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"THE authentic Bond experience!"
5 stars"

From the time you even fire up this game, the quality and attention to detail in providing a first-rate James Bond movie-esque experience is glaringly evident…

The game starts in true 007 fashion, with a short mission involving enemy soldiers, swarms of bullets flying in your general direction and a cross between sneaky and shoot-anything-that-vaguely-twitches.

This is then followed up by a brilliant animated title intro very much in the vein of the celluloid versions with a title theme by Mya… and really gets you into the mood!

The game itself plays out brilliantly, the controls are easy to use and the camera doesn't annoy like so many other games of the 3rd person variety. Voice acting is brilliant and just ‘ham’ enough to BE like a Bond movie, full of corny lines and witty Bond humour.

Throughout the game there are many opportunities to do something slightly different, pull off an amazing feat etc. known as “Bond Moments” which sums up what this game set out to do. And it does it brilliantly… look for them all if you can because some of them are absolutely hilarious.

I absolutely loved this game and found myself sleep-deprived due to not being able to tear myself away from it.

Highly, highly recommended.