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"What a show, can't wait for Season 6."
5 stars"

Review by Craig on 1st June, 2010

I was given Season 5 a while ago by a mate, we watched a few episodes and immediately fell in love with the show. This then inspired me to purchase Season 1 and start from the beginning. We slowly got through each season (loving it). We then purchased Season 5, possibly the best season so far, we were left on the edge of our seats quite literally. A must buy Season and series.

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"Cheapest and quickest delivery!!"
5 stars"

Review by Robyn on 18th May, 2010

I looked everywhere for this DVD in Australia and couldnt find it. Found it on another website but mighty ape is soooo much cheaper then anywhere else.Will definatly buy from this online store again.

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"Just loved it"
5 stars"

Review by Christine on 20th December, 2009

This is a great series every season has laughs a few sad moments but this was a great season the cliff hanger is fantastic cant wait till season 6 we have brought all seasons easy to re watch as its a brilliant series

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"Unreal series!!!!!!"
5 stars"

Review by noelene on 9th December, 2009

Was a plesure dealing with Mighty Ape worry free and quick postage much thanks…this series is one of the best yet it has it all laughs cries and shocks fantastic buy would highly recomend it to any fan buy it NOW!!! Waiting for the next series..

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"Speedy Shipping and Great Service"
5 stars"

Review by Christina on 2nd December, 2009

I ordered Outrageous Fortune Season 5 from Australia! Easy to order with Mighty Ape and speedy delievery. We got our copy in 4 working days from order! Great stuff. Definately recommend Mighty Ape!

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"What a twisted exciting series.... best series ever!!!"
5 stars"

Review by Nadia on 20th November, 2009

I was left wondering after every episode…This was definately the best series. Van is up to his old self but with a twist of love, betrayal and heartbreak. Loretta suprised me with her maternal side taking effect and her old flame back in the picture. Pascalle's forever giving nature leaves her feeling betrayed and disgusted. Jethro becomes the son his mother would never be. Munter and Kasey have the best news ever to share but not without milking the Python a little to much. Cheryl and Judd experience the worse pain any couple should endure. When you have expienced this yourself you are left with an empty box of tissues after that episode. I think the final episode is just teasing all Outraeous Fortune lovers… now I have to see series 6 to see who was on the other end of the dirty cops bullet.

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"Totally Awesome Show"
5 stars"

Review by Rose on 19th November, 2009

Outrageous Fortune Season 5 has to be one of the best seasons that i have ever seen. The kind of things these characters get themselves into, truly amazing and funny. I really tried to space it out but in the end every episode kept getting me to check out the next one. As a result i ended up finishing the season in two days. Can't wait for Season 6. Definitely a Great Buy

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"Best NZ has to offer !"
5 stars"

Review by Jaclyn on 11th November, 2009

I absolutely love this show and always look forward to the next season starting. I was unable to watch the last season on TV so was quick to pre order the series. I watch it straight away and loved it as usual! The actors and the writing is fantastic and New Zealand would do hard to beat this show!

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5 stars"

Review by CHERYLE on 10th November, 2009

Hi received my dvd last week, very impressed with the delivery as I live in Sydney Australia.. Watched the whole 19 episodes..can't believe it…what a shock.. Is there a series 6?

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5 stars"

Review by Sam on 15th October, 2009

Thankyou for your amazing store, i live in australia and i purchase my favorite tv show through your store. The delivery is super fast and i am getting the next installment of my favorite show. thankyou

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"The West's are back"
5 stars"

Review by LJ on 29th May, 2010

A day in the life of the west family, we have come to feel a part of One of New Zealand's best televison Drama's on DVD. A must have for any Outrageous Fortune fan. From the heartbreaking death of Cheryl and Wayne's baby to the reunion of “train wrecked” lovers Loretta and Hayden and their wedding to the nail biting end that left you screaming “Noooooo WTF!!??!!”

If you have any ounce of taste in great storylines with a touch of kiwiana in them then this is a must get with the next season fast approaching I suggest you buy now

"Perfect gift"
5 stars"

Review by roisin on 19th June, 2012

I buy this for my sister in England who is English but loves this type of gritty drama with humour and based on a strong female character. I send her a series every couple of months and she is happy as!!

"Who in NZ wouldn't love it-"
5 stars"

Review by Allan on 30th August, 2011

This is so close to life and funny… Great view of NZ culture

5 stars"

Review by Christie on 18th July, 2011

Once again brilliant! It is fantastic viewing. We love all the characters (even those we love to hate) and it is a superb kiwi show!

5 stars"

Review by Julie on 11th April, 2011

Love it!

"Never Disappointed !"
5 stars"

Review by kirby on 30th November, 2010

Loved this season, I could never be disappointed with this show, and my expectations are high!

"Great company"
4 stars"

Review by wendy on 16th November, 2010

Very happy with the ease of ordering from mighty ape and the item was here in record time I will be ordering from them again in the future

"Great season"
5 stars"

Review by Jemma on 15th November, 2010

The best season so far

"You will fall in love with the West Family all over again.."
5 stars"

Review by erika on 13th November, 2010

Outrageous Fortune series 5 is heated, keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you wanting more after each episode. You will fall in love with the West Family all over again. I highly recommend it to any O.F fans!

"Best NZ TV Series"
5 stars"

Review by Domini on 30th August, 2010

This is by far the best NZ TV series of all time, this is a must have in your DVD collection, highly recommended to all Kiwi's living here and abroad.

"Best Series yet leaves you hanging for more"

Review by Matthew on 30th July, 2010

Great series cant wait for the next series. Leaves you hanging off the edge of a cliff…it's a must watch.

"New Zealand drama at its finest!!"
5 stars"

Review by Allan on 8th July, 2010

This dvd set is everything a fan of the show could/would want. You get 19 episodes of the latest season of Outrageous Fortune for a bargain price of $37.99. You wont get a better deal than from Mighty Ape..

"Kiwi gem!"
5 stars"

Review by Mark on 31st May, 2010

I only got into Outrageous Fortune this year and wow! What a Kiwi gem! The acting, character development and story line are brillantly done. Go the wests!

"OMG just the best"
5 stars"

Review by Jessica on 25th October, 2009

what a way to end the season. talk about cliff hanger. i just love this show and it sucks that it is no longer on T.V in Aus. I now have my family and friends hooked on this show.

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"This is awesome"
5 stars"

Preview by luke on 24th August, 2009

Outrageous Fortune is an awesome program. Watching series 5 on tv at the moment has been great and gets really, really good mid season. I recommend you buy the Outrageous Fortune Series Five dvd because there is a lot of excitement and drama but also alot of funny moments. I give this five stars.

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"recommended buy!!"
5 stars"

Preview by Erin on 29th September, 2009

Season 5 is currently on TV and is fantastic as always!! Their talented cast brings us the story of the West family – a crim family in West Auckland tring to go straight. Season 5 brings a lot of drama and puts all the charaters through a lot. The characters have developed so much in the last 4 seasons that i love each and every one of them and they certainly take you on emotional rolercoaster. From laughing so hard it hurts to struggling to see through the tears every minute of it is well worth it!! It's a must see!!

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"my family"
5 stars"

Preview by margaret on 23rd September, 2009

Outrageouse fourtune craze has hit even me in Australia me and my cousin have watched in religously as it is released and pull 24 hour stints to watch it. They have become part of the family and i get lost in thier world. My emotions follow thiers and i feel i am a west women!!!! cant wait for season 5