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"Stops short of 5 stars"
4 stars"

I can understand the one star review someone gave this to a certain degree, in that when this game is first played everything that was said in that review is right. Although persistence pays off after a while and soon enough you realise some important things.

The reason why your attacking players don't go after loose ball is because you must move the player you are controlling to it.

Shots are very hard to control at first. You need to make sure you have proper control of the ball first. You must give it the correct amount of angle and power when you hit it. Also, not sprinting makes a huge difference.

As for how well players move around the field, it is a realistic pace. It just takes some skill to control the players well. The more games you play the more rewarding it gets.

Many reviews from reliable sources are give this game scores around the 80–85% mark. It's well worth a look and if for the first 10 games you are having trouble your not alone, the more goes you have the better you get. Thats what I expect from a game anyway.

When someone slags off a game to advertise another, that tells you something for a start.

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"Buy this one instead of PES"
5 stars"

I am a long time loyal PES fan here, but PES 2008 release this time round has been very disappointing for me, FIFA has stepped up and football gaming punters should invest on this wonderful property to own, you won't regret it! Watch out for the upcoming FIFA Street 3 series on PS3 too :D

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4 stars"

Being A long time Fifa fan I find Fifa08 decent.

It's aesthetically pleasing and has decent gameplay. Although I do find the AI, in particular the AI players on your team which your not currently controlling are poor. They stand off and watch the game. I find some trouble with some of the passing and through balls, as they tend not to go where you want, especially through balls, or they lack the power that I try to give them. Sometimes players can be incredibly lethargic and receive a ball only to have it taken from them straight away, leaving me beating my controller in frustration.

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"Nice try EA"
3 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

I can see we have a PES fanboy here, one star come on.

I too enjoy the PES series and will again look to this to be my preferred football sim, but i do give credit to EA in this version of FIFA they have at least made it bearable to a PES fan. Its glitz and glam does set you up for dissappointment once the football kick off and it seems EA still spend more time on intros, commentry and menus than actually defining the ball physics and player movement that PES is renowned for.

Shooting is slow and unresponsive, passing (particularly through balls) are poor and you find yourself asking how a keeper saves some of your clear cut chances and then lets in a shot that has no more zing than a back pass.

However for a PES fan who has been deprived of a good game in a football genre on the PS3 this version of FIFA has helped pass the time until PES 8 arrives and with the addition of Be a pro and the online capability makes me think EA have good ideas for the football sim but if they could only catch up to the PES gameplay this might be a real option but for now all i can say is:


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"Keep your cash for PES8."
1 stars"

This game is a well dressed imposter. FIFA have done it again and produced another howler, even with the PS3's capability it leaves alot to be desired. Who ever gave this 4 stars is either living on a small planet orbiting a distant sun and has never seen an actual game of football or is on the EA payroll, because this one stinks!

Once you get past the presentation which is stunning (and it is), after you look past the glossy audio and realistic commentary, peer beyond the glitzy layout and menu, you are left with a soccer sim that moves like a punch drunk boxer. It simply unresponsive and slow moving. To say it lacks pace and acceleration is an understatement. I was playing with Newcastle and Obefami Martins, who is one of the fastest strikers in the premiership and he moved like my old granny.

Slow reactions! So slow its like these guys have cement in their boots! (Don't believe a demo). Players don't move after loose ball. Once you passed and selected the receiving player, he wont close down to receive. Passes go astray all the time. Shooting is arbitrary and the response from the controller to player is shockingly slow. Keepers ......dear oh dear they are half asleep and let in terribly slow and weak shots. Attacker walk through defenses whilst the defense gazes slack jawed. Defenders stand off attackers in the box.

Its hard work, very hard work, you are also stuck with the analog controls for movement which really isn't everyones preference. FIFA have always struggled to keep up with PES and they will do it again with this ‘new’ attempt. Fair play they have tried to put something new into the pot, but as a PS3 title this does represent the beautifull game well at all.

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