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Secret Agent Clank (Essentials)

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Customer reviews

Review by Brendan on 14th August, 2014
4 stars "Good"

The game's good. I can't say it's great but it is pretty fun to play!

Review by Michaela on 3rd January, 2013
3 stars "Its an okay game"

Not as great as the Ratchet and Clank series but its still great and addictive spin off and still has the similar feel to it to the Ratchet and Clank series, I still like it but not as good as the series

Review by Sharlene on 8th December, 2011
5 stars "Excellent service all round"

I love how I can order something from mighty ape and its here when they say…excellent service

Review by nathan on 20th May, 2011
4 stars "Great interactive game"

Brought this for my boy and he now entertains himself for hours on end.played myself and wasnt as easy as it looks good graphics and effects

Review by Fikrat on 9th May, 2011
5 stars "My son is just loving it..."

Fantastic game!.



Re-released on
September 2nd, 2010
Box Dimensions (mm)
107x190 x15
All-time sales rank
Top 5000
Product ID


Ratchet, Clank, and Captain Qwark return to PSP this summer in Secret Agent Clank, an all new adventure where Clank takes the lead as the titular character. Developed by High Impact Games, the studio that brought Ratchet & Clank®: Size Matters to PSP, Secret Agent Clank brings the humor, quality gameplay and action that fans have come to expect from the franchise back to PSP.

Taking cues from spy classics of the past, Secret Agent Clank presents the Ratchet and Clank universe with a spy themed twist, including Clank as the Galaxy’s greatest undercover agent dressed in a tuxedo. With gadgets ranging from Cufflink Bombs to the Tie-arang and the introduction of Clank-Fu, Clank’s very own style of martial arts, Secret Agent Clank features action oriented moves and gadgets newly upgraded for the franchise. Also new to Clank’s move set are timing based puzzles enabling him to avoid laser fields, struggle to stay alive in a dance of death and subdue enemies with his bare hands. For the first time in the franchise, Clank masters snowboards, speed boats and other vehicles to take part in exciting chases, escape missions and to tail enemies.

In an all new story, players find Ratchet in a maximum security prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The player follows Clank as he dons his secret agent persona in order to prove Ratchet’s innocence. With a combination of stealth, puzzle solving, melee combat and spy weaponry, Clank gathers evidence and follows a trail of clues that takes him to the far reaches of the universe. Ratchet returns as a playable character, receiving weapons from Clank to help him stay alive in prison. Another first for the franchise, Captain Qwark appears as a three dimensional playable character, retelling the tales of Clanks exploits as if he were the champion with the exaggerated, over-the-top humor only Captain Qwark can provide.

  • Ratchet and Clank return to PSP in an all-new story that focuses on Clank and his Secret Agent persona as he attempts to rescue Ratchet from wrongful imprisonment.
  • Clank-focused gameplay features new move-set offering stealth moves, more speed and power and the ability to subdue large enemies using Clank-Fu.
  • State-of-the-art espionage weapons and gadgets, such as the deadly Tanglevine Carnation, explosive Cufflink Bombs, and the deadly Tie-A-Rang aid Clank in his pursuit.
  • Travel from the ski resort of Glaciara to the intergalactic casino/resort world of Le Paradis De Tricheurs Casino.
  • Contextual gameplay helps Clank avoid laser fields, dance with the mysterious Countessa Lottabolts and compete in high stakes galactic card games.
  • Drive the latest in spy vehicles, ranging from sport cars, speedboats, and snowboards.
  • Four playable characters: Clank, Ratchet, Captain Qwark, and all new Gadgebot gameplay.
  • Ratchet returns as a playable character in arena based battles to earn new weapons and bolts.
  • Captain Qwark appears as a three dimensional playable character for the first time in the franchise, retelling the tales of Clanks exploits as if he were the hero.
  • Familiar characters from Ratchet & Clank franchise return in a humorous storyline that will satisfy all Ratchet & Clank fans.

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