte
Warehouse Monkey
Gary Wright
Champ Chimp
Andrew Wynyard
Trained Service Monkey

Huge sports fan, in particular Madden and NBA Live. Father of four…love family, work and sport!

Moana Wynyard
Category Assistant

Mo adores working for Mighty Ape tracking down releases and adding content. A busy Mum to two lovely girls, Mo likes to unwind having a good laugh and a couple of cold beverages with friends!