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"Funny, entertaining, and exciting"
4 stars"

Review by Braden on 26th November, 2012

For fans of Rowan Atkinson and/or the first Johnny English, the simple fact that he's done a sequel is probably all the review you need. Atkinson fills this film with his classic brand of humour, making it incredibly enjoyable to watch (in fact, it might even be better than the first one). All other aspects of the film are well-balanced, and it doesn't try and take itself to seriously. It flaunts it self for what it is; an hilarious spy thriller spoof. Absolutely worth buying, especially this ‘triple play’ pack, great value for all 3 formats.

"Great Package"
5 stars"

Review by Richard on 26th July, 2012

One movie, three formats, Bluray, DVD & Digital. The digital copy you can easily transfer onto Ipad/Iphone to watch on the go. I hope more DVD's do this!