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Narratives for Practice


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Building ASL Interpreting and Translation Skills: Narratives for Practice by Nanci A. Scheetz
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Written in a workbook fashion and designed as a teaching / learning vehicle, Building ASL Interpreting and Translation Skills is for students taking courses in American Sign Language (levels I, II or III), as well as students enrolled in interpreting programs. The written English narratives are designed for translation, interpreting and transliterating with over 80 examples on the companion DVD signed by both native Deaf individuals and nationally certified interpreters. The book is divided into four parts. Part I: The first part of the text consists of 24 chapters that provide readers with an overview of a variety of ASL grammatical features. Each chapter includes an example glossed into ASL to provide students with a model for translation, each of which are signed on the accompanying DVD, followed by narratives for student practice that gradually increase in length and difficulty. Part II The second part of the text consists of 20 chapters covering additional grammatical features. The selections become increasingly longer in length. Selections in the first several chapters of Part II are also signed by a Deaf individual on the companion DVD.As the selections become longer, a nationally certified interpreter interprets selected narratives modeling the ASL principle described in the chapter. Part III: The third part of the text is devoted to exercises that focus on building automaticity when confronting multiple meaning words, idioms, and college level vocabulary. These selections are longer in length and are designed to provide interpreters with source material that covers a wide variety of topics. Part IV: The fourth part of the text includes narratives, lectures, and passages from texts that might be read in a high school or college class.

Table of Contents

Preface Transcription Symbols Part I: Selections for Beginning ASL Students Chapter One: Pronouns, Locations, and Use of Sign Space Example 1.0 Selection 1.1: Mary Lives in New York Selection 1,2: Tom's Learning ASL Selection 1.3: Fingerspell that Again Selection 1.4: Susan Attends School Selection 1.5: A Teacher at the Residential School Selection 1.6: My Father Selection 1.7: The French Teacher Selection 1.8: The Elementary School Selection 1.9: Learning Sign Language Selection 1.10: What Does It Mean? Free Expressive Practice Chapter Two: Directional Verbs Example 2.0 Selection 2.1: The Teacher Helps Out Selection 2.2: Please Help Me Selection 2.3: Sending a Box to California Selection 2.4: Finding the Restroom Selection 2.5: Bring Chairs to the Table Selection 2.6: Locating the Gold Paper Selection 2.7: Meet Monique Selection 2.8: Where is the Office? Selection 2.9: The Lady in the Cafeteria Selection 2.10: Jason's Sign Language Class Free Expressive Practice Chapter Three: Descriptive Adjectives Example 3.0 Selection 3.1: The Woman in the Library Selection 3.2: The Man in the Cafeteria Selection 3.3: Woman with the Grey Hair Selection 3.4: Who is that Snob? Selection 3.5: The Boy with the Curly Hair Selection 3.6: Ricky's Always Late Selection 3.7: Who's Twyla? Selection 3.8: Megghan's House Selection 3.9: Motorcycle Man Selection 3.10: The Bus Driver Selection 3.11: Free Expressive Practice Chapter Four: Noun/Verb Pairs Example 4.0 Selection 4.1: Three Things for Mom Selection 4.2: The Science Teacher Selection 4.3: Writing My Paper Selection 4.4: Tamika and Her Clothes Selection 4.5: Can You Help Me? Selection 4.6: Looking for Candy Selection 4.7: The Bookstore Selection 4.8: Where Can I Get Some Coffee? Selection 4.9: Bob's Tall Order Selection 4.10: The English Teacher Free Expressive Practice Chapter Five: Topic/Comment Example 5.0 Selection 5.1: John's Exciting Day Selection 5.2: The Hungry Student Selection 5.3: Jose's Apartment Selection 5.4: Driving Test Selection 5.5: Marci Selection 5.6: A Request Selection 5.7: The Garbage Selection 5.8: Televisions and Lights are Different Today Selection 5.9: The Irritated Teacher Selection 5.10: Reading a Good Book Free Expressive Practice Chapter Six: Negation, Negative Incorporation & Modals Example 6.0 Selection 6.1: The New Teacher Selection 6.2: The School Year Starts Soon Selection 6.3: Straight Hair Selection 6.4: Library Fine Selection 6.5: Coffee Selection 6.6: Jamia's New Bicycle Selection 6.7: Marnie Selection 6.8: Todd Free Expressive Practice Chapter Seven: Classifiers: Describing Location and Movement Example 7.0 Selection 7.1: Sue's Kitchen Selection 7.2: Renee's Shoes Selection 7.3: The Missing Grapes Selection 7.4: Dirty Dishes Selection 7.5: Where's My Candy? Selection 7.6: Candles Selection 7.7: Paul's Cars Selection 7.8: The Canister Set Free Expressive Practice Chapter Eight: Establishing Tense in ASL Example 8.0 Selection 8.1: Peter's Family Selection 8.2: My Roommate Selection 8.3: My Aunt Betty Selection 8.4: Tami's Family Selection 8.5: The Ideal Husband Selection 8.6: The Surprise Party Selection 8.7: Tim's Girlfriend Selection 8.8: Teresa's Family Free Expressive Practice Chapter Nine: Age, Time and Counting Numbers Example 9.0 Selection 9.1: Grandma Needs a Hearing Aid Selection 9.2: High School Reunion Selection 9.3: Dirty Laundry Selection 9.4: Anyone Know Josh? Selection 9.5: Watching TV Selection 9.6: The Neighborhood Selection 9.7: The Smith Family Selection 9.8: Autumn and Amber Free Expressive Practice Chapter Ten: Additional Work with Classifiers Example 10.0 Selection10.1: Jake's New House Selection 10.2: Busy Saturday Selection 10.3: The Man in the Library Selection 10.4: The Airport Selection 10.5: Juanita's Kitchen Selection 10.6: Sam's Schedule Selection 10.7: Retirement Home Selection 10.8: Coffee Drinker Free Expressive Practice Chapter Eleven: Expressing Negatives using None Example 11.0 Selection 11.1: Miss Audra's Cakes Selection 11.2: Missi's Diet Selection 11.3: Shopping in France Selection 11.4: The Earthquake Selection 11.5: The Cabinets Selection 11.6: The Budget Selection 11.7: The Vegetarian Selection 11.8: Who Has Time to Cook? Free Expression Practice Chapter Twelve: Additional Work with Noun/Verb Pairs Example 12.0 Selection 12.1: Sharon's Party Selection 12.2: Shawn's Car Selection 12.3: Sue and Jerry Selection 12.4: New Computer Selection 12.5: The Party Selection 12.6: The Hairdryer Selection 12.7: The Airport Selection 12.8: My Grandparents Selection 12.9: Bad Week Selection 12.10: Broken Computer Free Expressive Practice Chapter Thirteen: Conditionals Example 13.0 Selection 13.1: Feeling Sick Selection 13.2: Working with John Selection 13.3: Car Problems Selection 13.4: Lots of Money Selection 13.5: The Teacher Selection 13.6: Moving Selection 13.7: My Boyfriend Selection 13.8: Buying Books Selection 13.9: Moe's Selection 13.10: Hungry Girl Free Expressive Practice Chapter Fourteen: Use of Finish as a Conjunction Example 14.0 Selection 14.1: Going to a Movie Selection 14.2: The Trip Selection 14.3: My Favorite Sport Selection 14.4: Baryshnikov Selection 14.5: The Car Accident Selection 14.6: Math Class Selection 14.7: Looking at Art Selection 14.8: Shirley's Dog Selection 14.9: Damon Plays Baseball Selection 14.10: The South Free Expressive Practice Chapter Fifteen: Additional work with Verb Pairs Example 15.0 Selection 15.1: Shannon Was a No Show Selection 15.2: Smoking Regulation Selection 15.3: The Judge Selection 15.4: The Deaf Club Selection 15.5: When Valerie Arrives Selection 15.6: Tons of Homework Selection 15.7: The Waitress Selection 15.8: Where Do Yu Want to Go? Selection 15.9: Inside the Lawyer's Office Selection 15.10: Movies on Airplanes Free Expressive Practice Chapter Sixteen: Giving Directions in ASL Example 16.0 Selection 16.1: The Mall Selection 16.2: Fat Daddy's Selection 16.3: TV Repair Shop Selection 16.4: Shalonda's Apartment Selection 16.5: Take the Box to the Post Office Selection 16.6: The New Coke and Snack Machines Selection 16.7: The Hospital Selection 16.8: Cindy's Mountain Home Selection 16.9: Marie's Restaurant Selection 16.10: Looking for an Outlet Free Expressive Practice Chapter Seventeen: Working With Time Example 17.0 Selection 17.1: Summer Vacation Selection 17.2: Summer Classes Selection 17.3: Winter Retreat Selection 17.4: Shopping for a New Car Selection 17.5: Missi's Busy Schedule Selection 17.6: The Cheater Selection 17.7: Outdoor Activities Selection 17.8: Bad Habits Free Expressive Practice Chapter Eighteen: Quantifiers Example 18.0 Selection 18.1: Winter Sky Selection 18.2: Summer Theater Selection 18.3: Soccer Game Selection 18.4: Bar-B-Q Selection 18.5: Mountain Driving Selection 18.6: Emily's Children Selection 18.7: The President Selection 18.8: Classes Free Expressive Practice Chapter Nineteen: Repeatedly, Continually & Reduplication Example 19.0 Selection 19.1: Winter in Pennsylvania Selection 19.2: Paying Bills Selection 19.3: Volleyball Game Selection 19.4: Camping Selection 19.5: Summer Fun Selection 19.6: The Buffet Selection 19.7: The Complain Game Selection 19.8: Movies Free Expressive Practice Chapter Twenty: Changing Adjectives to Indicate Repetition Example 20.0 Selection 20.1: Sophie's Trip Selection 20.2: Quiet House Selection 20.3: The Hotel Selection 20.4: Ed Selection 20.5: Internet Resources Selection 20.6: Hurricane Season Selection 20.7: Music Selection 20.8: Maintaining Your Proper Weight Selection 20.9 Visiting James Selection 20.10 Shy Sheila Selection 20.11 The Botanist Free Expressive Practice Chapter Twenty-one: Rhetorical Questions Example 21.0 Selection 21.1: The Dancer Selection 21.2: Smith's Poultry Shuts Down Selection 21.3: Change in Careers Selection 21.4: The Interpreter Selection 21.5: Interpreting in Jail Selection 21.6: Great Boss Selection 21.7: Stolen Identity Selection 21.8: I Think It's Going to Rain Free Expressive Practice Chapter Twenty-two: Additional Ways to Form Negatives Example 22.0 Selection 22.1: The Mistake Selection 22.2: Mom's Stroke Selection 22.3: Picture of Health Selection 22.4: New Experience Selection 22.5: Ambulance Driver Selection 22.6: Weight Lifting Class Selection 22.7: The Baby's Sick Selection 22.8: Ole Dakota Free Expressive Practice Chapter Twenty-three: Additional Work Signing Topics Example 23.0 Selection 23.1: Josh's Job Selection 23.2: Out of Africa Selection 23.3: Our Government Selection 23.4: The Freeway Selection 23.5: The Game Selection 23.6: World Problems Selection 23.7: The Did You Know Magazine Selection 23.8: Ugly Brown Toads Free Expressive Practice Chapter Twenty-four: Classifiers that Show Movement and Distance Example 24.0 Selection 24.1: The Wooden Box Selection 24.2: Cindy's Family Selection 24.3: The Mechanic Selection 24.4: Day After Thanksgiving Selection 24.5: The Coffee Table Selection 24.6: Libby Glass Selection 24.7: The Yellow Kitchen Selection 24.8: Favorite Holiday Free Expressive Practice Part II: Selections for Intermediate ASL Students Chapter One: Additional Work with Topic/Comment Selection 1.1: Meeting at the Deaf Club Selection 1.2: Phil's New House Selection 1.3: The Metro Selection 1.4: Sue's Pennsylvania Home Selection 1.5: Jeff's Living Room Selection 1.6: The Messy Office Selection 1.7: Baking Fish Selection 1.8: Going to the Prom Selection 1.9: Summer Travel Plans Selection 1.10: Marcie's Shopping Trip Selection 1.11: California Vacation Free Expressive Practice Chapter Two: Using Reference Points to Mark Locations Selection 2.1: Where's the VR Office? Selection 2.2: The Gym Selection 2.3: Juan's Apartment Selection 2.4: Margaret's Flower Bed Selection 2.5: Buying Sports Equipment Selection 2.6: Pre Kindergarten Classrooms Selection 2.7: Triangular Streets Selection 2.8: Carol's Travels Selection 2.9: The Rockettes Selection 2.10: Lines and Segments Selection 2.11: Vera's Plants Free Expressive Practice Chapter Three: Using Semantic Classifiers to Mark Location & Movement Selection 3.1: Alan's Family Room Selection 3.2: Walls Selection 3.3: Silent Dinner at the Mall Selection 3.4: Earthquakes Selection 3.5: The Turtle Tree Selection 3.6: Newborn Nursery Selection 3.7: The Stage Selection 3.8: Messy Roommate Selection 3.9: Airports and Weather Delays Selection 3.10: Rearranging the Library Selection 3.11: The Hedge Free Expressive Practice Chapter Four: Time Selection 4.1: Picking up the Speaker Selection 4.2: Exciting Times Selection 4.3: The Puppy Selection 4.4: Professional Bull Riding Selection 4.5: Old Friends Selection 4.6: Getting Ready to Graduate Selection 4.7: Cleaning the Apartment Selection 4.8: Chairperson for GAD Selection 4.9: RID Views Selection 4:10: The Plastic Lizard Selection 4.11: Sleepless Night Free Expressive Practice Chapter Five: Listing, Grouping, Prioritizing Selection 5.1: ASL Textbooks Selection 5.2: Cooking Terms Selection 5.3: Proficiency Levels Selection 5.4: ASL and Sign Systems Selection 5.5: Officers at the Club for the Deaf Selection 5.6: Socio-economic Status in the US Selection 5.7: Kinds of People Selection 5.8: Types of Hearing Aids Selection 5.9: Categories of Dogs Selection 5.10: Shapes Selection 5.11: Stages of Development Free Expressive Practice Chapter Six: Role Shifting Selection 6.1: What's Up? Selection 6.2: Mowing the Yard Selection 6.3: The Gorgeous Woman Selection 6.4: Ritual for Deciding What to Eat Selection 6.5: Buying a New Car Selection 6.6: Where's George? Selection 6.7: Fireworks Selection 6.8: Going to the Store Selection 6.9: Speedy Strength Workout Selection 6.10: What Did You Think of the Movie? Free Expressive Exercise Chapter Seven: Contrasting and Comparing Selection 7.1: Pros and Cons of Small Town Living Selection 7.2: Living in the Desert Selection 7.3: Sunrise Suzie/Night Owl Nick Selection 7.4: Two Year Versus Four Year Colleges Selection 7.5: Residential Schools and Inclusion Selection 7.6: Summer or Winter Vacations Selection 7.7: Downsizing Selection 7.8: Healthy Eating Selection 7.9: Thanksgiving and Christmas Selection 7.10: Pete's Heritage Free Expressive Practice Chapter Eight: Instrument Classifiers Selection 8.1: Baking the Cake Selection 8.2: The Bottom Fell Out of the Box Selection 8.3: Ross and Mike's Fishing Trip Selection 8.4: Assembling the Bookshelves Selection 8.5: Tanya's Cooking Show Selection 8.6: Gail's Halloween Decorations Selection 8.7: Uncle Charlie's Beer Steins Selection 8.8: Misses Wishey Washey's Tub Selection 8.9: Reid Has A New Squirt Gun Selection 8.10: Jar of Kitchen Tools Free Expressive Practice Chapter Nine: Characterization Selection 9.1: Shonda's Nephew Selection 9.2: Miss Prim and Proper Selection 9.3: Great Aunt Mildred Selection 9.4: Asking for a Date Selection 9.5: Brian Selection 9.6: Stories Children Like Selection 9.7: Imitating the Teacher Selection 9.8: Deaf Olympics Selection 9.9: Driving Home Selection 9.10: I Have to Go Home Free Expressive Practice Chapter Ten: More Work with Conjunctions Selection 10.1: Getting to the UPS Store Selection 10.2: Walk around the Lake Selection 10.3: Nikki's News Selection 10.4: The Soccer Game Selection 10.5: Visit to the Doctor's Office Selection 10.6: The Concert Selection 10.7: The Rollerblading Accident Selection 10.8: We're Related Selection 10.9: I Studied for the Wrong Test Free Expressive Practice Chapter Eleven: Active/Passive Voice Selection 11.1: Miss Deaf Montana Selection 11.2: Burglary on Elm Street Selection 11.3: Grooming the Dog Selection 11.4: Cakes for Christmas Selection 11.5: Painting Grandma's House Selection 11.6: Picking Blueberries Selection 11.7: Tommy's Soccer Game Selection 11.8: Voyages of Sea Captains Selection 11.9: Potato Farmers Selection 11.10: The Picnic Selection 11.11: The Birthday Surprise Free Expressive Practice Chapter Twelve: Sequencing Selection 12.1: The Experiment Selection 12.2: Design Your Own Boat Selection 12.3: Understanding Collisions Selection 12.4: Can You Solve These Problems? Selection 12.5: Let's Solve Some More Math Problems Selection 12.6: Writing about You Selection 12.7: Fractions Selection 12.8: Solving Word Problems Selection 12.9: Independent and Dependent Clauses Selection 12.10: Steps in Division Free Expressive Practice Chapter Thirteen: Supplemental Selections Selection 13.1: High School Subcultures Selection 13.2: Gun Control Selection 13.3: Maggie O'Brien Selection 13.4: Library Assistant Selection 13.5: Mark Selection 13.6: Media Influences Teens Selection 13.7: Flea Market Selection 13.8: Playing in the Leaves Selection 13.9: Snowball Fight Selection 13.10: Feed the Ducks Selection 13.11: Rascal and Coco Chapter Fourteen: Supplemental Selections Selection 14.1: Skydiving Selection 14.2: Blackie Selection 14.3: The Fender Selection 14.4: Toto and the Frog Selection 14.5: The Bat Selection 14.6: Clowns at the Circus Selection 14.7: Mr. Wimber's Grocery Store Selection 14.8: Making the Perfect Pizza Selection 14.9: Unloading the Dishwasher Selection 14.10: Spiders Chapter Fifteen: Supplemental Selections Selection 15.1: Storm Stick Selection 15.2: The Car Accident Selection 15.3: Eating at the Old Train Station Selection 15.4: The Electricity Goes Off Selection 15.5: Foton's Table Selection 15.6: The Iron Pattern on the Rug Selection 15.7: Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate Selection 15.8: Watching the Train Selection 15.9: The Rowing team Selection 15.10: Devices for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Selection 15.11: My Favorite Clock Chapter Sixteen: Supplemental Selections Selection 16.1: Professional Wrestling Matches vs. High School Wrestling Selection 16.2: Ice Floating Down the River Selection 16.3: Soup or Juice Selection 16.4: Fruit Anyone? Selection 16.5: Files in the Doctor's Office Selection 16.6: Contacts and Glasses Selection 16.7: Tiling the Bathroom Floor Selection 16.8: The Picture in the Art Museum Selection 16.9: Autism Selection 16.10: Concentration Chapter Seventeen: Supplemental Selections Selection 17.1: How to Write a Good Business Letter Selection 17.2: Beach Plums Selection 17.3: Using the Internet to Cook Selection 17.4: The Packrat Selection 17.5: Setting up the Classroom Selection 17.6: Photosynthesis Selection 17.7: Plug in Heaters for Cars Selection 17.8: Fallingwater Selection 17.9: Forming Concepts in Math Selection 17.10: Hybrid Cars Chapter Eighteen: Supplemental Selections Selection 18.1: Spelunking Selection 18.2: Writing a Persuasive Paragraph Selection 18.3: Poetry Selection 18.4: Geography Selection 18.5: Hot Air Balloon Ride Selection 18.6: Chicken Houses Selection 18.7: View from the Launch Pad Selection 18.8: Mime Selection 18.9: Comparing and Contrasting Selection 18.10: What Animal Would You Be? Chapter Nineteen: Supplemental Selections Selection 19.1: Amelia Earhart Selection 19.2: Geometry Selection 19.3: Trees Selection 19.4: Animal Tails Selection 19.5: Cause and Effect Selection 19.6: The First Horses in America Selection 19.7: Solar Energy Selection 19.8: Mixing Colors Selection 19.9: How to Make a Paper Fan Selection 19.10: Making Bean Bags Chapter Twenty: Supplemental Selections Selection 20.1: Doing Laundry Selection 20.2: Pelicans Selection 20.3: Making Snowmen Selection 20.4: Owls Selection 20.5: Fun Ways to Measure Things Selection 20.6: Seeing Things through a Microscope Selection 20.7: Mirrors Selection 20.8: Piggy Banks Selection 20.9: Wheels Selection 20.10: Getting the Pig to Madison Part III: Multiple Meaning Words, Idioms, and Vocabulary Building Chapter 1: Run, Down, Call, Make, Look Selection 1.1: My Old Friend Selection 1.2: Small Town Gossip Selection 1.3: Checking on Grandma Selection 1.4: Buying a New Car Selection 1.5: Rain in Florida Chapter 2: Place, Up, Break, Fix, By Selection 2.1: The Camping Trip Selection 2.2: The Word "Up" Selection 2.3: The Dancer Selection 2.4: Jack of All Trades Selection 2.5: Angela and Her House Chapter 3: Charge, Advance, Around, Back, Right Selection 3.1: Charged with Theft Selection 3.2:The Military Selection 3.3: The Bride Selection 3.4: Politics Selection 3.5: The Right Choice Chapter 4: See, Take, Time, About, Raise Selection 4.1: Needing Public Assistance Selection 4.2: What's Your Take on It? Selection 4.3: The Time of Our Lives Selection 4.4: Character Education Selection 4.5: Raise the Bar Chapter 5: Short, Bank, Fall, Get Out, Line Selection 5.1: Miss Deaf America Selection 5.2: On-line Dating Selection 5.3: Fall Festival Selection 5.4: The Graduation Party Selection 5.5: The Great Depression Chapter 6: Put, Pass, Shake, Pick, On Selection 6.1: Getting A New Job Selection 6.2: The Cute Graduate Assistant Selection 6.3: Working for an Independent Company Selection 6.4: Playing on the Dodge Ball Team Selection 6.5: What's the Name of that Book? Chapter 7: After, Bare, Cool, Draw, Meet Selection 7.1: Babies, Baseball, and Bob Selection 7.2: Old Mother Snodgrass Selection 7.3: Cookout at the Club for the Deaf Selection 7.4: Studying Drafting at NTID Selection 7.5: The Swimming Meet Chapter Eight: Box, Blow, Eat, Ring, Jump Selection 8.1: Taking on a New Meaning Selection 8.2: The Many Uses of the Word Blow Selection 8.3: The Positives and Negatives of Eat Selection 8.4: Expressions that include Ring Selection 8.5: Thinking before you Leap Chapter Nine: Out, Use, Over, Kick, Mind Selection 9.1: The Outing Selection 9.2: The Old Junker Selection 9.3: Planning the Fall Festival Selection 9.4: Paint Ball Wars Selection 9.5: Terrible Twos Chapter Ten: Bone, Miss, Low, Cut, Point Selection 10.1: Studying for the Test Selection 10:2: Missing Miss Brooks Selection 10.3: The Low Down on Millie Selection 10.4: Auditions for the Play Selection 10.5: She Lacks a Sense of Direction Chapter Eleven: Idioms Selection 11.1: Adjusting to the College Team Selection 11.2: The Road Trip Selection 11.3: Mean Girls Selection 11.4: Being Frugal Selection 11.5: Jen's Boss Chapter Twelve: Additional Work with Idioms Selection 12.1: Advanced Calculus Class Selection 12.2: Coaching Little League Selection 12.3: The Hypochondriac Selection 12.4: The CEO Selection 12.5: Getting Fit Chapter Thirteen: Additional Work with Idioms Selection 13.1: Winter Weather Selection 13.2: Cassie Lands a New Job Selection 13.3: Brutus the Overgrown Puppy Selection 13.4: The 5K Run Selection 13.5: Pen Pal Chapter Fourteen: Additional Work with Idioms Selection 14.1: Not Our Year Selection 14.2: Health Insurance Selection 14.3: A Good Song Selection 14.4: The Weatherman Selection 14.5: Phrases that Include the Word "Dog" Chapter Fifteen: Working with Idioms Selection 15.1: The Hoax Selection 15.2: Who Will You Vote For? Selection 15.3: Jeremiah Needs a New Truck Selection 15.4: Building Homes for the Homeless Selection 15.5: Grandma's Philosophy Chapter Sixteen: Vocabulary Building Exercises Selection 16.1: Unpleasant School Experiences Selection 16.2: The Breadbasket of America Selection 16.3: Visit to the Oncologist Selection 16.4: People Watchers Selection 16.5: The Advertising Industry Chapter Seventeen: Additional Vocabulary Building Activities Selection 17.1: Charting New Territory Selection 17.2: Sports Heroes Selection 17.3: Contemporary Music Selection 17.4: Problems at the Mall Selection 17.5: The United Nations Chapter Eighteen: Additional Vocabulary Building Activities Selection 18.1: The Pillar of the Community Selection 18.2: The Plight of the Immigrants Selection 18.3: Developing Higher-Level Cognitive Strategies Selection 18.4: Relationships Selection 18.5: The Essay Chapter Nineteen: Additional Vocabulary Building Activities Selection 19.1: Washington D.C. Selection 19.2: Raising the Barn Selection 19.3: The Forces of Nature Selection 19.4: Sunsets Selection 19.5: The Biblophile Chapter Twenty: Additional Vocabulary Building Activities Selection 20.1: Careers in the Field of Science Selection 20.2: Flight in America Selection 20.3: The New Power Plant Selection 20.4: The Gathering Selection 20.5: The National Agenda Part IV: Selections for Interpreting and Transliterating Chapter 1 Selection 1.1: Reading Recovery Selection 1.2: The Wedding Selection 1.3: Baking Bread Selection 1.4: Applying for a Job Selection 1.5: Traveling to Europe Chapter 2 Selection 2.1: Award Winners Selection 2.2: Getting Stuck in the Mud Selection 2.3: Drive through Flu Shots Selection 2.4: Displays at the Grocery Store Selection 2.5: Dog Shows Chapter Three Selection 3.1: Going Hunting in the Deer Stand Selection 3.2: Ice Skaters at the World Games Selection 3.3: Homes of the Rich and Famous Selection 3.4: Waiting Tables can be Hard Work Selection 3.5: Children's Games Chapter Four Selection 4.1: Slalom on the Ski Slopes Selection 4.2: The Food Pyramid Selection 4.3: Graduating From Gallaudet Selection 4.4: Daisies, Brownies, and Girl Scouts Selection 4.5: Tim's Trip to the Kennel Chapter Five Selection 5.1: Writing a Research Paper Selection 5.2: Using Examples and Illustrations Selection 5.3: Working with Students who Need Speech Therapy Selection 5.4: Comparing and Contrasting Selection 5.5: My First Grade Santa Chapter Six Selection 6.1: Down Home Days Selection 6.2: Spinal Injury Selection 6.3: Using All My Smarts Selection 6.4: Main Processes of the Memory System Selection 6.5: My Dog Chapter Seven Selection 7.1: The Airport Selection 7.2: The Circle Selection 7.3: Classrooms Yesterday and Today Selection 7.4: First Immigration Wave: Mid-1800s to Early 1900s Selection 7.5: The Smooth Chapter Eight Selection 8.1: Terrain and Temperature Selection 8.2: Music: Originals and Remakes Selection 8.3: Team Sports Selection 8.4: Bailey, Hudson and Taz Selection 8.5: Car Colors Chapter Nine Selection 9.1: Coffee Pots versus Single-serving Coffee Containers Selection 9.2: The Traffic Ticket Selection 9.3: Video conferencing Technology Selection 9.4: Candidates for Governor Spout Platforms Selection 9.5: The Soup Bowls Chapter Ten Selection 10.1: Banking Services Selection 10.2: The Bridal Show Selection 10.3: Interpreting Math Problems Selection 10.4: What is expected of the Educational Interpreter in the Elementary Setting? Selection 10.5: Literacy and the English Language Learner Chapter Eleven Selection 11.1: Earl Warren Selection 11.2: The Solar System Selection 11.3: Time Zones Selection 11.4: Flying Kites Selection 11.5: Rescue from the Third Floor Chapter Twelve Selection 12.1: Live versus Automated Phone Customer Service Selection 12.2: Teaching Deaf Studies in Included Classrooms Selection 12.3: Cruise Lines Keep Adding New Attractions Selection 12.4: Teaching Tolerance to Young Children Selection 12.5: Deaf, Deaf World Chapter Thirteen Selection 13.1: The Blizzard Selection 13.2: Trying out for the Dance Line Selection 13.3: Bike Across America Selection 13.4: Cat Lovers Selection 13.5: The Hundredth Day of School Chapter Fourteen Selection 14.1: A Walk in the Woods Selection 14.2: Barbara the Pig Selection 14.3: Violet's Tanning Experience Selection 14.4: The Pizza Party Selection 14.5: The U Turn Chapter Fifteen Selection 15.1: TTY's Selection 15.2: Working as a Parking Lot Attendant at Disney World Selection 15.3: Getting Stuck in the Dressing Room Selection 15.4: The Money Pit Selection 15.5: Immersion Weekends for Interpreters Chapter Sixteen Selection 16.1: Driving on the Ice Selection 16.2: Instructors Selection 16.3: The Cruise Selection 16.4: Adult Day Care Selection 16.5: Living with Deaf People Chapter Seventeen Selection 17.1: Car Shows on MTV Selection 17.2: Levels of Cognitive Functioning Selection 17.3: Seasons of the Year Selection 17.4: How to be a Good Manager Selection 17.5: Local Fast Food Chain Pushes its New Image Chapter Eighteen Selection 18.1: Travels by Renee Selection 18.2: My Tropical Fish Hobby Selection 18.3: Jimmy Carter Selection 18.4: Sky Warn for Deaf Selection 18.5: Jamaica Chapter Nineteen Selection 19.1: Police Chaplain Selection 19.2: Ham Radio Selection 19.3: Conduct of Police Officers Selection 19.4: Death Notification Selection 19.5: A Story about My Dad Chapter Twenty Selection 20.1: Let's Talk about Wales Selection 20.2: A Lecture regarding Psychosocial Aspects of Deafness Selection 20.3: Feeding the Hungry across America Selection 20.4: My Best Friend Emily Selection 20.5: The Girls

Author Biography

Nanci A. Scheetz is a Professor at Valdosta State University. She teaches courses in the American Sign Language/Interpreting Program and the Deaf Education Program. She has been a nationally certified interpreter since 1987, and continues to work as a free-lance interpreter in educational and community settings. She has written curriculum materials, presented numerous workshops, and is the author of Orientation to Deafness, 2nd ed. 2002 (Allyn & Bacon), Psychosocial Aspects of Deafness, 2004 (Allyn & Bacon), and Sign Communication for Everyday Use, 1998 (Pro-Ed).
Release date Australia
February 28th, 2008
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United States
Allyn & Bacon
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