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Go! with Excel 2007

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Go! with Excel 2007


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Go! with Excel 2007: Comprehensive by Karen Jolly
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For Introductory Computer courses in Microsoft Office 2007 or courses in Computer Concepts with a lab component for Microsoft Office 2007 applications. Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME! The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data Project 1A Seattle Payroll Objective 1 Start Excel and Navigate a Worksheet Activity 1.1 Starting Excel and Naming and Saving a Workbook Activity 1.2 Navigating a Worksheet Objective 2 Select Parts of a Worksheet Activity 1.3 Selecting Cells and Ranges and Entering Data 1 Objective 3 Enter Data, Construct a Formula, and Use the SUM Function Activity 1.4 Opening an Existing Workbook, Entering Text, and Using AutoComplete Activity 1.5 Entering Numbers and Adjusting Column Width Activity 1.6 Entering a Formula and Using the Sum Function Objective 4 Format Data, Cells, and Worksheets Activity 1.7 Using Font Styles and Centering Text Activity 1.8 Using Merge and Center Objective 5 Insert a Footer into a Worksheet Activity 1.9 Adding a Footer to a Worksheet Objective 6 Delete Unused Worksheets and Preview and Print a Worksheet Activity 1.10 Deleting Unused Worksheets Activity 1.11 Previewing and Printing a Worksheet Objective 7 Print Formulas, Close a Workbook, and Exit Excel Activity 1.12 Displaying and Printing Formulas, Closing a Workbook, and Exiting Excel Project 1B Annual Income Objective 8 Check Spelling and Edit a Worksheet Activity 1.13 Opening and Saving an Existing Workbook Activity 1.14 Using Wrap Text and the Undo Command Activity 1.15 Checking for Spelling Errors in a Worksheet Activity 1.16 Editing Text in a Worksheet Objective 9 Enter Data by Range Activity 1.17 Selecting Cells and Entering Data by Range Objective 10 Create and Copy Formulas Activity 1.18 Using the Point-and-Click Method and Calculation Operators to Create a Formula Activity 1.19 Using the Fill Handle to Copy a Formula Activity 1.20 Determining Percentages Objective 11 Use Format Painter and Chart Data Activity 1.21 Using Format Painter Activity 1.22 Charting Data Activity 1.23 Printing the Worksheet and its Formulas Activity 1.24 Using Help Chapter 2 Using Multiple-Sheet Workbooks Project 2A Income From Lodging Objective 1 Use a Multiple-Sheet Workbook Activity 2.1 Inserting a Worksheet and Entering and Formatting Data in a Multiple Sheet Workbook Activity 2.2 Changing the Format of Worksheet Tabs and Using the Tab Scrolling Buttons Objective 2 Enter a Series Activity 2.3 Entering a Series Objective 3 Copy and Paste Cell Contents Activity 2.4 Using Copy and Paste Activity 2.5 Copying Data Between Worksheets Objective 4 Use the Office Clipboard Activity 2.6 Using the Office Clipboard to Collect and Paste Data Between Workbooks Objective 5 Total the Worksheet Range and Enter a Grand Total Activity 2.7 Totaling the Worksheet in One Step and Correcting Formula Errors Activity 2.8 Creating a Grand Total in One Step Objective 6 Format a Multiple-Sheet Workbook Group Activity 2.9 Formatting a Worksheet Group and Using Print Preview Objective 7 Insert Columns and Rows in Multiple Worksheets Activity 2.10 Inserting Columns in a Worksheet Activity 2.11 Inserting Rows That Adjust Relative References and Reviewing Error Messages Project 2B Hotel Taxes Objective 8 Copy a Worksheet Activity 2.12 Copying a Worksheet within a Workbook Objective 9 Create Formulas with Absolute Cell References and Copy Formats Activity 2.13 Creating and Copying a Formula That Uses an Absolute Cell Reference Objective 10 Find and Replace Text and Hide and Unhide Columns Activity 2.14 Using Find and Replace Activity 2.15 Hiding and Unhiding Columns Objective 11 Conduct a What-If Analysis and Use Statistical Functions Activity 2.16 Performing a What-If Analysis and Using Statistical Functions Activity 2.17 Planning and Preparing a Worksheet Objective 12 Create Accurate Worksheets with Accuracy Tools Activity 2.18 Inserting a Worksheet into a Workbook Activity 2.19 Using Undo and Redo Activity 2.20 Identifying and Correcting Errors in Formulas Activity 2.21 Formatting Page Placement and Adding Footers for Multiple Worksheets Chapter 3 Working with IF Functions and Large Worksheets Project 3A Payroll Objective 1 Construct an IF Function Activity 3.1 Preparing Regular Hours Worked in a Payroll Report Using an IF Statement Activity 3.2 Reporting Overtime Hours Worked with an IF Formula Activity 3.3 Determining Payroll Deductions Using Absolute References in Formulas Activity 3.4 Formatting the Worksheet and Merging and Centering a Vertical Range of Cells Objective 2 Link Data in Workbooks Activity 3.5 Constructing Formulas That Refer to Cells in Another Worksheet Objective 3 Create IF Functions That Return Text Activity 3.6 Copying Cells and Creating an IF Formula to Enter Text Using Drag-and-Drop Objective 4Emphasize Data Using Conditional Formatting Activity 3.7 Highlighting Results with a Conditional Format Activity 3.8 Correcting an Error and Reviewing Results Objective 5 Format with Themes Activity 3.9 Formatting a Worksheet Using a Theme Activity 3.10 Changing a Theme and Font Objective 6Add Information in the Header and Footer Activity 3.11 Editing the Footer and Header Project 3B Enrollments Objective 7 Enter Dates Activity 3.12 Entering a Date as Text Objective 8 Format Large Worksheets Activity 3.13 Indenting Cell Contents and Using Zoom Control Activity 3.14 Adding Vertical Borders Activity 3.15 Freezing Panes Objective 9 Apply Number Formats Activity 3.16 Formatting Numbers Activity 3.17 Using a Theme on Large Worksheets Objective 10 Control Print Options Activity 3.18 Printing Gridlines and Headings Activity 3.19 Previewing and Modifying Page Breaks Activity 3.20 Setting Margins Activity 3.21 Inserting Page Numbers in a Header Activity 3.22 Setting the Print Area Chapter 4 Creating charts and Tables, Sorting and Filtering Data Project 4A Census Objective 1 Use Text Orientation Activity 4.1 Rotating Text in Cells Objective 2 Create a Column Chart Activity 4.2 Creating a 3-D Column Chart Objective 3 Create a Chart Sheet and Edit the Chart Activity 4.3 Creating a Chart Sheet Activity 4.4 Changing Chart Type and Style Activity 4.5 Editing and Formatting a Chart Title Activity 4.6 Editing and Formatting a Chart Legend Activity 4.7 Adding Axis Titles and Editing Worksheet Data Objective 4 Create and Modify a Pie Chart Activity 4.8 Creating a Pie Chart Activity 4.10 Rotating a Pie Chart Activity 4.11 Inserting a Text Box in a Chart Objective 5 Apply a Theme to a Chart Activity 4.12 Changing the Theme in a Chart Objective 6 Print Charts Activity 4.13 Inserting Headers and Footers for Chart Sheets Activity 4.14 Printing a Chart Project 4B Employees Objective 7 Sort Data Activity 4.15 Sorting Alphabetical Data Activity 4.16 Sorting by Numbers Activity 4.17 Sorting by Date Objective 8 Convert Text into Columns Activity 4.18 Splitting Cell Contents into Multiple Cells and Copy and Paste Activity 4.19 Using the TRIM Function Objective 9 Apply Conditional Formatting Using Data Bars and Color Scales Activity 4.20 Highlighting Cell Rules Activity 4.21 Using Top/Bottom Rules Activity 4.22 Formatting and Editing Data Bars Activity 4.23 Formatting and Editing Color Scales Objective 10 Insert a Table and Filter Data Activity 4.24 Filtering a Table Activity 4.25 Filtering and Sorting on Two Tables Activity 4.26 Filtering by Using Text and Number Filters Activity 4.27 Chart Filtered Data Chapter 5 Making Decisions with Functions Project 5A Building Permits Objective 1 Create Text Functions Activity 5.1 Using the PROPER Function Objective 2 Create Statistical Functions Activity 5.2 Using the MEDIAN and MODE Functions and Formula AutoComplete 462 Activity 5.3 Counting Cells Objective 3 Insert Date and Time Functions Activity 5.4 Using Date and Time Functions Activity 5.5 Using Dates in a Formula Objective 4 Create Logical Functions and Insert a Comment Activity 5.6 Using the AND Function Activity 5.7 Using the OR Function Activity 5.8 Inserting a Comment Activity 5.9 Printing Comments Project 5B City Financial Objective 5 Insert Financial Functions Activity 5.10 Creating an Amortization Table Activity 5.11 Using the PMT (Payment) Function Activity 5.12 Using the IPMT (Interest Payment) Function Activity 5.13 Using the PPMT (Principal Payment) Function and Determining the Ending Balance Activity 5.14 Complete the Amortization Schedule Objective 6 Create What-If Analysis with Goal Seek Activity 5.15 Using Goal Seek to Determine Length of Loan Objective 7 Determine Future Value and Present Value Activity 5.16 Determining Present Value Activity 5.17 Determining Future Value Chapter 6 Using Named Ranges, Templates, Lookup Values and 3-D References Project 6A Third Quarter Objective 1 Create Formulas Using Named Ranges Activity 6.1 Defining and Using a Named Cell Activity 6.2 Creating Names from Row and Column Titles Activity 6.3 Creating Formulas Using Named Ranges Activity 6.4 Inserting Rows Within a Range and Editing the Worksheet Activity 6.5 Using Named Cells to Create Quarterly Totals Objective 2 Utilize Lookup Lists Activity 6.7 Creating a Lookup List Activity 6.8 Looking Up Text in a Worksheet Using VLOOKUP Activity 6.9 Editing the Lookup List Activity 6.10 Determining Sales Amounts Using the COUNTIF Function Objective 3 Customize and Use Microsoft-Created Templates Activity 6.11 Downloading and Personalizing a Template Activity 6.12 Completing a Worksheet Using a Template Project 6B Quarter 2 Sales Objective 4 Transpose Data in a Worksheet and Apply Cell Styles Activity 6.13 Transposing Data in a Worksheet Activity 6.14 Applying Cell Styles to a Worksheet Activity 6.15 Linking Worksheet Data Using a 3-D Reference Activity 6.16 Linking Workbook Data with a 3-D Reference Activity 6.17 Saving a Workspace and Editing Linked Data Objective 6 Create Hyperlinks Activity 6.18 Inserting a Hyperlink in a Worksheet Activity 6.19 Inserting a Hyperlink in Workbooks Chapter 7 Importing Data, Expanding a Table, and utilizing Database Features Project 7A Closed Cases Objective 1 Create and Expand a Table and Insert a Calculated Column Activity 7.1 Creating and Expanding a Table Activity 7.2 Naming a Table Activity 7.3 Inserting a Calculated Column into the Table Objective 2 Create and Sort a Custom List Activity 7.4 Creating a Custom List Objective 3 Filter by Using Advanced Criteria Activity 7.5 Filtering on Two Number Criteria Activity 7.6 Filtering on a Calculated Field Objective 4 Evaluate Data with Database Functions Activity 7.7 Determining the Average using the DAVERAGE Database Function Activity 7.8 Determining the Sum of Certain Contingencies Using the DSUM Function Activity 7.9 Counting Specific Records in a Database Project 7B Clients Objective 5 Import Data to Excel Activity 7.10 Importing an Access Database into Excel Activity 7.11 Importing a Word Document to Excel Activity 7.12 Copying an Excel Worksheet and Editing the Worksheet Objective 6 Create Lookup Tables in Another Workbook Activity 7.14 Using an External Lookup Objective 7 Enter Subtotals and Outline the Worksheet Activity 7.15 Subtotaling the Worksheet Objective 8 Link and Embed a Worksheet and Chart into Word Documents Activity 7.16 Embedding a Worksheet into a Word Memo Activity 7.17 Linking a Worksheet and a Chart into a Word Memo Activity 7.18 Editing Linked and Embedded Data Chapter 8 Creating Macros, Using Depreciation and Conditional Functions, and Creating PivotTables ad PivotChart Reports Project 8A Depreciation Objective 1 Create and Run a Macro Activity 8.1 Accessing the Developer Tab Activity 8.2 Creating a Macro Activity 8.3 Running the Macro Activity 8.5 Opening a Document that Contains a Macro Activity 8.6 Editing a Macro with VBA Code Objective 2 Apply Depreciation Functions Activity 8.8 Depreciating an Asset Using the Sum-of-Years' Digits Method Activity 8.9 Depreciating an Asset Using the Declining Balance Method Activity 8.10 Preparing a Schedule of Depreciation Activity 8.11 Create a Macro Using the Relative Reference Feature Project 8B New Car Sales Objective 3 Evaluate Worksheet Data with Conditional IF Functions Activity 8.12 Determining Individual Cars Sold Using the COUNTIF Function Activity 8.13 Determining Individual Sales Using the SUMIF Function Activity 8.14 Determining Individual Sales Using the AVERAGEIF Function Activity 8.15 Counting the Number of Hybrids Sold Using the COUNTIFS Function Activity 8.16 Determining Sales of a Car Make Using the SUMIFS Function Objective 4 Create a PivotTable and PivotChart Activity 8.17 Creating a PivotTable Activity 8.18 Filtering Data Activity 8.19 Rearranging the Filtered Data to Display Sales Information Activity 8.20 Removing Filters to Display More Data Activity 8.21 Refreshing the Pivot Table and Displaying the Table on Separate Pages Activity 8.22 Establishing a Custom Calculation and Formatting the PivotTable Activity 8.23 Creating a Pivot Chart Chapter 9 Inserting Graphic Elements into Worksheets and Charts Project 9A Quarter1 Sales Objective 1 Format with Graphic Images Including WordArt to Enhance Worksheets Activity 9.1 Formatting with Patterns Activity 9.2 Inserting and Formatting a Shape Activity 9.3 Formatting Text Within a Shape Activity 9.4 Inserting and Formatting WordArt Objective 2 Insert SmartArt Graphics Activity 9.5 Inserting a SmartArt Organization Chart Activity 9.6 Inserting a Picture as Background Activity 9.7 Formatting SmartArt Objective 3 Create, Edit, and Publish a Web Page Activity 9.8 Preparing a Web Page Activity 9.9 Inserting and Formatting Graphic Elements into a Web Page Activity 9.10 Insert Hyperlinks into a Web Page Activity 9.11 Saving and Publishing a Web Page Project 9B SoAmerica Objective 4 Create Specialized Charts Activity 9.12 Inserting a Line Chart Activity 9.13 Copy a Chart and Change Chart Type to Area Chart Activity 9.14 Format Data Series and Chart Area Activity 9.15 Rearrange Data Markers 7 Activity 9.16 Inserting a Scatter Chart Activity 9.17 Inserting a Trend line Activity 9.18 Inserting Axis Titles 7 Activity 9.19 Editing the Axis of a Chart Activity 9.20 Creating a Stock Chart 7 Objective 5 Format Column Charts with Pictures and Other Graphic Elements Activity 9.21 Using Pictures to Format a 2-D Column Chart Activity 9.22 Using Pictures to Format a 3-D Column Chart 7 Chapter 10 Creating Templates and Creating and Validating Form 10A Project 10A Payroll Report Objective 1 Protect Worksheet Elements Activity 10.1 Inserting a Picture into a Header Activity 10.2 Inserting Formulas and Formats into a Report Activity 10.3 Completing a Chart for the Worksheet Activity 10.4 Protecting Elements of the Worksheet Objective 2 Unprotect Elements and Hide Formulas Activity 10.5 Unprotecting Cells in a Protected Worksheet Activity 10.6 Hiding Formulas and Other Sensitive Information Objective 3 Protect a Workbook Activity 10.7 Protecting a Workbook's Structure and Windows Activity 10.8 Open a Protected Workbook Objective 4 Save Worksheet and Chart Templates Activity 10.9 Saving a Workbook as a Template Activity 10.10 Creating a Chart to Save as a Template Objective 5 Complete a Report with Worksheet and Chart Templates Activity 10.11 Creating a Worksheet and Charts Using Templates 10B Project 10B Time Card Objective 6 Create a Form Activity 10.12 Inserting a VLOOKUP to Enter Data Activity 10.13 Inserting Formulas to Display Dates in a Form and Formatting the Input Area Activity 10.14 Creating the Output Area Activity 10.15 Completing the Formulas in the Output Area Objective 7 Validate a Form Activity 10.16 Validating the Form Activity 10.17 Testing the Validation Rule Activity 10.18 Creating a Drop-Down List Activity 10.19 Hiding Formulas Objective 8 Insert Macro Command Buttons Activity 10.20 Creating a Print Macro Activity 10.21 Creating a Macro to Clear the Input Area Activity 10.22 Inserting a Macro Command Button Activity 10.23 Protecting the Worksheet and Saving It as a Template Activity 10.24 Preparing Payroll Reports for a Week Chapter 11 Nesting Functions and Consolidating Worksheets 11A Project 11A Server Bonus Objective 1 Nest One Function within Another Activity 11.1 Creating a Nested Function Activity 11.2 Nesting IF Functions Activity 11.3 Nesting IF Functions to Determine the Incentive for Sales for one Month Activity 11.4 Nesting IF and AND Functions to Determine The Weekend Recipients Objective 2 Use 3-D References and Nested Lookup Activity 11.5 Using Nested 3-D Reference Activity 11.6 Nesting a Lookup Function Objective 3 Check Accuracy with Excel's Auditing Tools Activity 11.7 Evaluating Formula Activity 11.8 Using Auditing Tools to Trace Precedents and Dependents Activity 11.9 Using Error Checking Activity 11.10 Using Watch Window Project 11B Sales Report Objective 4 Consolidate Workbooks Activity 11.11 Consolidating by Position Activity 11.12 Consolidating by Category Objective 5 Share and Merge Workbooks Activity 11.13 Using a Shared Workbook Activity 11.14 Creating a Shared Workbook Activity 11.15 Entering Data into a Shared Workbook Activity 11.16 Display the Compare and Merge Button Activity 11.17 Merge Worksheets Chapter 12 Working with Data Tables, Scenarios, Solver, XML, and the Document Inspector 12A Project 12A Analysis Tools Objective 1 Create a Data Table Activity 12.1 Creating a One-variable Data Table Activity 12.2 Adding a Formula to One-Variable Data Table Activity 12.3 Creating a Two-Variable Data Table Activity 12.3 Creating a Two-Variable Data Table Objective 2 Create a Scenario Activity 12.4 Creating and Displaying Scenario Activity 12.5 Creating a Scenario Summary Report Objective 3 Use Solver Activity 12.6 Loading Solver Activity 12.7 Using Solver 12B Project 12B Price List Objective 4 Prepare a Document for Distribution Activity 12.8 Changing the User Information Activity 12.9 Examine a File for Sensitive Information Activity 12.10 Using Document Properties Activity 12.11 Restricting Permissions Using Encryption and Information Rights Management Activity 12.12 Saving as PDF or XPS Formats Activity 12.13 Checking for Features Not Supported in Earlier Versions of Excel Activity 12.14 Using the Document Inspector Activity 12.15 Marking the Workbook as Final Objective 5 Use XML to Enhance Security Activity 12.16 Renaming an Excel 2007 file and Displaying its Structure Activity 12.17 Identifying the Functions of Folders and Files Activity 12.18 Replacing a Picture in the Media Folder Activity 12.19 Identifying the Characteristics of an XML File Activity 12.20 Editing an XML File Activity 12.21 Checking XML Files for Valid Structure Activity 12.22 Replacing Parts and Zipping the Container File Activity 12.23 Renaming the File and Restoring Default Values

Author Biography

Shelley Gaskin, Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.
Release date Australia
February 19th, 2008
Country of Publication
United States
2nd Revised edition
Prentice Hall
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