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5 stars"

Review by Joe on 18th November, 2011

Started playing it today and its certainly as good as the others so if u enjoyed them its a must buy

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"Best of the series yet"
5 stars"

Review by Brandon on 8th July, 2012

Best game in the series yet, amazing gameplay. Definite buy for any fan

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"Sweet as game"
4 stars"

Review by Geogre on 13th January, 2012

The game is cool free running through the city killing gaurds but also if that gets boring do one of the many missions!

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5 stars"

Review by Debbie on 9th December, 2011

This is a xmas pressie so haven't been able to open to play but apparently it is the best game around and service was fast and easy

4 stars"

Review by Lewlew12 on 22nd September, 2014

I heard that this is surprisingly awesome according to my fellow friends

"This series keeps getting better"
5 stars"

Review by Jarrhyd on 28th June, 2012

Another great game by Ubisoft! A must have for any fan

"Amazing edition to the series !!!"
5 stars"

Review by Craig on 20th May, 2012

Amazing game, really has you on the end of your seat at times. And finally revealing the rest of Altairs story. Great game worth every dollar.

"An amazing finish to Enzio's Assassins Creed Triliogy"
5 stars"

Review by Stephen on 14th May, 2012

The assassins creed franchise has prided itself witha free flowing dramatic stories infront of great historical events. This latest installment of the franchise lives up to its predessors grant designs and adds a return to the arabian landscapes which first introducedmus tomthe assassian way of life. This games follows the path of enzio as he concludes his assassins journey. Like the past episodes there is plenty to see and do and I have spend hours following the side quests and exploring the wonder sprawling city of constantine. A great game and a must have for the assassins creed followers out there…

2 stars"

Review by harry on 14th May, 2012

Rehash of brother hood with out the story. Some nice new ideas but all in all a step back for the franchise

4 stars"

Review by Isaac on 14th May, 2012

Love the Assassin's Creed series, Revelations is a must have in your collection.

"Fantastic game"
4 stars"

Review by Renee on 8th May, 2012

Son still raving about a game he received. Very addictive and hard to put the controller down – so he says!!

"Love this series"
5 stars"

Review by Rachelle on 3rd May, 2012

Just like Assassins Creed 2 there's the usual jumping from one building to another, swimming and assassinating. They've also done a really good story tying together Ezio, Altair and Desmond. I think I'm going to have to get Assassins Creed and Assassins Creed Brotherhood cos these games are just too much fun!

"Second best"
4 stars"

Review by Jordan on 3rd April, 2012

I really enjoy this game alot great story line and fun multiplayer but in my opinion I rather assassin creed 1 but all and werth the buy

"Like Brotherhood, but a little better"
4 stars"

Review by Murray on 31st March, 2012

Very similar to AC:Brotherhood, which was itself a great game. So more of the same for fans, but with some gameplay refinements – MOST of which are improvements.

Things I enjoyed:

  • the Istanbul setting – a magnificent city that looks great in AC
  • bomb-crafting and more importantly, bomb-throwing
  • the hookblade
  • sending your assassins around the map has more consequences for the core gameplay now – a subtle improvement over Brotherhood
  • plenty of smart tweaks like removing the WANTED poster mechanic which was always a bit silly


  • the new Den Defence sub-game didn't grab me, it's just an average implementation of the old “tower defence” chestnut that's popular in browser games… Happily, you can avoid it altogether by keeping your profile low with the Templars
  • the Altair flashbacks are pretty disappointing, they don't add anything significant to the overall plot and they all play our within the old Masyaf level from AC1. It seems clear to me that not a great deal of the development budget went into the Altair sections, a bit of a wasted opportunity as I see it.
5 stars"

Review by Stephen on 25th January, 2012

Best life choice I have ever made.

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"Awesome is taken to a new level"
5 stars"

Preview by Cameron on 13th June, 2011

Combining Ezio, Altaïr, Constantinople, new weapons/equipment and of course the multi-player; the series is getting exponentially, frekin awesome!

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"Time to fly"
5 stars"

Preview by Rochelle on 4th June, 2011

Can't wait.........enough said

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5 stars"

Preview by Sanji on 7th June, 2011

Yaya another one thank you god:D I have all the assassins creed with all the special editions from ebgames :D will there be Special edition for this game---

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5 stars"

Preview by Shah on 24th May, 2011

Can't wait, this series was amazing from the start and now Revelations, Hope this will have a ramped up multiplayer like the last one assassins creed brotherhood did

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5 stars"

Preview by Garth on 12th November, 2011

should be a stunning game ezio,altair and desmond all playable.You get to use at one point in the game Greek Fire against multiple enemy ships sounds like so much fun. Fighting,adven­ture,lots of new weapons both singleplayer and multiplayer i think this will be ubisoft's best Assassin's Creed game yet.Ubisoft confirmed that they are working on a Assassin's Creed 3 with a new main character.So this will keep us bust until Assassin's Creed 3 is released in the future.

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"It's the last game so there only one thing left to say"

Preview by Purple on 11th November, 2011

“Requiescat in pace”

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"Too Freakin' Cool"
5 stars"

Preview by Hamish on 6th October, 2011

They are getting experts to review this and rewrite the definition of Epic!

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"This will be EPIC!!!"
5 stars"

Preview by Jesse on 21st August, 2011

Let's kill some Templars ;-)

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"Looks sick"

Preview by Matthew on 8th August, 2011

So looking forward to this. Ezio, altiar and desmond all playable..... Bringing back altiar who is the man is a smart smart move and the hookblade look sick!

"Too many pieces, too less puzzle. ACR"
4 stars"

Preview by ashwin on 23rd October, 2011

In the last of the assassins creed gaming franchise we saw Desmond retrieve the apple and force ably kill Lucy leaving an unforgettable suspense. The ubisoft team purposely left the story like a broken jigsaw just so revelations can unveil all the unanswered questions. Ezio's story unfortunately ends but every cloud has a silver lining as Desmond's story kick starts and Altair story continues from assassins creed 1 letting you play ass a modern assassin or a traditional one. But Assassins Creed has more to offer than just story the assassinations have their own little animation letting you feel like an assassin. The game lets you choose your approach to a fight, Silently or Aggressively. Preorder your copy now!

5 stars"

Preview by ethan on 10th October, 2011

This game looks amazing the free running in it looks endless, all the things you can do look endless, the fun you can get out of this looks endless :D

5 stars"

Preview by Tyler on 21st July, 2011

I have already pre-ordered this and am dying because of the 4 month wait but it'll be great when its released =) I have played every game and with every game Ezio Auditore Da Firenze gets better!!

"Captain hook"
5 stars"

Preview by Sarah on 6th July, 2011

Cant wait to try out his new hookblade! using zip lines to get across the city and ambushing guards aswell as using it to flip over enemies and running away if you want to its gonna be awesome!


Preview by Lisa on 10th June, 2011

Assassins creed 2 and brother hood were amazing and so will this one!!!