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Neon District: Books

Neon District
by Andrea McGinty ~ Paperback / softback

The story behind Neon District, Unity, and all the unsavory characters in between was published as weekly episodes. This short story narrative acts as a spyglass into this post-apocalyptic world. A new chapter was released every week leading up to the launch of our flagship game title, Neon District...

Available - Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Neon District
by Chad Campbell ~ Paperback / softback

Rez Fayte managed to achieve what others could only dream of. Victory over the oppressor. He obliterated Neon District's political and economic infrastructure with the power of a keystroke and the swing of his vengeful blade. Or so he thought.As things go, every action invokes a reaction. And the go...

Available - Usually ships in 2-3 weeks