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"Fantastic you feel so close it scared me acouple of times."
5 stars"

Review by Debbie on 11th May, 2012

Fantastic you feel like your next to the water and Piranha's so close brilliant .

4 stars"

Review by rishi on 1st November, 2015

Great effects and the way the movie gets gory, loved it

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5 stars"

Preview by Petrina on 1st June, 2011

Granted this isn't the most intelligent movie you will find but the movie and 3D usage is something worth sitting down. A lot of eye candy for the boys (and a few girls) and aside from the annoying lead actor, everyone who acted in the movie made it oh-so-fun.

We watched this in our Samsung 3D TV and I have to say that, this movie (3D wise) is far better than some of the other movies out there.

Expect a lot of gore, blood and boobs. Definitely a good movie to watch.

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"Pretty Good Movie"
4 stars"

Preview by Dennis on 26th January, 2011

This was a converted movie, from 2D-3D, I think, and was done pretty well. There is plenty of blood, a good movie, and worth getting if your after Bluray 3D movies, worth adding to your collection.

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5 stars"

Preview by anthony on 5th January, 2011

Thanks Mighty Ape, we got our 3D dvd right on Christmas, we watched the tape with our friends, who have never seen 3D on Television. Piranha kept you on the edge of your seat, cant wait to buy more 3D dvds when they come on the market, Thanks once again ,good service.