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Glee - The Music Volume 1 reviews


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Review by Ashleigh on 30th November, 2009
5 stars "Amazing "

This is the CD that has come from the latest craze – Glee. The music on this album is fantastic if the programme is anything to go by, and is mainly all songs that you will know – with a twist. New songs are combined with the old to make them all the more interesting, making this a great gift for all this Christmas!

Review by Suzanne on 25th November, 2011
4 stars "Volume 1 showcases the amazing hit show!"

When (now hit show) Glee burst onto our scenes, people just thought it was another American high school drama that was going to flop like the rest… little did we know – it was actually much better than that with a great cast with amazing vocals. Glee follows McKinley High's Glee Club on the highs and lows while belting out tracks like “Don't Stop Believin'”, “Gold Digger” and “Somebody to Love”. Great album and so are the ones to come!

Review by Ashlea on 12th January, 2010
5 stars "Mind-blowing."

If you like Glee the show, then you're going to LOVE this CD! With the actors/actresses ranging from ages 19–30, you will not be disappointed with this CD. It has some fantastic songs on it, and there is something on it for everyone. This album would be great for a majority of people. I definitely recommend this CD, best CD of this year.

Review by Emily on 17th December, 2009
"One word - AWESOME"

Full-length songs from this original and FUNNY new TV series, can't wait for colume 2 in January!!