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"Wow... Spoiler Free Thoughts..."
5 stars"

Wow… Just… Wow… This movie crammed so much into 3 hours, it is jam Packed full of entertainment. My main concern watching it was that it would drag on at some points but it did not, the Movie was well paced.

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"Blasphemous and anti-God"
1 stars"

There's a scene in this movie where Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) says “What master do you serve-” To which Chris Pratt (Peter Quill / Star-Lord) responds “What master do I serve- What am I supposed to say… Jesus-”. You'll find the more you look into this, the more you realize that Hollywood movies are constantly mocking God and using Jesus's name as an insult. There's a lot more blasphemy and symbolism in this movie than people realize, and while it is very biblical in nature when you read between the lines, and even some of the quotes they say (which, some, are taken directly from scripture), what they've done is twist it, to make God seem like HE is the enemy, rather than Satan. If people want to look into this more, I'd recommend people go on to YouTube and look up the “Little Light Studios” YouTube channel, and watch their video “MARVEL NOT: Satan's Endgame | Secrets of the Avengers”. It's pretty eye opening, the amount of biblical references and hidden messages in this movie that go completely over the tops of everyone's heads. I think it's a shame that the director/s chose such an evil and twisted route, because it could be a good movie, if it wasn't so blasphemous, anti-God, and satanic in nature.

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