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Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition

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Review by Shaun on 21st November, 2011
3 stars "Irritating, a little dull, repititious. "

The leveling up system was a complete failure in this game. I found that it forced you to grind by using spells overly much (because you need spells to do damage to some enemies and all respectable bosses) and it is overly complicated, especially when learning new spells. You will probably use fire as your main spell until 60% of the way through when you learn Flare. If you want to use this spell (you do) you will have to LEVEL IT UP FROM LEVEL ONE.

The game is story based which removes the adventure feel to the game, replacing it with a ‘go here, do that’ feel.

I would take a little pity on it (seeing as it is from 1988 and could never stand up to modern standards) except that Final Fantasy outstrips it in every respect…

If you want my advice, get FF1 first, that rules. If you want more after that, try this game but be prepared for some disappointment.

Review by Matthew on 11th November, 2011
5 stars "The second game of an amazing series"

This game tried something different with the leveling up system depending on what you did you leveled that up for example to attack with your sword your sword level goes up, you attack with your fire attack your fire level goes up it can be a pain sometimes but that doesn't stop this being a great game four youths on the run after there parents are killed, they join up with a rebel group to take action on the empire plenty of hours of gameplay, the first game with the lovable rideable bird the chocobo, plenty to find with a great storyline

Review by Allan on 9th September, 2011
2 stars "Ok but not the best"

Final Fantasy II was HARD! Once you start off you're weak but if you take the wrong turn you find monsters who destroy in in one hit. You have no special moves and you don't level up like other Final Fantasy titles. Instead you level up your weapons and Magic, which gets old very quick. The story was MEH and you kept losing one of your 4 charters and then getting new ones who aren't as strong as your current 3. Then half way through the game you find out theres a problem. All the monsters become too easy. Nothing can stand in your way. One good thing about FF2 is the weapons and magic levelling is not bad. I can see they were trying for a new approach. Any Character can use any weapon and/or Magic and the more you use it the more powerful you and your spells become.

If you're a fan pick it up but don't get your hopes up.



Release date Australia
October 22nd, 2009
Box Dimensions (mm)
110x190 x10
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Originally released in 1987 in Japan, FINAL FANTASY® was hailed by gamers and critics alike as one of the first RPGs to create a fantasy world that captured the imagination of players around the globe. Twenty years later, the illustrious FINAL FANTASY franchise comes full circle: remastered as two separate titles exclusively for the PSP® system, FINAL FANTASY and FINAL FANTASY II are timeless classics that created the blueprints for the future of RPGs. These all-new 20th Anniversary editions are treated with crisp, updated graphics, an unforgettable enhanced soundtrack and a vibrant widescreen presentation.

In FINAL FANTASY II, a malevolent emperor has called upon monsters from a demonic realm to take over the world, ending what seemed to be an eternal period of peace. From the destruction rise four young survivors who will take it upon themselves to stop the merciless ruler and avenge the death of their parents.

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