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"You'll play this over and over."
5 stars"

One of the best squad-based combat games out there that may have crept under everyone’s “great game” radar.

Choosing either the British SAS or the US Delta force, your first mission is to rescue your sniper, who was captured during the intro sequence. You're on your own and the first cries of “alarm American!” reach your ears just before the first bullets from an AK-47 come whizzing past.

After you've met up with the other 3-team members of your squad, you move further through Kuwait and Iraq, completing different missions.

You take control of individual soldiers or you can give them orders from your preferred character. The controls are relatively easy to get the hang of and it all sort of falls into place after the first fight. Though there are times when your men have been taken out and you're running around under fire trying to get health to them and it seems all is lost, which makes for a tense gaming experience.

While it's not going to win cinematic awards, the graphics are decent, (eye candy is a bonus not a necessity for good game play), and the sound is awesome if it's cranked up and you're taking on half the Iraqi armoured division.

Multiplayer is fantastic. You, a mate, 2 characters each and a split screen take on the Iraqis. You’ll be yelling and shouting at each other the whole time to ensure you complete the missions successfully.

Levels are large enough to wonder what’s around the next corner and characters gain experience, rankings and medals depending on their performances.

There are 3 levels of difficulty to keep you going and many different levels. Multiplayer will keep you coming back for more. If you like a game that sucks you into its atmosphere, this is it!