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"The BETA Made me do it .."
5 stars"

So I jumped on the BETA after being hesitant with my experiences from the early days of The Division 1, thinking it would be another lack luster release with the promise of more content ‘at a later date’ – But I was shocked, it was one of the first BETA/DEMOs I have played in a long time that I actually had fun in. Yeah it's still the Division, but it felt like I was actually playing to live instead of just running through the objectives to get to the end. The QoL difference from TD1 and TD2 (BETA) were noticeable, and were even enhanced when I entered the Dark Zone – an experience I'll leave for you.

I'm excited to go into the full release for the new, yet familiar, experience of The Division.

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"its just awesome"
5 stars"

i've been a big fan of the first one and really hyped for the 2nd, i was in the private beta, was just amazed at some of the improvements they have made and the gameplay alone is a step up.

cant wait to play it and be part of the new community (division OCE discord)

also soooo pumped for those 8 player raids

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"Not enough to set it a part from the original"
2 stars"

After playing the BETA I simply cannot justify a purchase. Division 2 is too similar to the original without the mystery, its like a monster size DLC. Graphically it isn't a big enough jump either. Die-hard Dark-Zone Griefers need only apply.

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