LEGO Super Mario

Super Mario LEGO

The great thing about LEGO® Super Mario™ is… it's made from LEGO bricks, so you can add, build and rebuild with expansion sets in endless and amazing ways.

The main set features an interactive Super Mario figure and even though he looks like a piece of DUPLO, the LEGO version of the Italian plumber features an LCD display, speakers, accelerometer, colour sensor and Bluetooth connectivity.

Once powered up with two AAA batteries, Lego Mario can connect to an iOS or Android device. The allows you to interact with the sets that you build, collect coins, more time, and defeat enemies.

The LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly display a wide variety of instant reactions to movement, as well as action bricks, and the speaker pumps out a soundtrack, that famous coin collect sound, and phrases from Mario from time to time. It's literally like the video game is coming to life in your hands.

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