Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack (contains Portal, Gill Grunt, Spyro, Trigger Happy) reviews

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"Awesome game... Great bonding with my son..."
5 stars"

Review by christopher on 31st March, 2012

My son and I like this game a lot. We had a great team work. This game build a great relationship in a family. I'm very happy and satified with this game.

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"real cool interactive fun"
5 stars"

Review by steve on 27th December, 2011

this should have been created years ago its so much fun porting your characters straight onto the screen upgrading and you can play on any console with these are beautifully rendered…a great game for kids …highly recommend

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"Great game and value for money"
5 stars"

Review by Michelle on 30th December, 2011

My son loves this game since christmas he has purchased 12 more skylanders not including the 3 he had for xmas as a pressie he has also had one set of batteries gone already must say he has played on it every chance he had this pressies is top banana

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"Super Excellent"
5 stars"

Review by Roger on 6th January, 2012

Awesome and highly recommend!

"Kids love it very cool game"
5 stars"

Review by Jason on 13th July, 2012

The game is great as two can play together. You will need to get some of the other characters to complete each level completely (best value as 3 packs).

"Good Fun Game"
5 stars"

Review by Andrew on 31st March, 2012

This Game has sold out all over the world, and rightly so, it's been near impossible since Christmas to get more figurines which is a testament to the enjoyment this game brings. So the basic Breakdown is The Big Bad “Kaos” is looking to take over skylands and your skylanders are all that stands between him and victory. With Your Portal of Power you can change characters on mission on the fly with only a seconds load time. It's very fluid and very fun and very intuitive even with two players on the Portal. The only downfall I've found so far is you want to have a stash of AA batteries around as the portal can get a bit hungry and can get a bit jumpy when going flat. All round an awesome game!