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Xbox 360 Developer : 2K Marin

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4 out of 10 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Nicholas on 25th November, 2010
1 stars "Nothing but a name"

To list, here is what it has in common with the original themes which made the X-Com games popular:

Brand name.

The time period, a near-future earth, is gone, replaced by a Bioshock-era stylised 1950s setting. The genre, a hybrid of real time strategy and turn based squad strategy is also gone, replaced by first person mechanics from the Bioshock 2 engine with a glorified mission selector. The theme, an invasion from mars by an alliance of aliens based on mars, some near-human, some horrifyingly non-human, is gone. Replaced by, again, a Bioshock-esque bizarre array of uninspiring enemy designs consisting of; black blobs, a big floating block, and a big floating ring.

The point was that in the original, humanity was sufficiently advanced that we could put up enough of a fight to last long enough to reverse-engineer their weapons and fighter craft for our own use.

It's sad to see X-Com go this way… The fact that it's coming out on the Xbox only proves how dumbed down it has become from its deeply complex roots in strategy gaming.

3 out of 7 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Francis on 8th December, 2010
"More x-files than x-com"

This looks entertaining, I'll admit. I like the style of the art (think 50's commercial) and it's mad-men vibe. I quite like the aliens too…

But it isn't X-Com. “Enemy Unknown” was a brilliant game and I was eagerly anticipating a worthy successor, especially considering the poor faire the previous sequels have proved to be. It's disheartening, after anticipating a revival of what was a brilliant turn-based strategy & resource building franchise, to see what we've been served up instead; FPS.

Run run shoot grenade strafe blah blah blah. I'm picking the craze of photographing stuff instead of just shooting it will be propagated in this game as well, but it's still all the same thing at the end of the day; same game, different wrapper.

So, this is really a sequel to “XCOM: Enforcer” then. Stink.

2 out of 7 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Levi on 24th December, 2010
4 stars "A different perspective on XCOM"

From watching the XCOM trailer it looks simimlar to borderlands graphics (not that I've played it), and it doesn't matter too much about graphics not all games can look like oblivion and half-life2. And it can be like bioshock all it wants since 2K are making it. When I saw this trailer I thought it would be a laugh like earth defence force2017.

Since I haven't played original xcom games and many others haven't but for those that have should know its a kind of re-imagining thing like goldeneye 007 which was good (it isnt a COD game on 007 classic difficulty).

A game is a source of entertainment right? Not a way to get your gamerscore up, and so if your going to judge XCOM wait till comes out and why bother writting a negative p/review about a game you know nothing about. You don't have to be a fan of a series to like a game, this is a FPS so its for FPS people and wait for it to go down in price if you think you may be wasting your money.

By the way from analisis of the trailer I think it might be M-R16 rated probably saying: contains violence,horror and offensive language.



Release date Australia
October 25th, 2012
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What you think you know about the enemy is about to change. An insidious and faceless enemy is clawing its way into America, tearing at the fabric of the American dream. This is not an invasion that anyone could have expected or prepared for. There is no army, no front - only a nation being picked apart from within, one family at a time.

Join humanity's struggle against an unknown enemy and step into the shoes of William Carter, an FBI agent tasked with identifying this mysterious growing threat and eliminating it at any cost. True to the roots of the franchise, players will be placed in charge of building a campaign of risky strategic gambits to overcome high-stake odds. Told from a first-person perspective, they will enact their plans through heart-stopping combat experiences that pit human ingenuity - and frailty - against a foe beyond comprehension. Players will feel the white-knuckle tension and fear that comes with confronting an elusive and deadly enemy across battle lines drawn through the homes and lives of the innocent.

Welcome to XCOM.

  • Experience XCOM from an Immersive New Perspective: Step into the shoes of FBI agent William Carter and confront firsthand the horror, tension and fear of the unknown.
  • Call the Shots and Bear the Consequences: The enemy threat is far-reaching and indiscriminate. As the man in charge, you will be tasked with deciding where and when to respond to the disturbances across the United States, and how best to use the limited resources at your disposal. Your choices and efforts have a direct involvement in the creation of new tools and technology that will aid in your battle to save mankind. But make a bad decision, and the consequences will be felt most by those you have failed.
  • Struggle Against a Faceless Enemy: Knowledge is power. Confront the enemy in the field, and conduct research and investigation to learn more about them. Command your science and engineering teams to build tools to exploit their weaknesses as you struggle to gain the upper hand against the growing threat.
  • No Two Experiences Are the Same: The player-driven, yet narrative-rich campaign progresses according to your choices and performance, while dynamic, unscripted conditions and emergent combat systems ensure that no two field operations play out the same way.

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