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Valhalla Knights 2

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Review by Ted on 30th November, 2008
3 stars "An OK game for those who have time to spare."

This game has improved graphics and sound compared to number one, but now that the map is bigger with more monsters, it's is impossible to find your way around the dungeons. It is an enjoyable game for those who go on holidays often with never-ending plane rides, but I do not really reccomend this game for those in a rush.

Review by James on 27th August, 2012
3 stars "Bit repetitive but fun if you know what to expect."

It's a typical action RPG.

Accept quests. Wander around dungeons and kill things. Level up. Collect gear. Repeat.

Weak story.



Release date Australia
October 29th, 2008
Box Dimensions (mm)
107x190 x15
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Sequel to the hit PSP title released in April 2007, Valhalla Knights 2 returns with more features, content and freedom of customization, allowing players to create the ultimate battle party. Additional races, job classes, weapons and monsters enhance the real-time tactical team combat as players follow an original story created by the scenario writer of Final Fantasy XII, Miwa Shoda.

Key Features:

  • The epic adventure continues - An original story penned by the scenario writer of Final Fantasy XII, Miwa Shoda
  • Fully customize your battle party: Increased customization gives each player a unique experience, allowing players to change skills, race and appearance – over 100,000 possible combinations! Select from more races (Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Elf, Machine, Akatoki, Canine and different job classes (Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief, Knight, Samurai, Ninja, Anchor, Monk, Guard, Enchanter
  • Improvements to the Quest system: Improvements to the Quest system with an increased number of quests and the ability to suspend or cancel quests
  • All new weapons, armors and magic: Enjoy the vast selection of weapons, armors, and enhanced magic all visible on the in-game character models
  • Awesome real-time battles: Intense real-time 6-on-6 battles requiring tactical combat strategies and controlling various party members rather than button mashing
  • More locations to play in: Huge new world with a wide variety of environments to explore
  • Appearance of stronger enemies and monsters: Encounter up to 245 different types of monsters, including Samurai, Zombies, Gargoyles, Dragons, and Minotaur
  • Play online with your friends: Network Play – Connect for two-player Co-op adventures and Versus battles, or trade items and weapons with other players

When the goddess descended from the heavens, mortal kind was crushed beneath her glass wings. Countless people lost their lives, and those lucky enough to survive could do nothing but tremble in desperate hopelessness at her great power.

A lone enchanter fought the goddess and was able to wound her, but alone could not defeat her. The goddess dispersed her evil servants throughout the land in retaliation and hid herself within the world to recover.

It has been nearly a thousand years since those events and mortal kind is still scouring the earth in hopes of finding and defeating the hidden goddess. The Kingdom of Weishelheim supports the best of these "Latroci", or sanctioned adventurers, with an official status once they prove their valor. And thus, on the day of the examination to become an official adventurer, our hero/heroine’s adventure begins...


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