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Pokemon - Season 1: Indigo League (6 Disc Set)

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"An excellent value-for-money DVD"

Review by Ben on 22nd September, 2010

I found this to be an awesome purchase.

It was especially great for me because I was at school at the time this orginally came out so now I could finally watch all the episodes.

I was sort of hoping this would have the 80 episodes listed on the Bulbapedia Pokemon wiki but then, how are you supposed to cram 80 episodes on 6 discs?

I hope that Mighty Ape brings out the other seasons that I've heard of like the Orange Islands and the Johto Journeys. If they do, I'll definitely buy them.

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"Brought back memories!"
5 stars"

Review by Becky on 1st December, 2010

I love this dvd set! It kept me busy for such a long time! The episodes brought back memories and a tear to my eye. This was my fave show when I was a 6 year old.

I was bit disappointed they cut out the Poke'raps. Some episodes said, ‘Stay tuned for the Pokeraps!’. Then nothing happened. For people wondering why all the 80 episodes aren't on this set, the rest of season 1 continues onto the season 2 set :)

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"Amazing buy!"
5 stars"

Review by Kelsey on 12th September, 2010

This was an awesome buy. It comes with 52 episodes on 6 dvds in a really handy & stylish case. I dont think it includes every episode as it says on wiki there are 80 episodes in indigo league :/ The quality is great and everything about it is awesome…it definitely brings back the memories.

Buy this DVD its great value!!!!

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"Yes, I love it!"
5 stars"

Review by daniel on 10th October, 2010

I have always cherished the Pokemon series. I used all the discs the weekend I got them, then did the same the next weekend! Anyone could say that these classic episodes never get old. No special features, but thats fine. At least I got way more than what I payed for…Thanks again, MightyApe!

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"Like Relieving My Childhood!"
5 stars"

Review by Louis on 25th January, 2011

This has a great collection of Episodes which I watched all at once.

Unfortunately it does not contain all the Episodes of the Indigo League, the complete 1st Season of Pokemon contains 80 Episodes while this box set only gives you 52, so if you want to see all 80 Episodes you'll need to buy Season 2 with it. It also doesn't feature the “Poke Rap” like the original TV and VHS Episodes did, any Special Features, Subtitles or Different Languages.

However, it's still Pokemon and does feature the very first Pokemon Episode and the Original Theme Song which are like a blast from the past. If you can afford this I suggest you go for it!

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5 stars"

Review by Sandra on 19th October, 2010

With the price it is less than $1 an episode!!!! Some of the voices are different but it's ok.The following seasons are better but still really awsome.

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"Childhood Memories Relived "
5 stars"

Review by Evan on 16th August, 2011

I love pokemon to pieces and this was a classic childhood memory

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"Still one of the best Anime!"
4 stars"

Review by Joshua on 8th August, 2011

Pokemon… Where do we start, it's been around for years and is still one of the best Anime's to ever exist. This series starts with Ash Ketchum, and 11 year old boy who wants to be a pokemon master. It follows him on his first adventures, as he meets new friends and catches new pokemon.

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"Ahh childhood"
5 stars"

Review by Hayley on 22nd July, 2011

How I missed you.. Excellent box set looks fantastic on my shelf, everyone, and I mean everyone loves the original Pokemon series, before it got crazy with over 600 critters to catch! This really took me back to rushing home from school, sitting in the middle of my lounge floor with all my Pokemon toys ready to watch Ash Ketchum take on the world!

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"Great Series from my childhood"
5 stars"

Review by Nick on 23rd June, 2011

Probly one of the best cartoons ever made. Its just sad where it went after season 8 with company changes, voice actor changes that and some other things lost my interest and left me slightly bitter on where it was heading. However this season and the seasons up to season 8 are brilliant =D

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"Product perfect, customer service fantastic!"
5 stars"

Review by Christine on 17th June, 2011

I purchased DVD's, they arrived 2 business days later in perfect condition. Highly recommend.

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"An absolutely gorgeous series"
5 stars"

Review by Shannon on 15th June, 2011

Pokemon is an example of good clean cartoon fun. It has the brilliance of lovable characters and an at times touching storyline with plenty of adventure, yet safe enough to show younger children.

Pokemon was a large portion of my childhood (15/16 years a fan), I never missed an episode. I have only good things to say about it and was extremely happy when I saw that mighty ape had started to sell Pokemon seasons in box sets. Rather stylish box sets at that!

The only thing about these box sets that disapoints me is that I have yet to see the memorable ‘Poke-rap’ anywhere, mind you, I am only up to the second box set. Perhaps the third box set will satisfy-

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5 stars"

Review by Bradain on 15th April, 2011

Any Pokemon fan should have this it has many great episodes

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"Childhood or what!!!"
5 stars"

Review by Cameron on 7th January, 2011

This take me back to when it first aired on TV when i was still at school. Just seeing Ash Brock and Misty on there journey made me smile. All the reminiscing went to quick so i think now the others are a must buy for me. Thanks Mighty Ape

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"Good to own"
5 stars"

Review by chris on 7th January, 2011

good dvd set but what are the 4 NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED EPISODES-

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"A journey to remember"

Review by Cameron on 23rd December, 2010

This product has its own spot in the heart of pokemon fans. The 1st season of the anime and Ash's journey through Kanto. a benefit of having a LEGITMATE copy of the film is that it doesn't eat into your internet allowance so it is a win win plus looks great on widescreen TV's..Whether you were 5years old or 15 years old back in 1997 when first aired you got to have this product.

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"Awsome Cartoon from back in the day."
5 stars"

Review by Cliff on 22nd December, 2010

I brought this boxset, and loved it. The cartoons are in high quality. And the only downside this is that there are no subtitles.

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5 stars"

Review by Pauline on 27th October, 2010

The episodes and sounds are all clear. They're worth to buy Can't wait for season 2 and 3 :]

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"Thank goodness it's finally here"
5 stars"

Review by Jacqui on 9th October, 2010

Son has been eagerly awaiting this series. So happy to get the first and is already negotiating the next two series.

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"This takes me back"
5 stars"

Review by Joseph on 28th September, 2010

Do you remember Pokemon as a kid well now you can watch the episodes in full right from the very beginning this 6 disc set containing 54 great pokemon episodes but does not have all the season 1 episodes however it is still an excellent buy at a ridiculously low price

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"No special features, But still worth every Dollar."
5 stars"

Review by Diana on 25th September, 2010

I personally being a fan of the pokemon since young, was stoked when I realised that this was available on DVD. I had tapes of the same episodes, but really, who has a player that works these days. I spent countless hours watching and reinventing my love with pokemon. No special features, were a bit disappointing, but it was soon overcome when I started watching. Personally, Never has the phrase, ‘Worth every penny’ applied so well.

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5 stars"

Review by Jayden on 19th September, 2012

What a great collectible for any pokemon fan

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"Very excellent! "
5 stars"

Review by James on 8th October, 2010

I love these dvds because there are so many to watch! 10/10

"What you get:"
4 stars"

Review by Marc on 19th March, 2014

This set contains episodes: 1–8 on disc 1; 9–16 on disc 2; 17 and 19–26 on disc 3; 27–34 and 36 on disc 4; 37 and 39–46 on disc 5; 47–51 and 54–57 on disc 6.

So basically this set skips episodes 18, 35, 38, 52, and 53, which is kind of problematic because it leaves holes in the story. (Pokemon are caught in these episodes, and things are revealed.)

There are also no “Who’s That Pokemon” scenes or Pokerap scenes. Other than those problems, though, this set is great.

"Pokemon themed birthday"
5 stars"

Review by Erica on 25th February, 2014


5 stars"

Review by Mike on 25th February, 2014

So great to have all the classics again!!

"Top notch"
5 stars"

Review by Jesse on 22nd January, 2014

Felt like I should finally watch the series from the start. This box doesn't have all season 1 episodes but they apparently continue in the orange islands set

"I want to be the very best, like no one ever was."
5 stars"

Review by Ian on 10th January, 2014

This stylish 6 DVD set contains the first 52 episodes of the American Pokemon dub. As someone who followed Pokemon since it came to the States in 1998 I have to say these first episodes are still my favorites. The remaining Indigo League episodes can be found on the Season Two box set.

5 stars"

Review by russell on 3rd December, 2013

Its a wonderful experience re watching the season when you 1st seen it as a kid.

"Nostalgic treasure"
4 stars"

Review by Eline on 19th September, 2013

The Pokemon series is in one word: amazing! As a European customer, I have to say that the Australian releases of the show are the nicest to own!

Due to the old source material, the episodes on this season don't look crystal clear. But to be honest, the distributor did everything within its power to bring these episodes to your living room in the best possible condition.

Small side note: the official 35th episode (The Legend of Dratini) is not included on this set or any other later seasons. The episode was never aired outside Japan due to the fact that a few guns are shown during the episode. Ash, Misty and Brock visit the Safari Zone in this episode. That's why you will be surprised when, in the second season, Ash visits Professor Oak and mentions the Pokemon he captured in the Safari Zone.

5 stars"

Review by Kayla on 6th July, 2013

Easiest way to get every episode of the 1st season. All crisp, skips over the raps and whatnot though. The whole of the first season continues onto season 2 box set. You'll know when it's a new season, as the music changes.

"Childhood reminiscing!"
5 stars"

Review by Louella on 4th June, 2013

This is honestly such an amazing buy! Perfect to reminisce about childhood over cold winter nights and with 52 episodes, it's great value for money. Seriously recommended!!

"Nostalgia overload!"
5 stars"

Review by Callum on 30th May, 2013

I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Each Pokemon to understand The power that's inside

Pokemon, its you and me I know it-s my destiny Pokemon, oh, you're my best friend In a world we must defend

Pokemon, a heart so true Our courage will pull us through You Teach Me And I'll Teach You


Sooooooo Good.

"I've been waiting for this"
5 stars"

Review by Larissa on 19th April, 2013

I was so happy when I found this website, you would not believe.. I've been searching for these boxes like forever! And now I finally can start my collection and hit it off with the first season and it makes me soo happy! Thank you very much for your great service. Really nice price, good payment options and the delivery was super fast!

You satisfied another Pokémon fan!

"Think of the kids!"
5 stars"

Review by Holly on 10th April, 2013

My generation grew up with Pokemon, the original series, and it's still an ongoing obsession. This series is worth buying so that future generations can love it too!

"All is well and good..."
5 stars"

Review by Simen Aleksander on 20th February, 2013

High quality, top-notch product, in every aspect.

Pokemon to me, (in particular) brings back such bittersweet, melancholic memories of a past long gone. And what possible better way to reinforce and reenact those memories, then once again start where I left off long ago. I have a strong tendency of plucking up pieces of the past (not wanting to leave it be), hence this was the perfect way to do just so.

You have my thanks, for this stupendous product. My leave I take.

5 stars"

Review by Daniel on 9th November, 2012

This brings back so many memories from my childhood, being obsessed with Pokemon etc.

This is a must have!

"Great start to pokemon"
5 stars"

Review by Michael on 24th October, 2012

I love this season, although it is not as long as the original season 1, because it carries on in season 2, however some of my favorite episodes ever are in this season.

5 stars"

Review by Gabrial on 25th September, 2012

WWHat can i say about classic Ash and Pikachu. Reminded me of my childhood back in Auss when i used to get up at 6 in the morning just to watch pokemon. If your a Pokemon fan then this is a must as the classic Pokemon is better then any other. Best Season for ME.

"Censored content"
3 stars"

Review by Kai on 13th August, 2012

Great collection overall, but be aware this is extremely bare bones. There's no pokérap, there's no “Who's that Pokémon”, and worse, I've noted one scene that has been completely cut! In episode 10, Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village, there's a scene where Brock punches Misty in the head twice because she teases him. This scene, and other small scenes that comes before and after that connects, are completely cut out. I measured it to more than 1 minute in total.

Funny enough, the scene in episode 42, Song of Jigglypuff, where Jessie gets spanked has NOT been cut out.

I've not watched every episode yet, but so far a couple of episodes had sound glitches in a couple of instances (first episode for example).

The American edition that Viz releases is of higher quality (and not cut out scenes, besides those that got cut from Japan to west), but Viz has not yet released box sets for season 3, 4, 7 and 8. So if you want the complete anime series, this is the way to go, but beware that:

  • a few episodes have sound glitches on a few instances
  • at least episode 10 has been censored with over one full minute of cut out scenes (and yes, these scenes exists in the American version)
  • where are the four extra, never before seen episodes- Certainly not on these discs!
  • No subtitles, no trailer, nothing extra
  • Openings and outros are intact at least
"Worth The Money"
5 stars"

Review by Stephanie on 8th July, 2012

We have been looking so long for this at a decent price, you cant go wrong with Mighty ape here. Amazing series, total blast from the past. Awesome quality.


Review by Daniel on 4th July, 2012

The episodes are all good quality, and I am happy with the content that is there. However, there is a good portion of missing episodes, including important plot lines such as the Pokemon League at the end of the season. Overall I am slightly disappointed with the absence of these episodes, but it is still a good set if you are willing to miss out on the last bunch of episodes from the first season.

"A trip down memory lane"
5 stars"

Review by Adam on 9th February, 2012

I can remember Pokemon being a highlight programme during my primary years, which brings me to season 1 of this awesome series. Start from the beginning as Ash ketchum begins his journey to become a pokemon master, and along with his best friend and trusted partner pokemon, Pikachu. From meeting new people and pokemon, to earning badges for the Indigo league. This box set takes children and adults alike on a remarkable, and proven unforgettable journey into the world of pokemon. Suitable for the entire family.

"Poke-tastic !"
5 stars"

Review by kane on 28th December, 2011

Bloudy great, took about two weeks to get through. Really long. Good buy !

"Great dvd pack that's just in time for Christmas"
5 stars"

Review by Lesley on 30th October, 2010

Pokemon: The indigo league is the perfect gift for anyone who loved the show as a child. Great nostalgia and a fantastic way to keep the child within alive!

"Journey back to where it all began!"
5 stars"

Review by Janelle on 27th October, 2010

I remember when I was about 7–8 years old and Pokemon was a massive part of my life. I grew up with it being my favourite show! 10 years later I still love it! I decided to buy this set to bring back the childhood memories! IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! Believe me! This set comes with 6 discs with all the very first episodes of Pokemon. EVER! You can relive Ash and Pikachu's adven­tures starting from Pallet Town. A great series! Totally worth every penny!

"Great Value for money!"
4 stars"

Review by karl on 23rd September, 2010

Relive those childhood memories with this great box set which sees Ash's beginnings as a Pokemon trainer. I was amazed by the sheer number of episodes featured on this dvd set (over 19 hours!) Would of been cool to see a few bonus materials or something but definitely still well worth what you're paying for.