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Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP
Dissidia Final Fantasy
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Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP + Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (Essentials) for PSP

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Dissidia Final Fantasy


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Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP + Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (Essentials) for PSP
List price: $139.94
Buy together: $94.36 (save 33%)

9.7% of people buy Dissidia Final Fantasy and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (Essentials) ~ PSP.

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Review by Ethan on 14th September, 2009
5 stars "A different Final Fantasy experience"

Final Fantasy Dissidia on PSP is a great fighting game for what Final Fantasy's origins are. For the die-hard fans who like turn-based style this is not the game for you, the matchs can last a few seconds and be over with one mighty slash of your blade and yet you have to be four steps ahead of your opponent. Over all this is a great game with some crisp graphics, awsome C.G.I video clips and the ability to keep your thumbs moving. Overall it gets a 10/10 and thats because it is what it is not just another turn-based or fighting game it has its own style

Review by Robert on 11th August, 2011
5 stars "Amazing game"

This game is truly revolutionary. Who would've guessed that Final Fantasy would make a good fighter! But this is more of an RPG fighter, nothing like Tekken or Street Fighters. Individual stories for each hero character, an arcade mode that gets very addictive and a massive amount of customisation available for each character, good or bad, makes this game unending. A completionis­t's nightmare (or dream). Definitely a must have for anyone with a PSP. Worth every penny.

Review by James on 16th November, 2010
5 stars "Great, well thought out PSP game"

This game came as a complete surprise, a fighting game by a renowned rpg developer? Well boy did they pull it off.

This has shot straight to the top of my “To Play” list, and since arriving hasn't been taken out of the PSP.

Its great mix of strategy and speed is an amazing mix that really adds to the fight game genre. I seriously recommend this to any PSP owners looking for a game that gives both instant thrills and a longer enjoyable full gaming experience.

Review by Grace on 9th August, 2010
5 stars "Awesome! Great fun!"

If you are a final fantasy fan like me, this is something you don't want to miss, and if you are just looking for a addictive RPG game, this is it guys!! 100% recommended to all!! Thank you Mighty Ape!!

Review by Tony on 16th April, 2010
4 stars "Awesome"

Its almost got all the characters from the Final Fantasy series up to X. It is so fun to play because now it is real time fighting; so faster pace. Something Final Fantasy fans should get.



Release date Australia
September 11th, 2009
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Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. Chaos, the god of discord. Reigning from distant realms, the two gods had gathered warriors from all lands to lead them in savage war. Cosmos and Chaos were of equal strength. It was believed the conflict would last forever. However, the balance is now broken. Those who answered Chaos's call created an inexhaustible force. And under vicious attack without relent, the warriors fighting for Cosmos started to fall one by one. The conflict that has continued for eons is now about to end in Chaos's favor. The world has been torn asunder, sinking into a vortex of disorder. As for the few surviving warriors' their fates have yet to be determined.

  • Legacy: Experience the high-quality world and gameplay mechanics of FINAL FANTASY presented in an action-packed environment where players can glide through the air and dash along walls.
  • All-new battle system: Action-based battle system combines all-out brawling alongside RPG-based character development in an original system developed by the creators of the KINGDOM HEARTS series
  • Ultimate cast of characters: Fan-favorite heroes and villains from the entire FINAL FANTASY series come together in one game for the first time in a remarkable new tale with fully-voiced CG movies and real-time events
  • Fantasy match: Players select their favorite FINAL FANTASY characters, sided with either Cosmos or Chaos, to set the stage for their fantasy match

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