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"A must for ALL Mass Effect fans"
5 stars"

Review by Guy on 19th January, 2010

This is the 2nd of the Mass Effect Novels and follows on from the end of Mass Effect 1. It has a gripping, action packed story bringing to light how Cerberus is pulling the strings of so many in the universe. It also gives you a rare insight into the Quarion fleet. All the novels and the game fiction is written by Drew Karpyshyn and these all intertwine to give a fleshed out space opera.

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"A superb read for every fan of Mass Effect!"
5 stars"

Review by Kevin on 24th July, 2010

If you've read the first novel Revelation and are a huge fan of Mass Effect than there's absolutely no reason to turn down on this one. Mass Effect Ascension expands on the mysterious Black Ops organisation: Cerberus, the Quarian race and continues the story of scientist Kahlee Sanders.

What I thought Ascension did extremely well was paint a vivid imagery of Cerberus and what exactly they are capable of. It's even worth it just to learn more about Cerberus and the Quarians. I must admit my views of the Quarians changed drastically after reading this novel. But these are not all that make Ascension great!

At first I was anxious about the continuity of this novel since this novel's timeline is in-between Mass Effect 1 and 2, and given the amount of player choices allowed in the game, somehow it seemed inevitable for contradictions in the storyline. But you don't need to worry about that, Drew Karpyshyn has deliberately kept the events of Mass Effect vague so players are free to interpret the current state of the galaxy accordingly to their Mass Effect play throughs.

Once again Ascension delivers the enthralling, adrenaline boosting and gripping effect to keep you entertained every second just like its predecessor Revelation, and this time a little more dramatic moments also some twists and turns you'd probably wouldn't expect really spice up the Mass Effect Universe.

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"Quick, helpful read for those who love Mass Effect"
4 stars"

Review by Jared on 30th May, 2010

A nice, quick, easy read. Very handy for filling in gaps and references in the Mass Effect series. Highly recommended for those who have played Mass Effect 2 and want to know more about Tali's reference to Cerberus and the Quarian Flotilla, as well as other references to what happened in Shepard's absence.

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"One to read"
4 stars"

Review by Glyn on 19th January, 2012

If you love Mass Effect then you will love the books (book number 2). This is a good fast read that will get you hooked so you can't put it down.