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5 stars"

This is one of my personal favourite games, as it is to many of my other friends. Its got great graphics, and there are many different things to do. There are so many aspects to the one game, its a huge bargain, the one bad thing, very addicting! great game!

5 stars"

Very cute game because I have a chuiwawa, a siberian husky and a yorkshire terrier!!! I love it when you use the bubble blower and when I win all the agility trials with Speedy(my siberian husky).IT IS AN AWESOME GAME. From Leah.

"Buy this game NOW!!!!!!!"
5 stars"

Best ever game released by nintendo. Have you always wanted and dog and your parents said no? Then get this game because with your virtual dog you can play games and enter it in competitons as well as teaching it tricks and giving it treats. I repeat but this game now!

"Awesome Nintendo Game (one of the best!)"
5 stars"

Nintendogs has got to be the coolest virtual pet game by nintendo. I have had it since it first came out and yet I still play it. I love how you can interact with the dog by just touching the screen. You can choose your breed, teach him/her tricks, take them for walks and enter disk throwing, agility and obedience competitions and many more! Forget buttons, get this game and get playing!!!

"The ultimate virtual pet!"
4 stars"

With this game you can adopt a dog and look after it. There is no cleaning up after it as well. You can train your dog and enter competitions for money. Also you can unlock all of the dogs from the other games. All in all a very fun virtual pet.

5 stars"

Great game for dog trainers for learning to train a pup.

"It beats Tamagotchi!"
3 stars"

Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends was the first game I bought for my Nintendo DS. It's a great simulation game that makes Neopets and Tamagotchi look like the underdogs of the virtual pet universe.

Although it gets quite boring after a while, it's fun to teach your dog new tricks, enter competitions, and pick up interesting new items while on walks.

There's no need to clean up your dog's poop, and you can unlock all of the breeds in the one cartridge alone. The voice recognition is great, and it's fun putting different hats, collars and ribbons on your dog.

One thing that's great about Nintendogs is that your dogs don't die if you don't feed them. They simply run away, but they will return after a while.

Overall, it's a fun game for short-term play. Welcome to the new revolution.