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3 stars"

Review by Grace on 9th February, 2012

i've been a huge fan of supernatural ever since it first came out, i have been obsessing over this show for years so when i say that this season really has lost it, i want you to understand my full meaning.

Since Supernatural was originally only meant to have 5 season this sixth season they really struggled to find a good storyline after the epic apocalypse one. This season is starting to move away from the essence of Supernatural, but of course there are some amazing episodes and great moments. So I still recommend watching it!

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"The Best Show Ever!!"
5 stars"

Review by Connor on 9th December, 2011

I have watch Supernatural ever since it came and it keeps on getting better and better. That I'd even make my kids watch it.

It is also alwsome that I watch it over and over again. I hope they bring out Supernatural The Animation (anime) in NZ because I would buy the hell out of that Can't wait for season 7

"It Just Gets Better"
5 stars"

Review by Susan on 30th April, 2015

While Supernatural is now one of the longest running TV Series, with so many seasons it just gets better. Not only do the Winchester Brothers kick demonic butt, they do it in style, not short on Dean's classic “Son of a B****”, or Sams laptop genius – introduction of new characters is welcomed and seeing Charlie again is icing on the cake! Season six, while the plot line leaves a little to be desired, is a great continuum – but THAT TWIST ENDING !---

Been a supernatural fan since it first came out, and as i've said – it only gets better !

5 stars"

Review by Kristin on 11th March, 2014

One of the best shows I have ever seen I loved every episode

"Supernatural Gold"
3 stars"

Review by Serra on 8th October, 2013

Although this season probably cannot hold up against the previous 5 seasons it still has all the supernatural goodies, 2 kick-ass supernatural fighting brothers and a brilliant side-kick angel. Can't help but love this series, and certainly couldn't stop watching once I started!


Review by Sarah on 24th April, 2012

I absolutely love this show, and with missing a lot of the episodes on tv it was great to find the whole season at such a great price.

Can't wait for season 7!

"Non-stop suspense!!"
5 stars"

Review by Alex on 24th March, 2012

Great new series with a lot of twists, if you like supernatural shows and a lot of action this is the dvd for you. Great plot and story line, easy to understand, but you have to watch the other series to understand whats going on. More for your saturday evening watching, non the best for under 15's overall great dvd and recommended :)

"So great "
5 stars"

Review by tyrone on 3rd March, 2012

Love these guys there very funny also the show is cool as ever cant wait for season 7

5 stars"

Review by michael on 27th December, 2011

If you are a fan of Supernatural, this is a must have addition to your collection!

Cannot wait to see what happens in season 7

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""Series keeps getting better""
5 stars"

Preview by Yusha on 10th November, 2011

Have been watching a few episodes on tv while waiting for dvd release(i hate adverts interrupting me),and i am loving it.the series gets better and better and Jared and Jensen are superb in their roles some of the best acting ever,interesting twists in the plot keep you guessing,a must buy for fans I will be pre-ordering as soon as i have the cash,and with Mighty Ape you cant go wrong..