Our promise for the future


Our promise for the future

Green building

A green building is one that is designed, built and operated in ways that reduce or remove any negative impact on the environment and the people using it.

Green buildings make more efficient use of resources such as energy and water, and provide healthier environments for people to live and work in.

5 Green Star Industrial Built

Argosy and the New Zealand Green Building Council were very pleased to announce in September 2019 that the industrial property owned by Argosy at Highgate, Silverdale tenanted by Mighty Ape, was awarded a 5 Green Star Industrial Built v3 rating. This is only the third Green Star industrial built rating in New Zealand. The rating represents New Zealand Excellence.

Read more about Green Star Ratings

Mighty Ape HQ
Our commitment to reducing energy and water consumption is good for the environment and our bottom line, it's a real win-win.
Our warehouse Water tanks


Smart lighting solutions, including using natural light in our warehouse and office combined with energy efficient LEDs and sensor-activated switches mean we use much less energy to light our work spaces.

Our office

Water reclamation

A state-of-the-art water reclamation system collects rain water for use in toilets, gardens and other non-sanitary applications.

Combined with efficient fixtures and appliances this greatly reduces Mighty Ape HQ's environmental impact.

Orewa estuary

Sustainable packaging

We aim to reuse or recycle packaging wherever possible. We are constantly looking for new ways to minimise packaging and source environmentally friendly options.

E-Cube® void-reduction system

The e-Cube® system automatically creates rightsized packaging, reducing the need for extra protective packaging like bubble wrap or polystrene. If required, we use recycled paper void fill.

The corrugated cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable.

e-cube in operation

Our packaging promise:

% sustainable 50 100

We started with a goal of 50% sustainable packaging, which we achieved in April 2020. Our new goal was 100% sustainable packaging by October 2021. Unfortunately the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains and international logistics prevented us from meeting this goal. We made progress in 2022, and currently around 90% of our packaging is sustainable. Our team remains committed to improving the sustainability of our packaging, and we are working towards 100% sustainable packaging in 2023.

Boxes on conveyor Padded Mailer Cat playing in a Mighty Ape box

P1 Padded Mailers

Constructed from heavy-duty kraft paper with a uniform, 100% recycled, inner batting (ground-up paper and newsprint). These reusable mailing bags are 100% recyclable.

Reused Packaging

We reuse packaging wherever possible for the transport and storage of products. This allows us to reduce the waste we need to process and the new packaging we create.


Our Geami Eco Wrap and Fillpak Paper are from r3pack, a kiwi-owned business offering a range of sustainable products.

A proud member of the Sustainable Business Network NZ, they support their Million Metres Initiative to replant trees along our waterways.

Read more about r3pack

Woman carrying out paper waste to be recycled.
A tree being planted.
Paper biodegrading

Paper packaging

Paper is naturally flexible and provides good shock absorption. It can be cut to precise lengths to use less material and can be recycled up to 7 times.

Recycled paper is preferable to normal paper as it uses 65% less water, causes 75% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution and saves energy and landfill space.

Our paper packaging is 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable.

Mighty Ape boxes ready for dispatch

Linerless label printers

We've introduced linerless printers for our courier labels. This means there is no backing paper to dispose of, and less waste disposal results in reduced carbon emission.


We're working with our delivery partners to move towards a carbon neutral goal. This includes growing EV fleets in the long term and offsetting carbon usage by purchasing carbon credits in the short term.

Smart solutions

You won't be receiving your Mighty Ape parcel by drone just yet (sorry!), but our partners in the delivery industry are working on alternative delivery methods which use lighter vehicles in densely populated areas. Smaller vehicles have much low emissions footprints.

An industry-wide move towards hybrid and electric fleets and improved systems to reduce multiple delivery attempts are all underway.

DHL delivery drone NZ Post small delivery vehicle

NZ Post

One of the delivery partners we are proud to work with, NZ Post are committed to be carbon neutral by 2030.

They are growing their own EV fleet and encouraging their contractors to do the same through their NZ Post Electric Vehicle Incentive Programme.

Read more about sustainability at NZ Post

NZ Post's commitment to sustainability:

50% of owned
vehicles are

100% of owned
vehicles EV by 2025

neutral by

We're partnering with companies who are taking the global challenge of climate change seriously and actively implementing innovative strategies to lessen our impact on the environment.
NZPost electric vehicle Electric vehicle logo
Mighty Ape reusable tote bag Mighty Ape customer pick up entrance

We've gone single-use plastic shopping bag free

Customers picking up an order from Mighty Ape are encouraged to bring their own reusable bag; reusable bags are the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. We also have Mighty Ape reusable tote bags available for purchase on our website and at the pickup counter.

Sourcing Products

When sourcing products to sell on Mighty Ape our buying team consider a variety of factors including the type and quantity of packaging materials (of the product itself and how it is packed for shipping), efficient and sustainable transport methods and ethical working conditions at the source.

Sustainable supply chain

We source products from all over the globe and ethical and environmental considerations are key factors in our buying process. We partner with brands and suppliers who have made their own commitments to sustainability to ensure we are selling products we are happy to stand by.

Discussing buying process

Helping our customers make sustainable choices

We are constantly looking for new products which help our customers live a sustainable lifestyle.

From reusable alternatives to single use items like plastics bags, straws and takeaway food containers; to eco-friendly and ethically sourced cosmetics, homewares and more.

Recyclable cardboard BBQ Reusable fruit bags

Local suppliers

We sell an ever-growing range of locally sourced goods from New Zealand and Australia. Supporting local businesses is good for the local economy and reduces the amount of transport and packaging needed to ship the items to our warehouse.

Conservation & Community

Mighty Ape is committed to being a good neighbour, both locally and globally.

We proudly support a range of organisations and initiatives to create healthy and livable communities for current and future generations.

The Orangutan Project

TOP work to provide critical habitat protection, orangutan care centres and rehabilitation and release programs for endangered Sumatran Orangutan.

Mighty Ape adopted two orphaned orangutans, Happi and Popi, who are now being cared for by the Centre for Orangutan Protection in Borneo.

Read more about The Orangutan Project

Happi Popi

Rescue Mission

Mighty Ape proudly support the vital work of the Auckland Rescue Helicopters by sponsoring a rescue mission.

Each year the helicopters provide rescue services to thousands of New Zealanders who for one reason or another have found themselves in a moment of crisis.

The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Auckland Rescue Helicopter
One of our core values is to focus on doing good, not looking good.

Dog food donation

Mighty Ape loves dogs. We love the work Saving Hope do to rescue and rehabilitate dogs too, so it was an easy decision to donate a load of dog food to this great organisation.

Saving Hope Foundation

Donating dog food to Saving Hope

NZ Breast Cancer Foundation

Mighty Ape hosts a Pink Ribbon morning tea, donation portal, and fundraising shop for staff to raise funds for breast cancer research, education and patient support.

Pink Ribbon Breakfast Cherry Pink Chimp Charity Auction