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"Heaps of fun"
5 stars"

Review by Zac on 19th April, 2013

This game is a great rpg with lots of quests to do. Theres always someone to battle while you roam the world. The graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is very well done. The storryline is very easy to follow and the game does take sometime unless you only do the main quest. Overall this is a very good game and i would definatly recommend playing it.

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"Excellent game on all levels."
5 stars"

Review by Michelle on 22nd June, 2014

Awesome game with lots of positive reviews available online. Does take time to register game but once again lots of helpful information available online about this too. Game is mostly only available via internet stores now.

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"Awesome value for money!"
5 stars"

Review by Matty on 1st July, 2013

Really great game, awesome combat system.

Somewhat forgettable story but it definitely makes up for it in terms of game-play.

Spent a good 80+ hours on this game and even though I've completed the main quest I still haven't done all the side quests. I love that you can change your build at any time allowing rather than starting all over again.

Highly recommend if you are a RPG fan!


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""click", "quest", "run", "kill", "harvest"."
5 stars"

Review by Marty on 19th June, 2013

Hours of game play if you are a RPG fan. Very easy controls and fighting system, “click”, “quest”, “run”, “kill”, “harvest” is pretty much what you will be doing but the game has Hack n Slash elements with some great magic and a very easy leveling up system. The animation and graphics are also very good quality and proved itself with the engine used. Definitely worth the price to play! Fact!

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3 stars"

Review by Shand on 17th April, 2012

I have only played the demo and feel that it would be a very worthwhile purchase to anyone who enjoyed Fable ( The first one ) and The Elder Scrolls games as it has a similar combat system to that of Fable with the questing opportunities and exploration of The Elder Scrolls.

There were two points that troubled me. 1: It was too easy on the default setting. 2: The graphics were disappointing. If you enjoy a challenge like The Witcher 2 on Dark mode or Dark Souls this may not be the best choice. If you do not have a very powerful computer or excellent graphics are not a requirement this could be the fix for your RPG appetite.

Those are the two biggest points for me as I have other RPGs I can play that have great graphics and can be set to horrifying difficulties.

Side note: The running feels very much like an MMORPG when using click to move, where there is little to no weight behind your character. In other words it feels like you're running on air. It doesn't feel natural to me and makes me a little uncomfortable, this may not be a problem for anyone else but it may be something to consider if you enjoy games with a feeling of weight behind your movement.

I think I will pick this game up somewhere along the line if it has a very hard difficulty setting at the very least. It seems like it will have a very long lifetime with it's replayability and it doesn't look like it will a simple six hours and game over. Worthwhile for anyone who enjoys quests, side-quests, magic, monsters, and the option to slaughter the villagers.

I rate it 3/5 BASED ON THE DEMO Two stars lost due to graphics, feeling too light in movement and too easy. These may not plague the full version or you may not see them as factors that effect your enjoyment of the game.

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"Highly entertaining fun RPG."
4 stars"

Review by Ewan on 12th March, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur offers something very different for the RPG fan. Having been a fan of the Genre it is excellent to see developers doing something new.

Character development is very interesting indeed as you are not tied down to any one class and can combine Mage/Warrior and Rogue/Thief classes in a number of ways. The ability to mold your class and make it your won is excellent.

The combat is great fun and does satisfy the player as they develop moves they use from their character development. Combat is visceral and gutsy and flows very well.

Loot drops galore (somewhat too much at times) will please most, with crafting being pretty decent (not as detailed as other MMO's but certainly holds its own).

Side quests are everywhere and there is a huge selection to go off and gain XP and rewards. The world is pretty enough if somewhat ‘cartoony’ as opposed to realistic, however it does have a dream like quality that fits well and isnt boring to look at or wander around.

The story line and Lore is ok, nothing amazing and the voice acting is poor at best from NPC's (attempts at dwarf/Gnome like Scottish accents in particular are embarrassing).

A great one to take a more structured instant satisfaction style of RPG gaming. Very different form Skyrim, personally I'd have both as Skyrim is very open and totally different in terms of your game play.

The GUI lacks customization and hopefully the MOD community will open up this title, which has a great potential if it goes online!

Will keep and enjoy this great RPG, certainly until Guild Wars 2! 8/10 from me!!

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"Better on consoles"
3 stars"

Review by Luke on 17th July, 2013

After a few hours, I wish id gotten this for my xbox. Just seems more of a console designed game to me

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"Ok game"
3 stars"

Review by shane on 11th October, 2012

Will get around to finishing it seems good so far

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"Haven't been able to play it, rubbish!"
2 stars"

Review by Graham on 8th August, 2012

After installation, the game insists on going online to create an account and redeem the product code. It took an hour to get an account and then kept giving me a “Service not available”. After two hours of trying, not including the installation of a windows instance I'm still not able to play the game. Help is no help, so decided to check facebook page but noted that EA staff only post promo rubbish and don't connect with their users at all. All in all a completely negative experience and I still can't play the game even though I just want to play offline

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"Brilliant "

Review by Sweeney on 19th February, 2012

This game is overshadowed by Skyrim, but is still a great game.

It's customization is lacking and it has no romance like skyrim or dragon age, but is combat more than makes up for it.

"Great Hack and slash swordplay"
4 stars"

Review by Bruce on 7th October, 2014

Love this game, great story, plenty of action and the world you roam in is very colourful. (looks great on my GTX 750 Ti).
Gameplay reminds me of Borderlands except with swords.(lots of side quests even without the two DLC quests). I downloaded the DLCs for this game and after a little search on the web got them to work, have yet to play them. Its a shame the developers have gone belly up as i reckon they have produced a great RPG. I also have Skyrim and enjoy both games, I dont deem one to be better than the other as they are both RPGs. KOA would be the more “magical” world and definitely a lot more colourful.

"Love this"
5 stars"

Review by Shaya on 9th April, 2012

I just got this game and I have to say its one of the best so far, so easy to get used to the controls and its pretty intense, awesome characters and love the fighting!!!

"Huge game, plenty to keep you busy"
4 stars"

Review by Jim on 31st March, 2012

The game really is pretty massive, with tons to explore and oh SO many quests! There are some (pretty minor but disappointing) bugs, but overall it's a great game that should keep you occupied for hours.. The class flexibility system is great, you can build the class the way you want, and if you want to change, visit the fate weaver and reset all your points!

5 stars"

Review by Quinton on 24th February, 2012

Amazingly brilliant!!!! So brilliant im no where near finishing it yet!!!

MUST recommend to all rpg fans!!

"Great action RPG."
5 stars"

Review by Kim on 23rd February, 2012

Great fantasy RPG, much more actiony than most on the market these days. Storyline and graphics are both well rounded and captivating, while combat and exploration are well balanced, fast and fun. A great buy, hope other games follow it's example!

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"The Underdog"
5 stars"

Preview by Tim on 12th December, 2011

Really looking foreward to this game! Story written by a fantasy novel legend, visual art crafted by one of the leading names in comic arterstry and stylizing & an open world designed by a legend of sandbox gaming. This one is GAURENTEED to be an amazing romp. If you haven't heard of it, don't pass it up, this game is the game that will come out of nowhere and slap every gamer in the face.

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"Highly Underrated!!"

Preview by adam on 22nd January, 2012

KOA reckoning has to be the most underrated rpg ever. this is shaping up to be one of the best rpgs ever. it combines a sandbox open world(skyrim/fa­llout) with quick responsive combat. has 100s of hours of content as well. any rpg fan will not be disappointed with this game and the reviews will show it when they are released. BUY IT!