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Mighty Ape has been quietly building Australia’s best online shopping experience for almost four years. We reckon we’ve done a pretty good job, and so do our customers. We have a great story to tell and would love to share it with you.

We don’t have a fancy PR agency but we're passionate about what we do, and over the years we’ve built up a pretty good understanding of the online shopping market in Australia. We’ll happily make ourselves available to assist with your enquiry.

If you need comment, would like to come and see us in action, or need other resources such as imagery, please contact;

Gracie MacKinlay (Chief Marketing Gorilla) gracie.mackinlay@mightyape.com.au

About Mighty Ape Please read our comprehensive About Mighty Ape section for information about our mission, history, company and website. Also check out our core values, the values that shape all the decisions we make every day.

Mighty Ape logo The Mighty Ape logo in various digital formats is available to download.