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"Solution for slow load times"
5 stars"

This is an awesome game – it is massive! Giving you considerable gaming even after you finish the main plot. I found the gameplay a lot more satisfying than Elder Scrolls III. As far as choppy graphics go – yes changing the settings to Pal-60 does work. I was also able to considerably improve loading time and game speed by holding the A button while turning on my Xbox 360 – keep holding until the developers logo comes up. This clears the system cache, allowing the game to utilise it. Does not affect save games. Definitely game of the year.

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"Reply To Below"
3 stars"

So, if i do this i will be able to play this game without getting the urge to ram my 360 console through my wall? Thus meaning, smoother gameplay and faster loading times? If so, i am going ot buy it again, kinda traded it in for another game lol!

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"Hours of entertainment"
5 stars"

Great game that fills in hours of endless entertainment and fun!

"Very Nice"
5 stars"

We've had 2 copies of this excellent game and both have had issues with choppy sound during the FMV cut scenes. I'm wondering if it is something more hardware related, seems unlikely that 2 copies should exhibit the same flaw like that.

Maybe I'll try a 3rd before sending my Xbox off to be repaired :-(

I haven't seen any other reports of choppy sound which is why I've added my in here. I wouldn't be suprised if we had PAL versions of the game in the UK and you NZ guys had NTSC or something. Well, whatever.

Nice game though ;-)


If at the start of the game the sound is skipping in the cinematics go to the xbox360 menu and select the system blade then select the display tab and change the PAL from 50 to 60 this should stop the starting cinematic from skipping.

"great game"
4 stars"

Although the load times seem quite long I havnt had any trouble with the game freezing/skipping etc that the other reviews have mentioned. A wee bit choppy when you move quickly outside but given the massive size of the game I dont think it is unreasonable. Looks amazing and will take a long time to finish making it great value.

"Reply to Below" Purchased on Mighty Ape

Yeah, that happened to me. Turns out it was the 360 disk drive, you should call up microsoft and get them to replace it.

"Disc Problems"
1 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

As much as this is a cool game, I have to agree with the first review. Playback of the introduction sequence is quite choppy, with Patrick Stewarts voice cutting out every couple of seconds. Load screens are a pain and sometimes causes the game to simply freeze, requiring you to reset the console and load up again. I've already sent my copy back and received a replacement from the great team at GP Store, but unfortunately the replacement I got is experiencing the same problems to the extent that it no longer works. A great game and great service, but the dodgy disc(s) really, really disappoints.

3 stars"

I just recently bought this game for my 360 and im experiencing a whole lot of problems with it, e.g. Movie scenes cut out every 3 seconds with just video and no sound repeatadly, in the game its just Loading Area… after Loading Area..... and even when its not laoding area its glitchy and choppy as, i dont know if i got a dud copy of the game or what but if anyone else if having problems like this write a review about it! Thanks

"Absolutely Awsome"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

If you dont own this game yet, buy it now.