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"Faultless! A perfectly designed board game and loads of FUN!"
5 stars"

Review by Brenton on 15th October, 2012

We recently purchased this board game and it has become an instant hit with everyone, from an 8 year old to a 50 year old!

If you are worried about reading and learning pages of rules, don't! The rules are spread over 4 pages with plenty of colourful diagrams, which makes it clear and easy to understand. I have often put a board game away simply because the rules were poorly written or just far too long and complicated to learn. This is not the case here.

The beauty of this game is that behind the simple rules lies a game of cunning strategy, with a dose of luck. There are multiple ways to win and you need to be wary of what others are trying to do.

One thing that makes this game stand out from most others is ‘player involvement’. Even if it is not your turn, you collect resources based on opponents dice throws and can trade with the player who is throwing the dice. You are constantly involved which is a big plus if, like me, you get bored, waiting for your turn, in most other board games.

Another big point of difference is the often hilarious verbal exchanges on nearly every turn as players try to secure the best trade they can based on their hand of resource cards.

The game lasts around 90 minutes which is perfect as it allows the option to play ‘one more game’.

Also, the hexagonal tile design means that every game will be slightly different as the tiles can be arranged randomly.

At $70+ this game is well worth the money. It will bring friends and family together in a way only board games can. It will cost less than a group outing to the movies and be on your shelf forever, ready to be played again and again.

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"Great game with friends, or the family"
5 stars"

Review by Leon on 17th June, 2010

Fantastic game. Lots to do when it's not your turn. You win by being the fastest builder – you don't have to grind everybody else down, so it's still fun if you lose. Only two main pages of rules, but lots of scope for strategy, if you're that way inclined…

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"Played it once, now HAVE to buy it!"
5 stars"

Review by Zane on 13th January, 2010

This game is one which requires strategic thinking and the ability to change your plans in the roll of a dice. Players compete to build the largest civilization through acquiring and trading resources which can be spent on roads, new settlements and upgrading settlements to cities.

The rules can seem pretty confusing at first, but after a few turns you start to get the hang of just how resources are doled out and how to best spend them.

The special “Development cards” keep things interesting as you trade resources on a random card which could give you an extra “victory point” (first player with ten wins) or a knight to bolster your army, or a monopoly allowing you to have any resource you wish from all of the other players. The twists and turns that unfold as you play keep this game interesting and intense throughout.

Game is best with three or more players, and gameplay for us was about 90 minutes with four players.

This game is so good that we played it once with friends and now want to get our own!

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"The greatest game I have ever played"
5 stars"

Review by david on 24th November, 2010

This game absolutely revolutionized my evenings, social life and in general my lifestyle. It involves a complex interplay of both strategy as well as pure chance, and no two games are the same. This is the base game and the extensions further enhance this great game, although it in itself is of utmost quality and in recent times has superceded RISK as the most exciting, and strategic oriented board game I have ever played.

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"Greatest board game ever made."

Review by Jordan on 21st August, 2013

I first saw Settlers of Catan in a video on Reddit. I then saw the boys from Big Bang Theory play it in an episode. So I had to try it. NO REGRETS. This game is AMAZING! The level of competitiveness in this game is unique as it doesn't cause major conflict between players the way RISK or Monopoly does. The amount of variations and scenarios that come from the multitude of expansions means every game is different too. A definite MUST HAVE for strategic board gamers. Perfect game for 3–4 people.

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"Epic Game that everyone loves"
5 stars"

Review by Sasha on 2nd October, 2016

When I got this game, I thought I would play it a couple of times and then put it away, but no! Instead my father (who really isn't into board games really enjoyed it). It is perfect party game or a game night board game, and expect a lot of jokes during the game! It is truly, the board game for our generation. So worth it.

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"The board game for our generation"
5 stars"

Review by Michael on 23rd June, 2013

Looking for a board game as a distraction from the computer, I came upon this game. After watching a 10 min youtube guide to the game, coupled with the instruction manual the rules were surprisingly easy to pick up. My friends and I had a great time playing this game (most of us haven't touched a board game in 12+ years). The game has a fair amount of strategic depth and a random factor in setup to ensure no two games are the same.

We can't wait to play again.

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"Don't Believe the Hype."
3 stars"

Review by gareth on 2nd June, 2015

This game promised do much yet delievered what I hate most in games and thats “Luck based gaming” of course you can increase your chances through out the game but by then you could be left in the dust by your opponents. It dosen't feel any better when you cream someone either as you know they just had bad dice rolls.

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"Great fun and easy to learn"
5 stars"

Review by Todd on 5th August, 2014

One of the most entertaining board games I know. It is highly entertaining and just when you think are you are top, somebody pulls a sneaky move and derails you.

Thoroughly recommend

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"Makes "Risk" pale by comparison"
5 stars"

Review by Simon on 12th May, 2014

Got told about it & it sounded good, played it & it is, bought it & been playing it like crazy since. In my view it really is the best board game -full stop.

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"Highly Addicitive"
5 stars"

Review by Ana on 25th April, 2014

Cant go wrong with this game easy to learn to play even for the little ones.

"Great family game"
5 stars"

Review by Anil on 26th January, 2017

I bought both catan and its 5–6 player expansion.Game play is easy and can be slow if your learning . Overall great addition to my collection

"Great introductory game."
4 stars"

Review by Frances on 10th December, 2016

Catan is a great introductory game. It is complex enough to keep you entertained, with just enough strategy to keep you focused on your goal – VICTORY! The only down side is that is is only for 4 players (unless you purchase the 5–6 player expansion which is entirely separate), and play can be repetitive; buying one or two of the expansions should fix that right up though!

"One of those must haves in your board game collection"
4 stars"

Review by Bevan on 24th August, 2016

I got this game so I have my own copy of it. Great game stragety, luck, and how you work with other players

"Very good fun for friends and family"
5 stars"

Review by Daniel on 17th August, 2016

My 10 year old son and 12 year old daughter caught onto this game in less than 15 minutes. They LOVE it – as do their parents! When it comes to the strategy, this game definitely offers more than your average board game. We plan on purchasing an expansion for this game very soon, as that apparently only doubles the fun (and possibilities).

"Great family game"
5 stars"

Review by Jo-Anne on 14th August, 2016

Bought as a birthday present for the dad of the family and we have all enjoyed many games. Youngest, six, is great at it! A must for holidays.

"Amazing Game."
5 stars"

Review by Kelly on 26th June, 2016

This game is very fun. Allow a few hours to get to learn the game, and after that is very easy and straightforward. Highly recommended to anyone, especially if they enjoy strategy.

"A Perfect Table Top Game!"
5 stars"

Review by Jonathan on 30th May, 2016

Bought this as a birthday gift last month & it has been quite the hit. Easy to learn, plays 3–4 and with some rule adjustment, 1v1 is just as competitive. Definitely looking forward to adding the next adventure to our board!

"Great gateway game"
3 stars"

Review by Nicholas on 13th May, 2016

Catan was one of the first designer boardgames that I played. Its rules are easy to understand and its lots of fun. If your looking at getting into boardgames, this is easily one of the games that I would recommend as a starting point. And with this new 5th edition, there is some nicer artwork on the components, but still compatible with things from the previous edition.

"Great game to play"
5 stars"

Review by Kevin on 12th February, 2016

Hours of fun.

"Best game ever_ everyone loves it"
5 stars"

Review by Matthew on 28th January, 2016

Arrived in less than 24hours and has been played ever since. Great game always gets me lucky when we play on date night…

"Great Game"
5 stars"

Review by Kate on 6th January, 2016

Awesome game.. I bought an expansion pack with my game, so allows up to 6 players which makes it more fun. I think I will have to invest in one of the other expansions as well.. either the pirates or traders and barbarians

"Excellent, fun game"
5 stars"

Review by jilliane on 4th November, 2015

Intergenerational game with a lot of decision making and discussion. Has easy to follow instructions and fosters fun and competition. Only complaint… We want to get the extension!

"A great game for all ages!"
5 stars"

Review by Joon on 13th August, 2015

Catan is ‘the’ classic. Expansions are not required for the base version and is a great game all by itself. If anything the 5–6 player expansion is a great buy as it increases the island size for 4 players to play upon. Great game!

"Absolutely worth it"
5 stars"

Review by Jacques on 6th August, 2015

This game is worth every cent. Great for families!

"Great family game"
5 stars"

Review by Fraser on 4th August, 2015

Fun easy to play strategic game

"Awesome family game"
5 stars"

Review by Rachelle on 23rd July, 2015

When the kids are old enough to play this (usually around the time where they want to ditch their parents … Say 11 or 12) introduce this game. Suddenly ‘Family Time’ isn't so lame.

"For young and old."
5 stars"

Review by Maree on 3rd June, 2015

Having had this game for many years, we've played it with friends and family. The one I've just purchased from Mighty Ape, was a gift for a young man who has just turned 20. He was so excited to take it back home with him.

"Fun game to play with friends, lots of variety."
5 stars"

Review by Daniel on 22nd March, 2015

Settlers of Catan is great. There is plenty of strategy and great replay value!

"Great game that get's the mind going and the kid off the PC."

Review by Tina on 10th December, 2014

Settlers of Catan is a great strategy game. It seemed a bit daunting and complicated at first, but don't let that put you off, once you get the hang of it it's great. My 10 year old son managed to figure it all out and taught me how to play. Once again, another great product and service from the crew at Mighty Ape. Thank you.

"Very good game play"
4 stars"

Review by Graeme on 13th January, 2014

Very neat board game that requires thinking ahead and you need to learn how to trade to your advantage

"Great strategy game as advertised"
5 stars"

Review by Karen on 12th January, 2014

This game is reasonably complex to learn at the beginning of first game, however on playing becomes clearer. Love that the interior of the island changes layout therefore the game changes each time plus the dice introduces lady Chance.

"This needs to be in your game stack."
5 stars"

Review by Jessica on 28th December, 2013

Our family are self proclaimed board game nuts. This is the game to rule all games. Quick to learn but complex enough to never get bored of, it is well worth the investment.

"Fantastic Game"
5 stars"

Review by Fiona on 27th December, 2013

Bought this for my sister for Xmas and now want to get another one for me! The game takes about 5–10 minutes to get into as there is a lot going on, but once you are in, you are hooked. Excellent strategic game.

"Awesome fun game"
5 stars"

Review by Halie on 30th October, 2013

Was purchased for Fathers Day and has been played multiple times since. Always good fun.

"Excellent service, prompt speedy discpatch"
5 stars"

Review by Pani on 4th September, 2013

Excellent service, prompt speedy dispatch

"Will soon buy the seafarers."
5 stars"

Review by Duncan on 2nd September, 2013

Epic game. Wife was sceptical, but now enjoys playing.

"An enjoyable game - quick to learn."
5 stars"

Review by Robert on 28th August, 2013

A good strategy game. Still quite a bit of luck in it with the dice but it's quick to pick up and very entertaining. There are plenty of expansions to cater to bigger groups and increasing the complexity of the game.

"First Purchase"

Review by Justin on 19th May, 2013

Great game, and Mighty Ape have it at a much cheaper price than the stores…will need to buy the expansion next.

"Great game with family & friends"
5 stars"

Review by Kevin on 19th March, 2013

My friends introduced me to this game and I'm totally hooked – we try to have a game a week if possible! It's easy to set up and understand the rules. I highly recommend this game.

"Easy to learn to play then build complexity later"
5 stars"

Review by Damian on 16th March, 2013

It says ages 10 & up on the box, but my 8yr old has no trouble with it. Great game. Check out the youtube video on playing this game too. (search for Geek & Sundry Tabletop Settlers of catan)

"The best board game"
5 stars"

Review by Sally on 25th April, 2012

We quickly learned the rules after one game. It is the only board game enjoyed by the whole family.

"Fun and simple game with surprising depth"
5 stars"

Review by James on 15th March, 2012

This clever game has depth and replayability. This is due in the main to the random tile layout each game provides. Really fun must have board game for 2 – 4 or up to 6 players with the expansion.

"Good product; arrived fast and safe."
5 stars"

Review by Karyn on 11th March, 2012

Arrived very quickly; nicely packaged for safe delivery; Brand new product. Good Price. Am a happy customer thanks :)

"Great game for four"
5 stars"

Review by Trish on 6th February, 2012

Enjoyable game, good to have a game where you're doing something all the time, not just on your turn. Good to try different strategies, really enjoying playing it

5 stars"

Review by Louise on 1st February, 2012

Fabulolus game – have been wanting to get it for ages – really pleased with the product and prompt, excellent service. thanks mighty ape

"A fun and noisy game for those prepared to learn the rules."
5 stars"

Review by rachel on 12th November, 2011

This is a great game for older children – who will find the on line tutorial very useful as it is a bit complex to get started. It is challenging in different ways each time. I like how it takes just the right length of time to finish a game. There seems to be a good mix of skill and luck although as we play it more skill might begin to be more of a factor. There is an interesting selection of well designed playing pieces. There is lots of potential for changing the board once you get the hang of it – and the tactics needed to win will change with the board. We have had problems with fitting the pieces in different configurations but they are still playable with care.

5 stars"

Review by Hannah on 11th November, 2011

My brothers have had this game for ages and I totally love it! So happy to have bought it now!!!

"Great Game"
5 stars"

Review by Michael on 27th June, 2011

My friends and I thoroughly enjoy the settlers of Catan game. Hours of entertainment for everyone, its a mainstay, and I am constantly asked to bring the game over to get togethers etc…

"An adults board game"
5 stars"

Review by James on 19th October, 2010

Until I met this game I thought board games were for kids – now it's a great way to follow up a dinner party. Fun for 2 to 4 players (or more with an expansion!)