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NBA 2K12 for PS3
NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12

PS3 Developer : Visual Concepts

Suitable for general audiences.
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Review by Shem on 18th October, 2011
5 stars "Feels like a completely different basketball game"

2k12 has enhanced controls and the AI has been upgraded so that they are more realistic eg they steal the ball when the ball actually comes in front of them, also the new NBA's greatest mode is awesome as you get to play with players like Wilt Chamberlain and Larry Bird

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Review by Regan on 6th December, 2011
5 stars "A must have for sports fans"

NBA 2k12 in one word is flawless. Well maybe not quite, but it isn't far from it. The gameplay is an improvement from NBA 2k11. My player mode is more in depth and a lot more engaging. The AI is smarter, trust me every bad pass will be punished and most likely result in a turnover. You now have a lot more control over your team as well. Being able to change shots whilst in mid air, better control over the player at the post and better control of the player in general.

Now the reason I say NBA 2k12 isn't quite flawless is due to online. The servers are not too good, the new promising Association Online hasn't hit off with a bang (yet).

If you're buying this just for the online, I'd advise for you to be very weary. The online services are not too good at all. Not terrible but not flawless either.

Overall NBA 2k12 is a must buy for a sports mad gamer. However I would suggest staying away if you are an owner of 2k11 and just play it for a bit of a bash (casual games) the improvements will be too minimal for you to be able to consider it as a wise purchase. That being said the improvements for hardcore fans are noticeable and worthwhile.

I've babbled on enough. NBA 2k12 is truly the best sports game and a must have for your collection.

Review by Jayden on 30th September, 2012
5 stars "#1"

The best game ever, can't wait for 2k13!!!

Review by jesse on 25th April, 2012
5 stars "5 star game"

This game is the best b ball game I have ever played

Review by Julian on 25th April, 2012
5 stars "5 star game"

Really good game. Defiantly worth it for any basketball fan



Release date Australia
October 7th, 2011
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Top 1000
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With over 5 million copies sold worldwide and over 20 Sports Game of Year awards, last year NBA 2K11 allowed you to BECOME THE GREATEST with MJ & the Jordan Challenge mode. This year the NBA 2K franchise is back and bigger than ever, providing fans with the opportunity they've always dreamed of – to finally END THE DEBATE as to who are the best teams and players of all time.

Featuring such NBA legends as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird as well as all of your favorite NBA players of today, NBA 2K12 will be packed with new and exciting features that will be revealed in the weeks and months ahead that come.


  • “NBA's Greatest” mode, an all-new playable game feature for the next installment of the top-rated and best-selling NBA video game simulation franchise, NBA 2K12.
  • Relive professional basketball's most memorable rivalries with 15 historic NBA teams and their greatest players.
  • Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Julius “Dr. J” Erving among others.
  • Unlock these legendary athletes and teams to create matchups against any current NBA franchise.

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