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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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"CoD Black Ops 2 Breakdown"
5 stars"

With the campaign time setting being 13 years in the future. The technology/weaponry and how the general warfare is carried out can become a lot more “flexible”. Whether or not this pushes Black Ops 2 too far over the edge into some sci-fi FPS instead of having the feel of the rest of the Call Of Duty series I'm not quite sure. But we will soon find out. Also its confirmed to be a direct lead on to the Black Ops 1 Storyline.

Now I've never been one to sit down and play the single player campaign, I'm more competitive multiplayer man. And when it comes to that it sounds as though Treyarch has done it extremely well. All of the weapons I've seen seem balanced compared to one another (eg. You can shoot people through solid walls with a sniper however it requires you to charge a shot first) Also with countdown timers in LAN games and and whole lot of other small features competitive play looks like its going to get alot more interesting. With Elite 2.0 coming out and also rumors of possible BO2 MLG tournaments, the future is hopeful.

BRAINS!!! Whoops I mean zombies… Hordes and hordes of zombies. Treyarch has succesfully made us hunger for more and it looks as if Black Ops 2 is going to do more than quench that thirst. With an optimised zombies, it means up to 8 player zombies and alot more zombies. Treyach hasnt stopped there though. They have a full sized team developing the Zombies part of the game and its FULLY integrated into the multiplayer engine. With unique gamemodes such as 4 v 4 score based zombies to be one. There will always be more ways to play. Also the maps seem alot more open so it wont be as easy to get stuck on a chair or in a doorway. On the topic of maps the smallest zombies map on BO2 is said to be larger that EVERY BO1 zombies map. So it sounds awesome.

All in all I would say its going to have its ups and downs like every CoD game. But as always there's plenty of ways to play and the game will be very re-playable. I can guarantee I will get this game and you should too.

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5 stars"

I and most people are just getting it for the zombies

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"Same tired formula for an overpriced game"
2 stars"

The cod franchise hasn't taken any large steps forward since Cod4 and this game is going to be the same. If you are buying this game for zombies then you should look into games such as left for dead 2 or killing floor. Both are much superior for a cheaper price.

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"Battlefield is much better"
1 stars"

Frostbite 2 engine. That is all…

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Such a bloody good game , was so hooked on zombies, that I had to get my flat to take my xbox and hide it. Cant Wait For Black ops 2!!

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5 stars"

Bought MANY Xbox 360 games played for a day or so then I get out good old black ops im hooked to it. So I cant wait for Black ops 2. :D defiantly a must have.

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"I was sold at 'Zombies'"
5 stars"

The day I discovered that this game will also continue on the zombies mode, I knew it was a must have and would be one of the best games of 2012.

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"Return for Debriefing"
5 stars"

Call of Duty Black Ops is still my favourite in the series (by far). Battlefield 2142 is my favourite in the battlefield series.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 looks to be very similar the Battlefield 2142 and with it being a direct sequel to CoD Black Ops, I'm expecting Treyarch to make it feel similar to it, which will make me a very happy person.

However, in the initial trailer we saw lots and lots and high tech mechs and other “futuristic” equipment and not very much infantry fighting, which for an Infantry based First Person Shooter, this may not be a good thing. But people have been asking for a change in the Call of Duty series but you should always be careful of what you ask for. People wanted change in the Halo series because Halo 2, 3 and ODST were all very much the same game, but Bungie made the mistake of listening to this questionable request of a “Sequel/Prequel needing change” and then when Halo Reach released people complained about it not “Feeling like Halo” which I hope that Black Ops 2 will not share the same fate.

Overall, I am very excited for this game, and expecting nothing short of excellence from Treyarch Studios.

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5 stars"

This game looks awesome, Zombies is going to be epic!!! CAN"T WAIT!!!!

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4 stars"

Game hasn't come out yet but the bashing has allready begun.

This game shall be amazing, graphics will be on par with most a a a title games but won't hold a candle to bf3

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5 stars"

I hope black ops 2 will be better than the last one, the graphics look like MW3 (and not the crappy blackops graphics). I think many people a desiring the zombies though..

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"Dont think its the best"
4 stars"

i dont think its the best because its all in the future i am only gonna buy it because i would like to keep up with it all and play multiplayer and zombies i have found a hint in the trailor for zombies

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"Whats with the sci fi"
3 stars"

I have played and completed all of the call of duty's and loved them so i watched this video as soon as i herd about it coming out… The game looks great but why make it sci fi ish if u know what i mean i think it will ruin the series so i will defiantly HIRE THIS before i buy it (COD HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN IT IN THE PAST SO SHOULD BE GOOD) :)

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"Has potential, but will is succeed-"
4 stars"

Based on the gameplay and the trailers I have seen, the gameplay isn't quite what it's made out to be, just seeming like another CoD game. However, it looks like it's going to be a whole load of fun. The majority of people will like the futuristic sci-fi side of it, however, I know that there are many who don't, or just prefer games to be simple, and don't like the technicality of it. I think that this game is going to have great potential, but it's more about Treyarch and Infinity Ward trying to make a game together, instead of suing eachother's asses whenever they get the opportunity. The Call of Duty industry has always had potential, but for once they look like they're stepping out of their box, and adding some new stuff. Hopefully, I won't be proven wrong when the game comes out.

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Game looks alright but having it made in 2025 year will kill it, they need to stick to the old war times in the past more and not in future. ill buy this game as i buy all cod but probably will not be the best out of the series :( hope im wrong but looks like it might be a fail..

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5 stars"

Black ops was a good game, im still playing, and people are having hissy fits about how its set in the future, but honestly, where else are they supposed to go, they have cover both world wars, the cold war, ww1, ww2, ww3, they only place they can go is into the future.

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