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"Fast and Furious"
4 stars"

Generals gave me one first impression: it was fast paced! Both in terms of unit movement speed and the rate in which units perished on screen. You really have to keep your wits about you for this ride. The three factions were all well balanced: the US with the high tech weapons, the Chinese with the massive armour and the GLA with their fast hit and run tactics (and the angry mobs!). The superweapons are fun and each is unique, however the US orbital laser was a bit lame and weak compared to the Chinese nuke and the catastrophic chemical weapons of the GLA.

The Good: well balanced factions, fast and furious pace and angry mobs.

The Bad: lame US superweapon, unrealistic aircraft behaviour

"You gotta love this game!"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

This game is a major step up from the previous versions. I recommend this game for all those still on the Red Alert 2/Yuri's revenge buzz. Hours & hours of fun. The Expansion pack (Zero Hour) is also recommended to make the game last.

"Great Game, Fun to Play"
4 stars"

I own many of the other C&C games and I enjoyed this one just as much, if not more! The game has great graphics and is easy to get the hang of – the helps manuals are great as well.

I played this game for weeks and weeks. The wonderful graphics do come at a cost though, you need to have a fast computer to play the game at a resonable speed – my Warehouse Dell couldn't quite handle the graphics at the graphics at the highest setting. The only disappointment was, unlike all the other C&C games, Generals did not have the real life movie clips at the start and end of the missions, but the game still had a great story line and ingame motion clips.

IF you are thinking of buying this game I would recommend buying it as a two pack with the expansion “C&C Generals : Zero Hour”. I am planning on getting the expansion and wished I had bough the two games together to save money, oh well – have fun.

"Way cool but way too short."
4 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

This game is very much like the Red Alert games in most respects. The gameplay is almost identical and it has the same sense of humor.

One difference to note is there are no naval units. This might be an attempt to make everything appear in proportion. Nothing looks more silly than a battleship sailing past an infantryman on shore who's as tall as the ship is long. In reality he'd be like two hundred feet tall.

The other difference is there are none of the groovy video briefings and movies. I suppose they dropped these to save some money or maybe they thought they were a bit adolescent, but I really loved them in the RA games. It may be adolescent but I liked having my ego stroked by a gorgeos woman after every mission. Sue me!

The game looks fantastic. The 3d enviroments look great as do the units. Combat effects are especially cool like when a tank goes up there's primary and secondary explosions and the turret and chunks of metal go flying off as it grinds to a halt. Voice acting and artwork are also excellent. I did find two major flaws though. First the difficulty seems to be poorly balanced. The difficulty settings are normal, hard and brutal. Hard was just about right except for one mission in each campaign which was nearly impossible. But playing on normal was way too easy. Second, and by far the biggest disappoinment was it's way too short. Each of the three campaigns has about six missions. You're just getting into it when it's all over. It needs to be about twice as long for it to be worth full price!

Other than that it rocks!