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Walking Dead Season 1 reviews

2 Disc Set

Blu-ray (2010) Region B Series : The Walking Dead Brand : The Walking Dead Director : Various Country of Production : USA


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Customer reviews

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Review by Teja on 10th April, 2012
5 stars "A Terrific TV Show"

Love the cliffhangers of every episode. It's kinda like Pringles, “Once you pop, you can't stop”

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Review by Kyle on 21st February, 2012
5 stars "Excellent can't wait for season 2!"

The biggest problem with Zomibe movie is that they have to end. As long as this series popular the story will never end!

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Review by Paul on 23rd January, 2012
5 stars "Great series, can't wait for season 2"

Great series, can't wait for season 2

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Review by Darren on 9th March, 2012

This is an amazing series, but season 1 will be the only one worth buying. AMC have got rid of Darabont and the shows budget. Season 2 is no where near as good. Season 1 is a must have and looks and sounds amazing on BD.

Review by Erica on 23rd January, 2016
5 stars "Awesome!!"

Just recently watched this and it is amazing!! So many great characters, I really feel included in the story line while watching!!

Review by Mark on 15th May, 2013
5 stars "A must for Walking dead fans"

Just finished season 3 on TV, and had to buy the first 2 seasons on Blu Ray to satisfy the Walking dead craving until the next season goes to air! Best Show on Tv in the last few years by far!

Review by Craig on 11th May, 2013
5 stars "Awesome Series"

The Walking Dead is an awesome series everyone should watch. It is easy to get into and a one of the best zombie series imo. The real bad thing is that the first season is so short…otherwi­se 10/10.