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Aliens: Infestation

Nintendo DS Brand : Alien Developer : Way Forward

Suitable for mature persons.
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Review by Aaron on 8th October, 2011
4 stars "Old skool fun and difficulty"

Aliens Infestation will be one of the last games released on the DS. With SEGA, Wayforward and Gearbox at the helm, it should be a no brainer that this game is good.

If you have ever played Alien3, you will love this game, in fact if you like games such as Metroid, Castlevania, Contra or Metal Slug, you should buy this game.

It has a really nice old skool polish in regards to graphics, sound and atmosphere. The game is quite scary when played with earphones and there is always a sense of urgency for you to keep progressing to see where the game will take you next.

The aliens themselves look and sound fantastic and the boss battles are fairly epic and frantic. This game is rather short, however multiple playthroughs are encouraged as you can then use different marines to see different dialouge. It is also quite challenging and reminds me of the good old days when 2D gaming was king.

All in all, I give this game an 8/10.

Support the developers, the DS and 2D gaming by getting this as soon as you can.

Review by Duncan on 4th January, 2014
5 stars "Aliens Infestation review"

Have only played this game a few hours. Still for a DS game has great gameplay and graphics. The weapons, Xenomorphs etc all sound exactly as the movies. The story ties into the series also. Not easy game but the challenge makes for great fun.

Review by Matt on 11th July, 2013
3 stars "Rather short Metroid-like game"

Those who are familiar with the 2D Metroid games should know what to expect for this game (especially if they played the rather linear Metroid Fusion), only with gameplay that tries to feel more ‘realistic’.

Aliens Infestation shows a bit of untapped potential, sadly however it doesn't really show it. Gameplay can be somewhat annoying at times in both controls and enemies, all the marines are essentially like a glorified lives system, and the results of defeating a boss is really underwhelming and abrupt.

The game may be worth checking out as a bargain bin title, but otherwise feels as if it is lacking substance in general.



Release date Australia
September 30th, 2011
Box Dimensions (mm)
138x125 x15
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The Aliens universe provides a setting full of horror, suspense and action. Using authentic environments inspired by the film series including the Sulaco and LV-426, the player will be immersed in an eerie, atmospheric world where any moment could bring their death.


  • Wield authentic weapons from the films, including the pulse rifle, smart gun, flamethrower and more. Use cover and blind fire to outshoot Xenos or sneak through the Sulaco in stealth missions – but watch out for Xenos lurking in the dark.
  • Recruit up to twenty individual Colonial Marines with distinct personalities, each designed by famed comic artist Chris Bachalo. Race to rescue captured comrades in five real-time minutes before they are implanted with Xenos.
  • Storyline and dialogue will change depending on who you have chosen for your team. Who will be able to stand up to the Xeno horde – and who will be dragged away to the hive?

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