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"An amazing classic"
4 stars"

This game is stunning, it's fun, it's easy to play, it's addictive and most of all it's a game you can play over and over.

Build a hospital, heal the sick and save the day. Theme Hospital is a classic tycoon game and is hilarious, the diseases that patients come in with are hysterical and the receptionist announcer is a crack up.

I loved playing this game it's definately well done and is so much better than more recent hospital games to date

I'd highly recommed this game to any fan of tycoon games and enjoy it as it's worth it.

4 stars for gameplay, fun-factor and enjoyability. A true master of a game from the era when PC games were intuative, long lasting and replayable :)

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"simple, addictive fun"
3 stars"

This game is great fun but don't expect to give you any idea about running a real hospital. Fun is all it is as you cure patients of obscure conditions which you, hopefully will never suffer from yourself, keep your hospital clean, hire and fire staff…

You get to start with limited resources, plan the layout of your hospital yourself and earn new equipment and abilities as you work your way up the ranks.

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