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"The best for hard core fans"
5 stars"

Seven years of development. Although this is a commercial product now, but from 1998 to before this product is released, this product has been under development by the sim community. This release is a wrap for all the tears and fun in seven years, and is continuing to improve.. There is hardly a game to keep you fun in seven years, this game is the answer… Worth 10 times the price. Although there are still some bugs, (but please understand, this game is so complicated that it is hardly not to have bugs)… If you a hard core sim, this game is the answer. There is nothing in the market (even LOMAC, which can bet it). The bads: The graphics is yet to be improved, still some bugs in the game due to its complexibity. The goods: The most realistic flight sim out there

"A solid sim and hours of fun"
4 stars"

I first heard of falcon 4 when my bro said it was what everyone used in the RAAF for practice. I never found a copy of the game but when this hit the shelf I thought awesome I will definately get this.

This is an awesome indepth sim and allows the player to decide how “life like” they want there simulation to be this sim really stands up beside LOMAC.

The hot touch cockpit adds to the realism of the simiulator and has amusing results when you flick the wrong button and find yourself without the canopy or ripping the landing gear of it mid-flight. Something that LOMAC lacked

There a a few things F4 AF misses when compared to LOMAC:

  1. There is only the option of the F-16 it would of been nice to have a few more flyable craft considered it was called Allied force.
  2. Training movie tutorials like LOMAC showing you how to do the missin instead of flicking between the game and the PDF thankfully Alt-Tab was invented otherwise it would be more annoying.

However the graphics engine and framerate smoother compared to LOMAC. The campaign engine adds to its replayability and there is a larger number of compaign mission when compared to LOMAC and load time is dramatically shorter.

If you are a plane sim fan you will have hours of enjoyment and considering the price this game is definately worth the buy if you enjoyed LOMAC you will definately enjoy this.

"Worth 10 times the price!!"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

It depneds on how you look at it. F4 AF has got almost everything here that a true jet fighter simulation will need. Its PDF manual has a terrifying 700 page length, base on that you now surely have a feel of what game F4 AF it is. The best part of this game is replayablity is almost endless, the dynamic campaigh engine outclassed all the others you have seen in any games, the AI of both enemy/friend units is really well-done, smart and human-like. Even if its priced 10 times more…its still worth that price!