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Tucker Johnson

The General Theory of the Translation Company
by Renato Beninatto ~ Hardback

You are reading this summary of the book, so we're assuming you're looking for answers. Too bad. Instead, we want to ask you some questions: Are you new to language services, an experienced industry veteran, or an industry outsider who would like to learn more? Have you been waiting your whole ...

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How to Become a Lord or Lady
by Tucker Johnson ~ Paperback / softback

How to Become a Lord or LadyThe Secret Ways to Get a Noble Title in the 2020sDiscover the secret, and not so secret, ways that you can gain a noble title and become a Lord or Lady.Can you get a seat in the House of Lords and a Peerage to go with it? Surprisingly yes! We'll show you how to become a L...

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Teoria Generale Della Societa Di Traduzione
by Renato Beninatto ~ Paperback / softback

Nelle parole degli autori Tucker Johnson e Renato Beninatto, questo libro e "il primo libro sui servizi linguistici che non vi annoiera a morte". Con un linguaggio semplice, scanzonato, ma senza dimenticare la professionalita frutto di decenni di esperienza nel settore, gli autori propongono una "Te...

Available - Usually ships in 10-14 days