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"Best YA book of this generation"
5 stars"

Review by Kit-wah on 24th August, 2010

I picked up this book after reading great reviews about it but I was skeptical at first, since it didn't seem like my ‘thing’. One day after getting it, I had finished and I was blown away. “The Hunger Games” is action packed, emotionally driven and you won't be able to put it down. The protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, is a strong, smart and swift heroine but she also has a subtle vunerability that will make you root for her to win.

Listen to the reviews and give this book a try. You won't be disappointed and before you know it, you'll be reaching for “Catching Fire”.

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"You Won't Put It Down."
5 stars"

Review by Cameron on 14th February, 2012

From the second you pick up “Hunger Games” it will be in your hand till the end. Hooked on… Working your way to the next book in this amazing series. More then recommend it. More then worth the read.

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5 stars"

Review by Leah on 2nd December, 2011

A very wonderful book, haven't even finished reading and already thinking of buying the second book

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5 stars"

Review by Emma on 12th May, 2011

This is by far one of the best books i've read recently. Once i started reading i found it so amazing that i couldn't put it down! The storyline is gripping and the characters captivating make the book as a whole exceptional.

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"Just read it"
5 stars"

Review by MJ on 18th January, 2011

As soon as you start reading The Hunger Games, it will have to hooked. Before you know it, you'll be reaching for the sequel, Catching Fire. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

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5 stars"

Review by penny on 9th December, 2010

So far…it's a very gripping read! I'm only part way through, but so far I'm eagerly waiting for my night time reads to continue this story which is both intriguing and disturbing but still you cant put it down. This is a children's book, but I know many adults who are getting into it too! Would make a great movie!

"One of the best choices to buy!"

Review by Abby on 5th March, 2015

I am so glad I bought this book. I loved the first one and read it in a flash. The subsequent books were great. I'm so glad I bought this and at such a great price from Mighty Ape as it lead me to the next two books which I loved even more! :)

5 stars"

Review by Yoontae on 4th October, 2012

Very thrilling and captive through the whole story. A wonderful book, its a must read!.

"One in a million!"
5 stars"

Review by Jordan on 4th October, 2012

Pick it up, and let the games begin.

"Great book"
5 stars"

Review by michael on 1st September, 2012

Great book that will entertain your teen thoughout. Is quite graphic and offers somewhat complex ideas on government and poverty. So much more to this book then the movie.

5 stars"

Review by Emma on 7th May, 2012

Amazing story. Awesome characters. Brilliant descriptions. Definitely worth a read

"Fantastic read"
5 stars"

Review by Llona on 4th May, 2012

I really loved this book and once I had finished it, couldn't wait to read her next two books!! A really gread read. Llona

"Excellent Read"
5 stars"

Review by David on 27th April, 2012

This book was an excellent read.

5 stars"

Review by Tania on 26th April, 2012

Great book im a Twilight fan and was worried I wouldn't like it but it was an excellent read I have now read the second book and I am just waiting to buy the third. Read this book its great

5 stars"

Review by Adam on 24th April, 2012

Delivered on time as usual and in perfect condition as the book itself is amazing can't put it down

"Really enjoyed it"
4 stars"

Review by Pip and Barry on 22nd April, 2012

Pre read it before giving to kids to read, great

"A Page Turner..."
5 stars"

Review by Ashleigh on 18th April, 2012

The movie may be awesome, but as the cliche stands true, the book is so much better. See the movie first to avoid disappointment.

Lovely to see a young, strong and courageous female protagonist, a role model of sorts for young girls. The book's plot really sucks you in, half way through this book and I have already bought the next book of the series. Really recommend picking this up!!!

"Great movie"
5 stars"

Review by monika on 18th April, 2012

The movie has inspired my son to read the books, we have purchase all 3 and this is great and easy read.

"Great book!"
5 stars"

Review by Matt on 16th April, 2012

I decided to read this book after the hype from the movie. The first chapter just engages you right from the start and you want to keep reading.

Great story, well written and would recommend this!

5 stars"

Review by Toni-Maree on 16th April, 2012

Great story! cannot put it down!!

"One of the best books I've ever read."
5 stars"

Review by Michael on 27th January, 2012

This book is really good. I read through the whole book in about 2 days, and I promptly ordered the 2nd and 3rd books after I was finished. If you like Harry Potter or things like that, I would suggest this book. I would actually suggest it to anyone really.

"Great, interesting book. Couldn't put it down. "
5 stars"

Review by Justine on 27th January, 2012

This is an amazing book. It left me wanting more. The story flows brilliantly and you don't want to stop reading once you start.

"Love this book!!!!"
5 stars"

Review by Lydia on 25th January, 2012

This was such a good read. A lot better than I expected. Can't wait to get my hands on the next two.

"Best book in ages"

Review by Esther on 18th December, 2011

My son studied this book at school this year and said that it is the first book he's read that he couldn't put down. He stayed up until 4am to finish it – this from a boy who doesn't enjoy reading very much! You can't get a better recommendation than that :-)

"Loved it"
5 stars"

Review by Emma on 1st December, 2011

This book was so good I still can't get it out of my mind.

"Great book "
5 stars"

Review by Linda on 23rd November, 2011

As a big twilight fan I found this almost as good kept me coming back for more and could not stop thinking about it.