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"Spectacular, a masterpiece"
5 stars"

In it's entirety it is single handedly, one of the best games of the century. With that said, when will it be coming out? Apparently, sierra are undergoing some major issues with the branding, but i am not to certain as to what this is all about…however, i think possibly this could be some kind of scheme to get those who STILL HAVENT GOT IT (i.e me) and possilbly push for their anticipation moreso than the gutless wrenching time delieverance that it actually does take up out of ones life.

The game has outstandingly been created with a new overall engine, one not to be mistaken for other previous game engines before. The interactivity is superb, and if one were to say that this game is a 5-star stay-in then one would be totally right! The story-line is as engaging as ever with some fine-detailed highly structured graphics to please the eye. With this incorporated into the major sound system that those so and so's have created, it makes this game all the worthwhile to search, save up and be sorry that you did NOT get this game earlier.

The game is sheer brilliance…a clap and a bow to Half life 2.

"Cant wait to its realesed!"
5 stars"

This is a must get game. Allthoe its not out yet i own a copy of half-life and counter-strike and they are alsom. this mage inclueds lots more then the game of the year editon,becase you get day of defeat source and the new half-life 2 expantion. If you where to buy this from steam you would have to pay

Half-Life 2 $29.95 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch $9.95 Counter-Strike: Source $19.95 Day of Defeat: Source $19.95 Half-Life 1: Source $9.95 Half-Life 2: Aftermath $44.95 Total: $134.70

As i say this is a must get game