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"Things that go bump in the night..."
3 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

I love supernatural, creepy and downright turn your hair grey with fright movies. And I had heard great things. I started off ok but then the boyfriend got annoying…doing what he was told he absolutely shouldn't. The psychic help…well he wasn't, “This is not what I deal with, but the guy you need is away”. Typical. By the end I was like…come on spooky thing, just take them out and get it over with. Disappointing ending but as you will see from the alternate ending they included we really did see the best ending. Quite spectacular in its own way. I wanted more spook and less whining, but you can't have everything.

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"Not as scary as made out to be"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Everyone told me this is the scariest movie EVER!'s nothing like they made it up to be. You'll find it scary if you're not expecting anything.

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"Highly Overrated!"
2 stars"

We were really interested in seeing this film after hearing reports of how scary it was etc. and how it affected people after watching it. Well we watched it last night and must have been watching a different movie?! Yes OK it was suspenseful at times but it did not live up to the hype at all – we've seen scarier films! Not saying it's not worth watching once but we were left very disappointed and despite reports on the contrary, we slept soundly afterwards.

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4 stars"

This is an odd little movie. It leads to to believe it going to be a bit formulaic and I'll be honest I fast forwarded through some earlier parts. But then it takes an interesting turn. The best way I can describe it it like a book that you wonder if you should bother with then bits of it start to trigger interest until you want to keep turning pages to see how it pans out. No it's not frightening though it is creepy and get under your skin leaving an uneasy feeling at the end. If you get this make sure you check out the alternate end! Better than expected but ignore the hype.

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5 stars"

It was boring me at first and I was going to fall asleep; then things started happening, and I started freaking out;

Superb film, I mean its so cheap looking and budget and yet it kills most of today's scary movies.


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