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6 out of 7 people found this review helpful:
Review by Joseph on 26th May, 2011
5 stars "A great game, but only if you're a team player"

Brink is truly an immersive game that encourages teamplay, and is an experience like no other. However, although the free-running and gunning style of the game is unique, it becomes hard to use it whilst performing other objectives, and the limited maps give slightly repetitive gameplay. I would recommend renting it before buying, because even though I found it to be fast-paced, adrenaline fuelled fun, others may see it as in a different perspective.

5 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
Review by Karl on 25th December, 2011
3 stars "Good game"

Good game, not enough players online to enjoy it properly.

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
Review by Cameron on 22nd June, 2012
4 stars "A Review."

Brink is an exceptional team shooter, smart, supremely well balanced and with a unique, exciting art style. Splash Damage struggles to ease the player into its workings – evidence, perhaps, of the studio's background creating free mods for hardcore Quake players, who never needed much hand-holding. But the clean menus and HUD have a slickness and simplicity of interaction that elevate the squad-shooter genre to a new level of style and polish. Likewise, in moment-to-moment play, this is often a more engaging, tighter experience than Valve's Team Fortress 2. For those who can leap that first hurdle, Brink should run and run.

4 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
Review by ethan on 13th May, 2011

got the game today and i cant stop playing! its incredible, you can customise your player with 100's of things and you can customise your weapons to your liking! the gameplay is like nothing ive ever seen before! its a must play! GET IT CHEAP ON HERE “MIGHTYAPE”!!!!!!!!

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by J on 9th June, 2011
5 stars "A superb game, but not without its flaws"

Brink has certainly become a niche game, and I often have to find myself recommending people rent it first… Because responses have been fairly split down the middle; people will either REALLY love it, or be REALLY disappointed.

A lot of the negative feedback can basically be put down to “it's not <insert generic shooter name here>”, Brink will be wildly different to any other console shooter experience you will ever have had, with a totally different approach to gameplay… And a learning curve to match. The game is full of new and out of the ordinary design choices for an FPS, something a lot of people are struggling to accept. Save for the odd, to-be-expected, and usually ignorable bugs (there is some Borderlands-esque texture pop in), there are some legitimate concerns and worries:

  • Lack of a straightforward lobby. The current system is fine for casual drop-in, drop-out play, but it's difficult to maintain any form of organisation with large groups of players.
  • Unreliable match-making. I believe it works off ping, and never seems to connect you with anybody who will give you less than a 95% full bar… This means that you'll find games full of people, about as frequently as having to play solo against bots until somebody else joins a match or two later.
  • Terrible friendly AI when playing solo. The developers have toned down the intelligence of bots on your team so that they don't “steal your thunder”, which makes solo runs and the challenges incredibly difficult. Both friendly & enemy AI can be balanced evenly, however, by selecting “Versus” rather than “Co-Op” or “Solo” – you have to be connected online to access this option, but can still play privately.

These are most commonly discussed issues this game suffers. If they'll be patched, who knows- Despite this, what the game does well, it does VERY well. If you're like me, then Brink just pushes all the right buttons, and the good elements of the game overshadow the bad and make it an overall incredibly enjoyable game to play.

  • Gorgeous art style and overall appearance, with beautifully-designed maps and simple UI/HUD.
  • Some of the best character appearance customisation you'll see on a PS3 game, let alone a shooter.
  • Respectable range of weapons, and great weapon customisation to tinker with them to your liking.
  • Balanced rank, classes & skills system.
  • Clear differences between the three body weights; Light, Medium & Heavy, each with their own pros/cons.
  • Revolutionary SMART movement system, that opens up the environment to exploitation as a tactical element… More so than any other shooter I've seen. Playing other FPS games after experiencing SMART, they just feel so lacking and sub-par.
  • Objective-heavy gameplay, usually with a multitude of tasks available for the various classes to pursue in order to open up tactical opportunities or advantages to their team.
  • Objective-heavy gameplay, without sacrificing the fun of fragging. Even for a game with only 8 players a side, it can get so fast-paced and chaotic that I've had some 75+ kill games.

Brink requires a large leap of faith when coming from other, more familiar shooters, and isn't without flaws. It really does come down to how much you enjoy the good elements, in order to outweigh or help you deal with the bad or confusing. But if the above listed reasons sound exactly like what you look for in a shooter, then Brink may be your new favourite game.



Release date Australia
May 13th, 2011
Multi-player Co-op
Multi-player Versus
Box Dimensions (mm)
136x171 x15
All-time sales rank
Top 500
Product ID


Brink is an immersive shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience, allowing you to develop your character across all modes of play. You decide the role you want to assume in the world of Brink as you fight to save yourself and mankind’s last refuge for humanity. Brink offers a compelling mix of dynamic battlefields, extensive customization options, and an innovative control system that will keep you coming back for more.

STORY: A man-made floating city called the Ark, made up of hundreds of separate floating islands, is on the brink of all-out civil war. Originally built as an experimental self-sufficient and 100% “green” habitat, the reported rapid rise of the Earth’s oceans has forced the Ark to become a refuge for humanity. Crammed with the original Ark founders, their descendants, as well as tens of thousands of refugees, the Ark exists in total isolation from the rest of the world. With 25 years of social unrest, the inhabitants of the Ark have reached their breaking point. It’s up to you to decide the future of the Ark and the human race.

  • Blurring the Lines Between Offline and Online - Advance your character’s development across every gameplay mode: single player, co-op, and multiplayer. Gain experience points that you can spend on customizing and upgrading your skills and abilities, designing an entirely unique look and feel for your character.
  • Groundbreaking Kinesthetics - Brink uses the familiar shooter controls that you’re used to, without frustrating, artificial constraints and takes advantage of a new feature: the SMART button. When you press the SMART button, the game dynamically evaluates where you’re trying to get to, and makes it happen. No need to perfectly time a jump or vault, the game knows what you want to do.
  • Context-Sensitive Goals and Rewards - Objectives, communications, mission generation, and inventory selection are all dynamically generated based on your role, your status, your location, your squad-mates, and the status of the battle in all gameplay modes. You’ll always know exactly where to go, what to do when you get there, and what your reward will be for success.
  • Virtual Texturing - Brink’s proprietary technology, Virtual Texturing, breaks new ground on current-gen consoles and PCs with an even greater focus on highly detailed characters, realistic environments, lighting, effects, and atmospherics. This competitive lead on the squad-combat genre helps thrust players into the gritty reality of the Ark's epic secluded arcology.

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