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The Walking Dead - The Complete First Season (2 Disc Set)

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"Who knew zombies could be so entertaining-"
5 stars"

Review by Christina on 30th January, 2013

Finally a great television series about zombies! Couldn't get enough!

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5 stars"

Review by Tobias on 31st January, 2012

If you are a Zombie-fanatic, you should really enjoy this T.V Series, they have made the show as ‘real’ as they could, very great show!

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5 stars"

Review by Crystal on 3rd January, 2012

This is totally worth watching, it will have you on the edge of your seats wanting more and more if it :)

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"You will want season 2!"
4 stars"

Review by Don on 14th December, 2011

You will want season 2!

"Great Show"
5 stars"

Review by Kim on 12th September, 2016

A great show that introduces the characters and how they cope with a changing world. Rick wakes from a coma to a scene of horror and unreality and sets off to find his family. The world he wakes to is so very different to the one before and he finds it hard to accept and adjust. Fantastic make up makes the zombies seem very real and super scary.

"Fantastic series.non stop action"
5 stars"

Review by Dreenagh on 29th April, 2016

Love this series. Had to have it on DVD as soon as I saw it

"Good but not great"
3 stars"

Review by Paul on 17th November, 2015

In first season struggling to see where this is going to go without being much of the same

"4 star rating"
4 stars"

Review by Runiti on 25th May, 2015

My only gripe is that there aren't enough episodes in season one…otherwise thrilling and scary at the same time…makes you question what you would do in similar situations…

"Great series..."
5 stars"

Review by Donna on 14th November, 2014

This series is so very easy to get into. I am not usually into zombies etc but this program is more about the characters and survival. Quite often while watching this programme, my heart is in my throat & I am sitting on the edge of my seat anticipating how my favourite characters are going to get out of each predicament, you really feel like you know each of the characters & you either love them or loathe them.

"Love the walking dead"
5 stars"

Review by Kieran on 6th November, 2014

Thanks for the product,it has been cool watching it again Thanks

"Who wouldn't love it"
5 stars"

Review by daniella on 3rd October, 2014

Bad a****s, zombies, blood, guts and guns. What's not to love-

5 stars"

Review by Allison on 22nd May, 2014

Have watched all 4 seasons, waiting for 5th, best show on television!!

"Quality and Speed"

Review by Raelene on 22nd May, 2014

Good quality DVD and had it within two days. Happy as!!

"Great watching for the zombie enthusiast"
4 stars"

Review by Angela on 22nd April, 2014

Liked the many little plots that ran along during the series

"Fantastic viewing"
5 stars"

Review by Richard on 19th March, 2014

Had got hooked on S3 but wanted to start from the beginning to get the whole story.

"Dead-ly to watch in one go!"

Review by Corey on 17th February, 2014

Great series and better to watch the full season in one go.

4 stars"

Review by charles on 11th February, 2014

This series is brilliant! I bought this DVD in the hopes my dad would enjoy it, and now he's hooked!

5 stars"

Review by Coby on 22nd January, 2014

Good price for a good tv show! highly recommend to all horror fans!

"This is the most fantastic programme and I hate anything zombie"
5 stars"

Review by Jan on 18th January, 2014

I just love the characters and the story line is incredible. How we would survive or not… Group dynamics – wow!!!!!! My favourite programme.

5 stars"

Review by Margaret on 10th January, 2014

Great movie

5 stars"

Review by Nic on 7th January, 2014

Best show ever!!

"Amazing, beautiful, emotional"

Review by Jessica on 1st January, 2014

I was hooked watching every episode. I laugh and cried with the chracters

"Great show"
5 stars"

Review by Cole on 21st December, 2013

Really awesome show with a really good story line highly recommend!

4 stars"

Review by diane on 10th December, 2013

An excellent first series

"Extremely awesome"
5 stars"

Review by matthew on 5th December, 2013

One of the best tv series I have ever seen will have you hooked from start to finish starts of slow but gets exciting the further in you go.

"Great first season"
5 stars"

Review by Kimberly on 18th June, 2013

After watching the series on television I thought I'd look for the DVD set because it's really good! MightyApe sold it at the cheapest price (within NZ) and had it shipped to me within 2 days! Highly recommended DVD and website!

5 stars"

Review by Joshua on 28th April, 2013

Walking Dead is the best show – Season 1 is a bit slow paced at times but damn it gets epic

"Awesome series"
5 stars"

Review by Jake on 26th April, 2013

If you enjoy zombie movies, then this is a really good series, at a great price!

"The best tv series in years!"
5 stars"

Review by melonie on 3rd April, 2013

I love this tv show! Its exciting, gory, great story line, and at times scary… I hope they make more than 3 seasons!

"the best"
5 stars"

Review by Natasha on 14th August, 2012

Best Zombie DVD I've seen so far and can't wait for the next season to air on TV and then get it on DVD to own,it keeps you glued to your seats and because this s&*^ is sooo goooood you just want to watch it again and again.I think it has all the element you would want in a Zombie movie.

"Great viewing"
5 stars"

Review by Nigel on 13th June, 2012

The story is great and lots of zombie action makes this a must see .

"Zombies are cool"
5 stars"

Review by murray on 19th May, 2012

If you like Zombie Movies,dont miss this great TV Series.its well written & acted,the show draws you in & holds your attention till the end.

"Amazing take on the zombie story. "
5 stars"

Review by Rick on 20th March, 2012

Love this, I'm a sucker for a good zombie story and the walking dead delivers in spades. The series has a great cast, the main story and subplots will keep you glued to your seat. If you have even a passing love of horror stories you have to check this out.

4 stars"

Review by Brendon on 8th March, 2012

Never found a good zombie series, it's about time they brought out something like this; drama and zombies… What more could you ask for.

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"A Must Have for Zombie Horror Fans"
5 stars"

Preview by Sonya on 23rd November, 2011

I loved this series on tv and and keen to own a copy. Beware though, fans of the Robert Kirkman graphic novels, this does not exactly follow the story line, so if you're looking for an exact re-enactment of the books, this wont do it for you. The characters are the same, and the essential elements are the same (eg Shane hooking up with Lori) but many things are different. Enough zombies, action and drama to keep us happy though!

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5 stars"

Preview by Faith on 8th November, 2011

This will be soo good