Thrustmaster T300RS GT Racing Wheel (Playstation) reviews

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"Worth every dollar!"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Straight up.. If you are looking a wheel with out going to the directdrive $1500+ extremes – this is the one you want. I have changed to this wheel after going through 4 G29 Units – people say the G2× series are tried and true but the ones I went through say otherwise about the quality. The feel you get back from the T300rs really does make the G29 feel dated. It's strong, snappy and vibrant where the G29 feels slow and merandering. Unlike the G29's bangs and clackers when hitting a kerb, wall or another car, the T300 has a strong sharp and firm pull to very clearly replicate what is happening. Only downside is I feel the accelerator and clutch pedals are still to soft with not enough progression to them, but that's all I can say apart from I wish I had of got one instead of the G29 in the 1st place. Hope this helps anyone looking at picking one up and is torn between the two.

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"Excellent, missed out on project cars deal XD"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Upgraded from G29 and it's so much better. Low noise and strong feedback compared to the G29. Bought a couple of weeks ago and now I wish I waited to get this project cars 2 deal haha. Definitely worth the money for wheel performance.

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"Saved a second in lap time on F1 22 circuits"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

I was a G923 user but wanted to get load cell pedals so I upgraded to the T300. The force feedback is much more detailed than the G923 and gave me more confidence on the throttle which allowed me to immediately shave half a second to a whole second off my best lap times in F1 22. If you are considering an entry-level wheel I'd recommend spending that little bit extra to get the T300, you won't regret it.

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"Great for one day, now a nightmare"
2 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Plugging it in, installing drivers etc.. The wheel did everything you would expect it to do. First game I played was ETS2 and then iracing. ETS2 it felt like a new game with this wheel, nice, smooth and quiet. Iracing, I wasn't as impressed but this could be settings issue in game. But after a day of on, off playing it was time to disconnect. Couldn't be happier with the wheel. Next day, I connect the wheel up again and the wheel doesn't calibrate, so I restart the computer, nothing. Ok, I uninstall/re­install drivers, nothing. PC says its connected but nothing is working, other than the base unit having power and fan on. I try whatever I can find to resolve the issue but nothing. Power is on, fan sounds like its running at 100%, which it wasn't doing that the first day, even when playing games, FFB is there, so I turn the wheel and I got some life from it. So concerning was this life, I had to disconnect the power because of the violent rotation of the wheel, which wasn't stopping.

The wheel feels great but after one day, it is no longer plug and play, makes me really question the wheels build/software. Coming from the G27, which I had zero issues with, I am really disappointed. Unsure if I have a faulty unit but be prepared to troubleshoot if you buy this for the PC.

Frustrating experience.

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1 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

$1,000 for a toy was hard to stomach, but I love Gran Tourismo, and can only play them with the steering wheels and peddle sets. I would love to say its a wonderful bit of kit like everyone else, but…

The simplest part makes this expensive purchase unusable, the clamp that holds it on to the race chair is useless, well for my brand of chair. Check it fits your race seat before you buy or you could be p****** a thousand dollars up the wall.