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God of War III (Platinum)

Mature 15+
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Review by Mark on 23rd March, 2010
5 stars "awesome!"

Just got this game and im about 3–4 hours into it. i can say the game is similar to GoW 1 and 2 (combat and problem solving-wise)

there are a couple more twists and small differences which make the game more interesting!

You start off helping ‘Gaia’ a titan and fall into the underworld (yet again!) and you'll need to kill some gods one by one in order to complete your mission (killing Zeus and bringing down Olympus) and you can take their powers!

without giving too much away the storyline is awesome and its really brutal (in a good way!)

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Review by Daniel on 7th October, 2010
"Amazingly Brutal"

Great 3rd person action/adventure hack and slash.

You play the role of Kratos with a serious bone to pick with the Greek gods. The action fast & fluid is is broken up with puzzle sequences. Areas usually finish with a spectacular boss fight. You earn experience from killing enemies which you can use to upgrade weapons (usually obtained by defeating bosses) This is a game that really deserves its R18 rating. Combat is truly savage. Be prepared to tear off heads, strangle beasts with their entrails & poke gods eyes out!

The game is so good I found myself wishing I'd taken the time to play the 2 re-mastered first parts before I started this.

Don't think I've mentioned Absolutely gorgeous graphics (see sceenshots) that don't cause any noticeable slow down at all. Playing this convinced me the PS3 has a good 2–3 years of life left in it before developers will hit a hardware wall.

All in all great game that shows off what the PS3 can do.

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Review by Theresa on 5th September, 2010
5 stars "Look up PS3 epic in the dictionary...*picture of GOW3* "

You would have never played any game of any type that has action of this level. From the hydras in the first boss fight, GOW has continued to produce quality action sequences that believe it or not has gotten even better in its 3rd and final instalment. Kratos is back to his old tricks but this time with more gore, guts and girls then the first two. This one is a must buy and is guaranteed to satisfy any red blooded male(and some females).


  • 0.01 for no online multi player
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Review by Bronwyn on 5th July, 2010
5 stars "Fantastic Game was well worth the money."

I have now played all 3 GOW games and each one just seems to get better. I enjoyed this so much that i found it really hard to turn it off to do my jobs! I highly reccomend buying the whole set they are great value for money, it just doesnt take a couple of hours to clock plus if your like me a mother of 3 children even better as the children also enjoyed it and played the games straight after me. The graphics were fantastic. Normaly I like to control the camera myself which you cant do in with this game but they had the best angles for the majority of the game that it didnt worry me. Good Luck and i hope you enjoy this as much as me and my family did!

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Kathleen on 24th June, 2010
5 stars "A fitting farewell, to our most emotionally torn hero, ever."

God of war 3 is a fantastic game, through and through. It sticks with what works, staying true to its roots. The story line continues smoothly, following on immediately after the events of it's predecessor. Returning players will find familiar controls and game play. Players new to the franchise will be able to pick it up too. Weapons and abilities are a-plentiful, violence and gore is thrown in your face right from the word go. What more could you want from a game! Replay value is solid, with many things to achieve, unlock and use on your return trips. Highly recommended!



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March 18th, 2010
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God of War III finds Kratos raining carnage and destruction upon the Gods who have betrayed him and the entire Ancient Greek world. Armed with his deadly double-chained blades, Kratos will take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles on his merciless quest to destroy Olympus and the mighty Zeus himself.

  • Witness the power of PLAYSTATION 3 as Kratos ferociously carves through the massive army of Olympus - its Centaur Generals commanding wave after wave of merciless undead soldiers.
  • The epic scale of God of War III reaches heights unseen in the franchise - not only must Kratos ascend the summit of Mount Olympus to reach his revenge, but he must do it while navigating on the back of a titan who could crush the Statue of Liberty in the palm of it's hand.
  • The creatures of Greek legend are no longer just a way for Kratos to express his violent temper - Kratos can ride them, twisting their pain into a blind rage, using them to cross chasms, reveal secrets, and destroy anything and everything that stands in his way.
  • As Kratos continues on his path of revenge he will uncover new deadly weapons like the Cestus, powerful metal gauntlets with devastating strength, and other brutal instruments of war that will allow him to learn ruthless new techniques such as grappling with enemies and launching explosive wall to ground attacks.
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