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Kimba The White Lion - Vol 5

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Kimba The White Lion - Vol 5 on DVD
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A fan favorite for years, this series is again available. Unlike today's other "children's" shows which are utterly devoid of meaning, Kimba stands alone... and it's now back to show new generations how good a show can be. Also, you might see for yourself the similarities to another big-screen picture about a lion king. 41. DESTROYERS FROM THE DESERT. While watching the sunset, Kimba and his friends see the Devil Wind cross the face of the sun: the sign of the Three Destroyers! They arrive, beat up Kimba and force the other animals to follow their orders. Dan'l Baboon takes the injured Kimba away to a hot sulfur spring to nurse his wounds. Dan'l is resigned: Kimba has met his match and lost; he decides that as soon as Kimba is well, they should all leave the jungle. But Pauley Cracker hasn't given up, and he is training Kimba in special tactics for a re-match. As the animals are trying to sneak away quietly, Pauley is captured as a hostage. Kimba knows the time has come for a confrontation and he rushes to his friend's aid and -- defeats the destroyers! Kimba offers the destroyers a chance to stay in the jungle -- if they obey the laws -- but they know it is no place for them, and they return to their barren desert. Peace is again restored to the Domain of the White Lion -- but -- justice is hard work. 42. THE BALLOON THAT BLOWS UP. When Kimba finds Dot, Dash and Dinky playing on this "thing made by humans", his curiosity forces him to climb aboard. During their investigation they touch something which sends them into flight. Not knowing that it is a balloon with a bomb attached belonging to a group of rebel soldiers who want to attack their peaceful neighbors, the Goonies, Kimba and his friends are enjoying their flight over Africa. Eventually they land in a strange part of Africa and right into the home of old Jero Boam. While they are helping to rebuild his house, they learn that he is trying to maintain the farm until his grandson Half-pint returns. Half-pint has joined the rebel soldiers led by General Horsefly. Kimba manages to find the rebel camp, land the balloon by biting holes in it before the soldiers are able to explode the bomb, and reunite Half-pint and Jero Boam. 43. MONSTER OF THE MOUNTAIN. A monster from high up in the Atlas Mountains is terrifying a peaceful little village nestled in the valley by appearing in the middle of the night and stealing cattle. Kimba bravely sets out to find the monster and overcome him. Speedy Cheetah goes along. When finally they reach the top of the mountain, they find only a charming mother bear, who is widowed and knows no other way to feed her little cub Teddy. Kimba cannot convince her that killing is wrong even if in so doing she is saving her baby. However, Kimba is able to save both Mama and Teddy Bear from harm when they are attacked by a giant lizard. Then Mama agrees to mend her ways. The snow is falling and now they must hibernate for the winter in their cave, but when spring returns, Kimba promises to come back and teach them to farm. 44. A FRIEND IN DEED. Kimba and his friends decide to go to the beautiful, peaceful Valley of the Rainbow. To get there, however, they must pass through a part of the jungle where the elephants jealously guard their graveyard. Roger tries to get permission from Kelly Funt, the leader of the petulant pachyderms. Instead, he is captured and held prisoner. In order to win Roger's release and get permission to go to the Valley of the Rainbow, Kimba and his friends must pass "the swamp test" -- swimming for ten days and nights in a murky pond. They accept the challenge. As an inspiration, Kimba recounts his meeting with Roger and their early adventures together in which was formed a strong bond of friendship. To save such a friendship and such a friend is worth any sacrifice. Their determination is rewarded; Roger is saved, and they all go on to the beautiful, peaceful Valley of the Rainbow. 45. SUCH SWEET SORROW. Roger Ranger's Uncle Pompus finally catches up with his nephew and tries to talk him into returning to civilization. Roger is loathe to leave the jungle, especially when Kimba's Kingdom is under a vicious attack by Tonga, the girl in charge of the nearby Hunting Ground. Both Roger and Pompus are struck with the similarity in looks of Tonga and Roger's old fiancee, Mary. Roger believed Mary had been lost in a landslide when he had first come to the jungle. Besides, Tonga was much more willful and vicious than his beloved Mary. This was obvious when she captured the two of them and put them in a cage. In truth, however, Mary and Tonga were the same girl who had suffered a severe shock when she disappeared. An accidental bump on the head, returned her to her old self. Reunited, Roger and Mary join Pompus for the trip home, saying goodbye to Kimba and all his animal friends. 46. THE RETURN OF FANCY PRANCY. All the available young males of Kimba's Kingdom are completely captivated by the sudden return of Speedy Cheetah's older sister, Prancy. She had been captured the year before and taken as a pet to live in the city. Her owner knew, however, that Cheetahs are born free and should live free, and so she was returned to the jungle. Now Prancy was quite grown up, and quite a lady -- soft spoken, delicate, and with definite style, grace, and good taste. It made Dan'l Baboon sick to see how the young bachelor animals bowed to her every wish. In fact, it caused quite a split, and even open hostility. All were united, however, when they were attacked by an invading army of ants. Speedy nearly lost his life, but Kimba, at great risk, saved the youngster, and all was happy again. Except for Dan'l and Prancy -- they went on arguing. 47. THE COBWEB CAPER. The jungle has been invaded by a monstrous spider with a giant appetite. It enmeshes the animals in its web and eventually eats them. Kimba manages to evade him by jumping into the water and swimming to his friends who are holed up in a cave. They are safe there from the spider, but will starve if they can't venture out for food. When Kimba and Dan'l leave the cave in search of food, Kimba is bitten by a tsetse fly, which is particularly harmful to lions and Kimba immediately falls into a coma with a high fever. Dan'l realizes that spider wasps are the natural enemies of spiders as tsetse flies are to lions and leaves Harry Hedgehog to tend Kimba while he and the other animals search for spider wasps. When a goodly supply of spider wasps are gathered, someone must lure the monstrous spider close enough so they can throw the wasps at him. But no one will volunteer. Guess who recovers just in time to do the job! Kimba, of course. And the wasps do the rest. 48. THE RED MENACE. When a rash of forest fires hits the jungle, the animals are in great fear as to how to combat the "red menace". The fire has already destroyed Gullygap Valley where the surviving elephants are starving for lack of available food. Kimba leads a group of his friends to the Valley and brings the elephants back to his part of the jungle where there's ample food. But Kelly Funt, leader of the elephants in Kimba's kingdom, is not so generous; he orders them to stop eating his food. Kimba and Peewee, a baby elephant from Gullygap, must find food for the starving herd and go searching at night. But Kelly finds them and holds them captive in a tower. They escape from the tower only to find the fire threatening their area. Realizing that they were safe in the tower, the Gullygap elephants cooperate with Kimba’s friends in erecting a stone wall to the river separating them from the oncoming "red menace", thereby saving Kelly and his herd as well as the others. The contrite Kelly offers the Gullygappers food for their return to rebuild their valley. 49. THE SUN TREE. Dan'l receives a message from his old great-great-grand-uncle Scratch who has spent his entire life in the oldest and tallest tree in the world called the "sun tree". Uncle Scratch is ailing, and wants Dan'l to come to him and make him well. After an arduous and exciting journey to the tree, Kimba and Dan'l find that Uncle Scratch used the message as a ruse to get them there. He's not sick but the sun tree is, and Scratch has faith that Dan'l can cure it. If not, Uncle Scratch just wants to die with the old tree. Muffy, a young cousin of Dan'l's, resents their intrusion, because he's convinced the tree will die and wants all the animals living in it to save themselves by moving to a new home. Kimba agrees to a bargain with Muffy that he will give his life if he is unsuccessful in mending the tree with all the animals' help. Just as he is about to succeed, a monsoon comes and blows over the old sun tree. But Kimba's life is miraculously saved when a new sun tree emerges from the roots of the old. 50. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE. The animals in Kimba’s kingdom find a strange creature that they've never seen before. Kimba befriends him and learns that he's Floppo, a seal, who is a "Soldier of Fortune" off to see the world. Kimba has the wanderlust too, and wants to accompany Floppo on his travels. Dan'l only allows Kimba to go if he takes Pauley, Boss Rhino, and Dodie along as protection. Since Floppo is an aquatic mammal, they must find water soon for him to survive. Their adventures on the way to the Indian Ocean are many, including a flight from a group of gorillas and a strange monster. Finally they reach the Indian Ocean and Floppo decides to continue his journey by water and the other animals return to their jungle. 51. THE DAY THE SUN WENT OUT. When Kimba's sister Leona realizes that a storm might destroy her grandfathers' hides that she's been protecting for many years, she enlists Kimba's aid in moving them to another shrine. During the move Kimba, Leona and some helpful okapi are knocked into the rapids by four mean leopards and Kimba cautions them all to save their own skins and forget the hides. Leona is furious with Kimba when she learns some of the hides are lost and scolds Kimba and sends him back to the village while she retrieves the hides alone. Kimba is scorned by his own villagers for leaving his sister during her time of need. An eclipse occurs, which reminds Boss Rhino and the other animals of an old superstition: "You'll betray someone you love before the eclipse is done." Whether his help is wanted or not, Kimba resolves not to betray his sister and returns to save Leona and the ancestral hides from the four leopards in the nick of time. 52. SILVERTAIL THE RENEGADE. Silvertail, the old renegade lion, stumbles into Kimba's jungle asking for help. Kimba and Dan'l decide that if he promises not to attack weaker animals, they will hide him from the hunting party. But some of the other animals decide it is too dangerous -- Silvertail isn't worth the risk. Dan'l feels sure that the old lion will be safe in the sulfur caves -- from both the hunting party and the misguided animals -- but he is wrong. The hunters stumble onto the hiding place, but Kimba comes to the rescue. He and Dan'l get Silvertail out through an underground river, and by using camouflage techniques "brings the jungle" to the hunters. Confronting the men, Kimba asks that Silvertail be forgiven; he and his friends will make sure that he doesn't go hungry, so he will not be dangerous to them anymore. Silvertail stays in Kimba's jungle, no longer a renegade, just a tired old lion.
Release date Australia
November 16th, 2005
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  • DVD
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  • Region 4
  • Standard Edition
Aspect Ratio
  • 1.33 : 1
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  • Dolby Digital Stereo
Country of Production
  • Japan
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